Burnwell Cannabis

Washington state cannabis brand

Burnwell boasts its commitment to artisanal cannabis, a homage to cultivators spanning the past few decades. Recognized for outstanding quality, strains such as Grand Hindu, Grape Stomper, Hindu Sour, Candy Jack, and Peaches & Cream have earned commendations. The farm’s devoted team meticulously tends to each plant, employing gentle hand-watering and hand-trimming practices. Prioritizing fair wages for their workforce, Burnwell collaborates with local, community-focused businesses to strengthen their commitment to community support.

Burnwell’s dedication to sustainability starts with the innovative design of their custom-engineered growing facilities. Nestled in the Palouse region of eastern Washington, these facilities harness the power of the sun, creating an indoor environment that drastically reduces reliance on fossil fuel energy, thereby minimizing their carbon footprint. By extending these cost savings to customers, Burnwell strives to make premium cannabis more attainable while championing eco-friendly practices.

Stocked Locations:

Bellingham North Spokane South Spokane