We are now Piece Of Mind Cannabis!

We are proud and excited to share that we have rebranded into Piece of Mind Cannabis! While this seems like a big change, rest assured our core beliefs and who we are won’t be changing. Management staff, floor staff and our love for cannabis will be the same going forward.

Piece of Mind Cannabis is the evolution of rebellion, ambition, innovation and love. Having begun as a cultural head shop in 1997, “Piece of Mind” grew to over 14 locations in the Pacific Northwest selling high quality artistic glass pieces, pipes, and apparel. Headshops like Piece of Mind helped pave the way for our society to reach a much needed cultural awakening as Cannabis was legalized in 2014. Owner Justin Wilson wanted to bring that feeling into reality and opened Piece Of Mind Cannabis, a recreational cannabis shop with an emphasis on helping medical marijuana patients and bringing everyone affordable Cannabis. Now, 23 years later, the rebellious nature of Piece of Mind and the spiritual healing bring you Piece of Mind Cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions about our name change

Is Satori being sold?

Piece of Mind Cannabis is an evolution.  Management staff, floor staff and our love for cannabis will be the same going forward.

Will my points from Satori transfer over to Piece of Mind Cannabis?

Yes! If for any reason you have trouble with your points please email us at customersupport@pomcannabis.com

Will your online menu stay the same?

Yes! POM Cannabis will be using the same online menu as Satori.

What’s the difference between Piece of Mind and Piece of Mind Cannabis?

Piece Of Mind is a cultural headshop which has been servicing the Pacific Northwest for over 23 years, currently with 7 locations! Piece of Mind sells local artistic glass pieces, vaporizer batteries, clothing, and more. Piece Of Mind Cannabis is a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary which sells cannabis containing products. Some Piece of Mind Cannabis shops have a Piece of Mind Cultural Headshop conveniently located next door.

Will POMC (Piece Of Mind Cannabis) carry the same brands as Satori?

Yes! and we’re excited to bring you a few new brands and products when we launch, as well!

Are the employees changing?

No! Expect to see the same smiling faces you’re familiar with plus some new ones!

Will you still have the same rewards program?

Yes, our rewards program will stay the same, you can expect to continue earning points for every dollar you spend at POM Cannabis!

What about discounts and daily deals?

With the launch of Piece of Mind Cannabis we have introduced new EVERYDAY DEALS! We now have deals on practically every category available any day of the week. Learn more here.

When did POM Cannabis open?

Our soft launch was on October 22, 2020 and our official grand opening was on October 30th, 2020.

A Word From the Owners