Center for Mindful Use

What's the Center for Mindful Use?

We are an unincorporated nonprofit association committed to cannabis education and community wellness. (We especially love when all of that blends together).

Cannabis is now legal and available in a growing number of areas. It is not for everyone. But if you choose to use it — or are considering doing so — the Center for Mindful Use provides a safe, free and fun place to talk with and learn with others about how to do so mindfully.

For the last century, forced into the shadows, a great deal has been said and written about “marijuana.” As a plant used by humans for millennia, there is much more to share. Cannabis is ready for new spokespeople and the nonprofit CMU is a place for those speakers to say what they need to say.

CMU is also a gathering place for those living near downtown Bellingham, Washington, located in the very far upper-left hand corner of the U.S. “Lower 48.” The Forum de Freedom, the space in which we meet, is an important, even sacred, space to the many who regularly gather to meditate and stretch and pose and dance and intentionally rest and drum and hula hoop and explore and commune — and, of course, breathe.

We are truly located just over the Rainbow Bridge.

We are located at 100 Maple Street, Suite B, Bellingham, Washington. We are directly behind the POM Cannabis Boutique. The Center’s entrance is kitty-corner to 1111 Cornwall Ave., which is about a block northwest from the Bellingham Farmer’s Market.

All events are free unless otherwise indicated. Love donations for our teachers and the Center’s mission are gratefully accepted.

Some CMU programs may be recorded for live Internet streaming and/or archived for later playback. During such events, a limited number of seats will be reserved for our live studio audience members who do not wish to appear on camera.

What about cannabis use as part of CMU events?: Smoking and any other use of cannabis (or any other other controlled substance) in the Forum is currently not permitted. That said, mindful cannabis users, are welcome at all events. We simply ask that guests show up with curious, open hearts and presence. For some, cannabis may provide assistance. For others, it may not.

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