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Company Overview

Piece of Mind Cannabis is the evolution of rebellion, ambition, innovation and love. Having begun as a cultural head shop in 1997, “Piece of Mind Cannabis” grew to over 14 locations in the Pacific Northwest selling high quality artistic glass pieces, pipes, and apparel. Headshops like Piece of Mind Cannabis helped pave the way for our society to reach a much needed cultural awakening as Cannabis was legalized in 2014. Owner Justin Wilson wanted to bring that feeling into reality and opened Piece Of Mind Cannabis, a recreational cannabis shop with an emphasis on helping medical marijuana patients and bringing everyone affordable Cannabis. Now, 23 years later, the rebellious nature of Piece of Mind Cannabis and the spiritual healing of Satori bring you Piece of Mind Cannabis.

We sell cannabis flower, pre-rolled joints (including oil infused pre-rolls), infused edibles (gluten and vegan options available) like cookies, brownies, candies, chips and more, infused drinks like teas and soda, tinctures, topicals, vape cartridges (both 510 threaded as well as pods), disposable vape pens, variety of concentrates like crumble, wax, distillate, RSO, live resin, diamonds, caviar, pho, bho, rosin, hash and more! We also carry a variety of paraphernalia including rolling papers, lighters, dab rigs, vape batteries and bongs!

Our Mission

Provide quality cannabis products, superb customer service, and compassionate community support.

The Founders

Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson

Press Release

We are proud and excited to share that we are rebranding from Piece Of Mind Cannabis, into Piece of Mind Cannabis come October of 2020! While this seems like a big change, rest assured our core beliefs and who we are won’t be changing. Ownership, management staff, floor staff and our love for cannabis will be the same going forward.

Piece of Mind Cannabis has been a nationally recognized brand for over a decade within our cannabis community. It’s a brand we feel strongly can grow past the borders of our great state, even into international territories. Satori has been an excellent path to elevate us to this vital point and we see Piece of Mind Cannabis as the natural progression into our future. We’re excited to bring Piece Of Mind Cannabis to all of our customers!

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