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How to Make Weed Pancakes

Looking for a new way to wake and bake? Weed pancakes are the way. Start your day off right with these fluffy, delicious...

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Cannabis-Infused Mocktails for the COVID Time Holidays

Considering the sheer number of changes we’ve collectively had to make this holiday season, why not throw another into...

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Best Cannabis Products to Buy Your Parents This Holiday Season 2020

It’s no secret shopping for parents or loved ones can be difficult. How do you wrap your feelings and love up into som...

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The Best Gifts for Your Stoner Friends

The great thing about having a stoner friend is you always know what to get them for a gift. And you never have to worry...

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The Facts: How Long Does it Take for Weed to Get Out of Your System?

So you have a new job prospect or maybe another unexpected reason to need a drug test. And you’re panicked Googling ...

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Staying Connected Over the Covid Holidays

Many families are having to make difficult decisions right now as they navigate the holidays during a pandemic. Do we me...

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Cannabis Infused Side Dishes for Your First COVID Thanksgiving

You’ve heard of weed-stuffed turkeys, but what about the side dishes? With our first COVID Thanksgiving around the cor...

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Five Facts You Didn’t Know About the Movie Pineapple Express

Ready for some classic stoner fun? It’s time to turn on a movie and bliss out. Pineapple Express, the classic stoner f...

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November 2020 Coronavirus Updates You Need To Know

It’s been a while since we’ve shared updated coronavirus news. As Thanksgiving approaches and the cold sets in, it...

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How to Smoke Weed in a Hookah

Have you ever heard the term “dirty hookah” before? It refers to adding marijuana to shisha and inhaling out of a ho...

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How to Make a Weed Milkshake

Who doesn’t love a milkshake? They’re tasty, sweet, and often nostalgic. Want to take your milkshakes to the next le...

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The Best Stoned Activities in Seattle’s Fremont Neighborhood

Walk along the Fremont Canal Park  Fremont is a bustling neighborhood but it’s not hard to find some nature and s...

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What Does Weed Feel Like?

We’ve all wondered this at one point in our lives. Some of us have gotten our answers through experimentation, while o...

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What to Do If Your Pet Gets Into Your Stash?

Few things are more terrifying than realizing your dog or cat got into your weed stash. If you are scrambling for some r...

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How Can You Tell If Someone Smokes Weed?

So you want a new smoking buddy. Or maybe you just want to see if this new date is worth pursuing. They’re great and a...

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