The Best Cannabis Strains for Fall Festivities

As we continue to navigate life in coronavirus times, many of us are feeling bummed out that the fall is not going to look the same as previous years. We get used to our traditions each year, whether it’s running around a corn maze, hitting the pumpkin patch, or hosting cozy movie nights. Now we have to adjust our traditions to fit into coronavirus safety guidelines. What can make it a little better? Choosing the best strains for fall festivities to spice it up or add a new tradition to the book.

The Best Cannabis Strains for Fall Festivities

October 20, 2020

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Ready for October’s scary movie marathon? Not only is October the perfect time to binge on scary movies leading up to Halloween, but it’s an especially ideal activity now as we’re still encouraged to stay home and avoid groups. What’s a better safe fall activity than getting stoned and watching a movie?

Frankenstein will take it to the next level.

This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its high potency. It’s not for new users or those with low tolerances.

Its sedative effects and ridiculously high potency give this strain its name because you may find yourself turning into Frankenstein’s monster. The experience tends to drift from euphoria to sedation and then into the munchies. So, you know, the perfect combination for snacking on the couch and watching a scary movie.


Apple Fritter

What welcomes autumn better than freshly baked apple treats? You’ll find yourself freshly baked from just a few puffs of this potent, aromatic bud.

Apple Fritter is one of those classic strains without a clear origin story. It’s said to originate from a cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. Wherever it came from, Apple Fritter packs a powerful punch with a THC percentage that sometimes exceeds 30.

Unsurprisingly, Apple Fritter gets its name from the delicious pastry. While there is a noticeable sweetness in this, there is also a hint of cheese in the flavor.

If you’re looking for a nice fall walk through the neighborhood, or even going out to pick a pumpkin from the patch, Apple Fritter is a great choice. It’s perfect for daytime use as it’s a balanced hybrid that induces euphoria without much sedative effect.

Plus, you can enjoy the comforts of a warm apple fritter all from a simple puff!

Find Apple Fritter flower by Sugar Leaf at Piece of Mind Cannabis North Spokane, Bellingham. 

Seattle Rainmaker

Whether you’re shopping at our Bellingham weed store, Spokane dispensary, or our weed shop in the heart of Seattle, we can all agree that the Pacific Northwest is a rainy place. So when it comes to picking out the best strains for fall, you can’t overlook the perfection that is the Seattle Rainmaker strain. After all, what better way to celebrate fall in the northwest than with some rain?

This indica-dominant cross between Citral Skunk and Mandarin Sunset is perfect for pumpkin carving, fall baking, or any leisurely fall activity you come up with. Rainmaker promotes a sense of relaxation without ever weighing you down or putting you to sleep.

With a seriously skunky aroma, you will find this smoking this strain to be a balanced and pleasant experience. Let your worries and stress melt away while cozying up like it’s a rainy day.

Find Seattle Rainmaker flower by Phat Panda, Snicklefrtiz, or Soulshine Cannabis at Piece of Mind Cannabis North Spokane, Bellingham, Pullman.

Night Nurse

Night Nurse is no joke and if your tolerance level is low, you may be in for a spooky night. Crossed between BC Hash Plant, Harmony, and Fire OG, this indica-dominant strain is a heavy hitter that will leave you feeling heavily sedated.

The high is a creeper though, and doesn’t make itself clear until it’s too late. You may feel a little bit of mind magic before it moves to your whole body, convincing you to lay down and sink into the couch.

You’ll find yourself relaxed and euphoric with Night Nurse, but don’t expect yourself to get up and do anything about the euphoria. You’re more likely to snack on some candy and pass out. That sounds like a pretty fun fall festivity, right?

While this strain is nowhere near an awakening agent, you may notice that it tastes and smells quite a bit like coffee. It’s comforting and fits the autumn theme quite well.

Fall festivities during the pandemic

Yeah, we know this autumn is not going to look like others. As much as we love the traditions that lead up to and happen on Halloween, we know we have to play this year a little differently. Luckily, fall has always been a time to bundle up and stay cozy inside, so the adjustments may not be as upsetting for some.

Here are some ideas to keep busy:

Have a spooky craft night

The fun thing about hosting a spooky craft night is you can do it alone, with your roommates, or with a small, designated covid pod of friends.

From cute little Halloween figurines to extravagant fall decor, the options are endless to have a fun craft night.

No, none of you have to be good at crafts. It’s for the fun of the experience. But hey, if you’re puffing on some of our best strains for fall, you may find an artist buried deep inside you didn’t even know about.

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Carve pumpkins and watch a scary movie

One thing that keeps us optimistic about fall during coronavirus is pumpkin carving. This tradition requires very few changes to make work during a pandemic.

As with craft night, you can carve alone, with roommates, or with your small pandemic pod. Pop on a movie and you’ve got the full Halloween experience. This activity may offer a sense of normalcy in such a chaotic time.

Picnic in the park

It’s true that the Pacific Northwest is prone to having a rainy fall season. But there are also many blustery, sunny days that don’t get enough credit throughout fall.

When the sun is still out and the air is crisp, layer up and pack a picnic basket with your favorite foods. Bonus points if you pack a tasty pumpkin soup!

Paired with an uplifting strain, you’ve got yourself a perfect autumn activity.

Want to stock up on the best strains for fall festivities? Stop by our Bellingham dispensary or Spokane weed shop today!

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