710: A Lesser-Known Stoner Holiday

You’ve probably heard of 4/20, the popular stoner holiday that occurs every April 20th. But have you heard of the 4/20’s lesser-known companion holiday, 7/10?

710: A Lesser-Known Stoner Holiday

July 10, 2020

When you look at the numbers “710” you may not think there’s anything special. Now, take a look at the numbers upside down. Do you see it? It spells “OIL” if you look close enough. 

What does oil have to do with stoners? Well, a lot. 

Oil refers to a variety of cannabis concentrates, from honey oil to Rick Simpson oil and everything in between. Basically, any cannabis extract that can be dabbed or used in other ways falls under the “oil” umbrella. 

Do you ever catch the clock at 4:20 and realize it’s high time to smoke a joint? Luckily for all the concentrates lovers, 7:10 also happens twice a day. So if you ever hear someone declare “it’s 7:10,” it’s probably time to pull out the dab rig or vaporizer. 

Beyond displaying on the clock twice a day, 7/10 also rolls around once a year. That means the whole day can be dedicated to the celebration of cannabis extracts. 

The history of 710 

The 4/20 origin stories go back decades, but 7/10 is a much more recent development in the cannabis community. 

In 2013, LA Weekly ran a “710 is the New 420” story that garnered plenty of attention to the holiday. The story was short and not particularly sweet. 

In talking about concentrates, the LA Weekly published that “They’re so popular that people are blowing up their rooms trying to make it in a process that involves volatile butane.

Yeah, this holiday is on fire.”

The talk of blowing up rooms is in reference to the dangerous nature of making butane hash oil at home. There have been many cases of people blowing up their homes in an attempt to make this concentrate. Unfortunately, BHO-related explosions weren’t left behind in 2013. They’re still happening regularly.

And that’s why we recommend buying your concentrates from a dispensary if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. 

Regardless, the 2013 LA Weekly story brought more attention to the idea of “710” as a holiday. 

There was also a “710 Cup” in 2013, which celebrated dab culture in Colorado with activities and competitions surrounding different concentrates. 

Since then, the term has continued to rise in popularity. Sure, it’s not as popular as 4/20, but it has gained its own community. 

Why choose concentrates?

Wondering why anyone would choose to dab over smoking a good old fashioned joint or ripping off the bong? There are actually quite a few reasons. 

First of all, concentrates are potent. Like, way more potent than flower. This means you need significantly less to get as high as you would smoking weed the classic way. 

For medical users, this can be especially beneficial. Depending on what cannabis is used to manage, some medical users may need a large dose to get relief. Why not opt for something that can deliver a quick, potent dose and require less inhalation than smoking bud?

It’s not just medical users who sometimes require large doses of cannabis to feel effects. In fact, many stoners can attest to the troubles of building up tolerance and needing a lot of weed to get high. 

That’s another reason concentrates are so popular. They are concentrated versions of the plant, meaning they pack a very powerful punch in small amounts. Many people with high tolerances choose to dab or vaporize cannabis extracts because they simply get more high from it. 

And while concentrates may be more expensive than flower on a surface level, if you only require a single puff to get high (versus a joint or two) you may actually save money in the long run. 

Best concentrates to celebrate 710 

Want to have the best 710 ever? Then stop by Satori at one of our Washington dispensary locations and stock up on the best cannabis concentrates this state has to offer. 

Black Market Extracts “Lemontini BHO”

This company makes some stellar extracts and their Lemontini is no exception. With a “710” tucked between “In Terps We Trust” on the label, you can rest assured this is a great choice for celebrating the holiday. 

It’s not for the faint of heart, though. This stuff is potent. Coming in at 61 -67% THC, you’re bound to get really high. Or pretty high, if you’ve got a powerful tolerance.  

Shop Black Market Extracts Lemontini at Satori North Spokane by clicking here.

Bodhi High “Diesel Dough”

This is a great choice for someone who is on the newer side of using vape cartridges. Coming in at 72 – 781% THC, it packs a powerful punch but isn’t nearly as overwhelming as some other options on the market. 

Be careful, though. Diesel Dough is an sativa hybrid that may keep you energized with a euphoric high, it’s best for daytime use.

Shop Bodhi High’s Diesel Dough at Satori Bellingham here.

Cold Smoke Concentrates “Roasted Garlic Margy”

At 85 – 91% THC, this stuff is super potent and perfect for dabbing on 7/10. An incredible cocktail of strains were crossed into this beauty including GMO and Frozen Margy, you’ll find yourself in a very happy haze after a dab of these diamonds! 

Wondering what the GMO stands for? Well, this strain is loaded with terpenes that smell a lot like garlic, mushrooms and onions. Who wouldn’t want a taste of that this holiday? 

Shop Cold Smoke Concentrates’ Roasted Garlic Margy Diamonds at Satori Fremont by clicking here.

Ready to celebrate 710?

With July 10th around the corner, it’s time to prepare for the celebration. Now, if you are new to concentrates, let us just give you some words of caution. 

Remember that concentrates are significantly more potent than flower. Regular bud tends to fall anywhere between 10 and 25% THC, whereas concentrates can range from 50-90% THC. That’s a big difference. 

If you’ve never tried taking a dab or vaporizing a potent concentrate, we recommend you start very small. A little dab will do ya, for sure. If you’re wondering if the amount you’re using is too much, do yourself a favor and cut it in half. 

You can always dab more. You can’t undo a mega hit that leaves you way more stoned than you intended. 

Go for an extract that boasts a THC content on the lower end. You don’t need to select an oil that pushes 90% THC if you’re new to the experience. A product with around 50% THC would be much more fitting for a first try. 

Stop by Satori and one of our friendly budtenders will help you get the perfect products to kick off your 7/10!

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