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Cannabis Topicals and Sleep Aids for College Athletes

What are the best cannabis topicals and sleep aids for college athletes? We've rounded up some of our top picks.

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Can I Bring Weed Into Idaho?

If you have a trip to the Gem State coming up, you may be wondering: Can I bring weed into Idaho?

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Will Hempfest Return to Seattle?

Will Seattle's iconic cannabis event return?

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5 Benefits of Smoking High CBD Weed 

When deciding what strains are best for you, don’t overlook high CBD weed. Here are some of the top benefits.

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Can I Bring Weed On a Plane?

Want to bring your favorite weed on your travels this summer? Read this first.

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Celebrate 7/10 In Style With These Products 

It’s almost 4/20’s favorite companion holiday, 7/10. Here are some ideas to celebrate.

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Where Does Cannabis Tax Money Go in Washington? 

As one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis, you may be wondering, where does cannabis tax money go in ...

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How to Make a Weed-Infused Fruit Punch for Summer

Get high and cool off: We’ll show you how to make a weed-infused fruit punch for summer. 

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School for cannabis? Check Out These Options

Interested in a cannabis career? We’ve put together some interesting universities and programs.

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How to Pick Out a Good Concentrate to Dab

Wondering what to dab? We'll show you how to select a concentrate to dab to make your next session smooth. 

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Got Pain? Try our Favorite Topicals for Relief

On the hunt for something to help relieve your aches and pains? Let us suggest our favorite topicals for pain. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Camping with Cannabis

With summer around the corner, let us show you some other ways to camp with cannabis and take your time in nature to the...

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How Do Cannabis Strains Get Their Names? 

With many creative strain names from Green Crack to Cheetah Piss lining dispensary shelves, curious consumers often ask,...

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Quicker Highs: What are Fast-Acting Beverages and Edibles?

Fast-acting edibles and beverages have become popular among consumers wanting a quicker, more predictable experience. Th...

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Sweet Tooth? 4 Treats to Make with Cannabis Honey 

It’s 2023 and smoking weed is not required to get high. Here are some tasty and stoney ways to use cannabis honey.

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