The Cannabis Enthusiasts Guide to Hiking High in Bellingham

The weather is getting nicer and we can’t help but be excited about the upcoming summer. Sure, a lot of our plans have changed due to COVID-19, but one thing is not going away anytime soon: nature. And there’s no better place to experience the pacific northwest beauty than Bellingham

The Cannabis Enthusiasts Guide to Hiking High in Bellingham

May 29, 2020

Keep in mind, the current reopening of parks is considered a trial run. If the coronavirus situation does not improve or gets worse, there is a chance that parks will have to shut down for public safety. For now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed and get outside as much as we can. 

A good hike is complete with a backpack full of snacks and drinks, fresh air, and for many, a little marijuana. We’ve put together a list of our favorite spots in and around the Bellingham area so you can start hiking high today!

Fragrance Lake 

fragrance lake, hiking in bellingham

This hiking trail is open for day-use currently. Visitors must adhere to social distancing practices when hiking here. 

Perfect for newbies and hiking pros alike, Fragrance Lake is a fairly easy, 5.5-mile round trip hike. It’s packed with old-growth forest views and a gorgeous lake scene at the top of the hike. 

You may see some mud, but for the most part, it’s a well-maintained trail. You’ll go about a mile uphill before catching a great view of the San Juan Islands and Samish Bay. After passing that, a nice easy stretch to the lake. You can walk around the lake for extra viewpoints or to get away from other hikers during times of social distancing. 

Expect fragrant scents of soil, pine, and earth as you enjoy the reflective lake view. We recommend packing a picnic to power you on the way down and to cure any cases of the munchies. 

Pine and Cedar Lakes 

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Similar in length to Fragrance Lake, the Pine and Cedar Lakes trail is a 5-mile long hike with a higher elevation gain than the former. If you’re looking for a more challenging hike without going above and beyond, Pine and Cedar Lakes may be the perfect choice for you. 

On the path, you’ll find great views of Mount Baker and the Puget Sound. The trail allows for a stop at Cedar Lake, followed by Pine Lake about half a mile later. 

You can also camp off of the trails on this hike. Keep in mind that camping is saved for phase 2 of Washington’s reopening plan, so if we haven’t reached that yet, it’s best to stick to day-use. 

But when camping is open to all, you can head to Pine Lake for the best opportunities. There’s a floating boardwalk that leads to a campsite with access to great fishing. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to elevate your hiking experience, camping out is a great option. 

Raptor Ridge 

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This 8-mile round trip hike is another beautiful example of the amazing views Bellingham has to offer. 

The trail starts at Arroyo Park. You’ll want to climb about half a mile before reaching a sign for Lost Lake. From there, you can follow the signs leading to Raptor Ridge, about 3.5 miles away. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the occasional partial Baker views. 

Once you’ve reached the viewpoint, you’ll see amazing 180-degree views from the rock cliff. If you look closely, you may even see hawks and eagles fly by. 

You can link up to Pine and Cedar Lakes from here, too! Now that’s a full day of hiking. 

We recommend packing a hearty lunch and stocking up on goods from our Bellingham dispensary before making the journey. 

Lost Lake 

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At the top of Chuckanut Mountain is a beautiful and shallow body of water called Lost Lake. There are a few different ways to arrive at Lost Lake, so choose wisely before you make your ascent. Decide if you’ll take the south or north trail before heading out. The last thing you want to do is get confused or lost out in the woods. 

You can get to Lost Lake through the south trail which starts at the parking area near Larrabee State Park. Or you can take the Fragrance Lake trail for a more scenic view. Once you hit the service road, you’ll want to take a right so you can head to the Lost Lake trailhead. Or you can walk the service road from the parking area until you reach the path. 

You’ll find yourself surrounded by views from an old logging route as you start to gain elevation. As you get higher up, you’ll notice beautiful views of Samish Bay on your way to the junction. 

Once you’ve followed the sign to the left, you’ll walk another half of a mile or so before reaching a small waterfall and another junction before arriving at the reflective lake. Along the way, you’ll see old forest growth complete with cedars, hemlocks, and lots of salmonberries. 

This hike is about 9 miles round trip, so be sure to come packed with plenty of water and snacks to get you through. 

Oyster Dome

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What’s a Bellingham hike guide without any mention of Oyster Dome? This trail is a Bellingham favorite and for good reason. 

You’ll start at the trailhead from the Samish Overlook parking area. From there, head northwest on the Pacific Northwest Trail and into Blanchard Mountain. You’ll be pushing through some switchbacks and steep areas, so take it slow if you’re not in great shape. 

Throughout the trip, you’ll be crossing through steep hills, creeks, and old-growth forest. You’ll eventually reach Oyster Dome, where you can see a full view of the Skagit River flats and Anacortes. There will also be sightings of Lummi and Orcas Island and the Olympic Mountains. Look around. There will be so much to see. 

Many hikers are lucky enough to spot bald eagles and other birds of prey along the way, so pay attention to your surroundings as you hike Oyster Dome. And while we’re talking about paying attention: Be careful, especially if you’re choosing to hike high. Stay far from the dropoff.

Ready to hike high in Bellingham? A few words of caution…

Remember that it’s illegal to use marijuana in the public view in Washington State. So if you’re going to hike high, figure out how to make that happen without breaking the law or bothering other hikers. 

We think cannabis and nature are the perfect pair, but we think safety is the most important. Do not drive to a hike under the influence and be sure to know your tolerance to avoid any negative psychological effects as you make your journey. 

With that said, have fun! Bellingham has an amazing selection of hikes and trails to enjoy. As summer teases us with its spring warmth, getting outside is important.

And don’t forget to stop by our Bellingham dispensary to pick up everything you need for a Bellingham adventure! 

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