5 Creative Ways to Use Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures provide a quick, convenient, and effective way to consume cannabis without smoking, vaping, or eating edibles. Just a few drops held under the tongue can provide quick effects that last a long time. You can use tinctures with THC, CBD, a combination of the two, or blends of various therapeutic cannabinoids. The options are vast. But did you know that there are many other creative ways to use these tinctures? We’ve rounded up five innovative ways to use cannabis tinctures so you can make the most from your product. 

5 Creative Ways to Use Cannabis Tinctures

January 30, 2024

What are cannabis tinctures?

Before we dive in, let’s start with the basics. What is a cannabis tincture?

Simply put, tinctures are a blend of plant materials dissolved in a solvent. The solvent helps to extract the active ingredients from the material, resulting in a concentrated liquid form of the plant material. Tinctures can be made of many plants and are not limited to cannabis. Popular ones on the market include arnica, ashwagandha, and chamomile tinctures. 

Cannabis tinctures are made by dissolving the plant in a solvent to extract the active ingredients, such as THC or CBD. This produces a potent extract that can be used for a variety of purposes. 

Most people will swallow droplets or let the tincture dissolve under their tongue for quick effects, but there are other ways to utilize a cannabis tincture. We’ll give you some inspiration. 

Infuse beverages with a cannabis tincture 

Did you know you can easily make your own cannabis-infused beverage with tinctures? If you’re not a fan of the infused drinks at the local dispensary or you have a favorite beverage you’ve always wanted to try with weed, tinctures are a great option. 

Stir some into your morning coffee or blend your preferred dose into your afternoon smoothie for a potent pick-me-up. You can even make a mocktail that’s infused with cannabis instead of alcohol for a hangover-free evening. 

The key to success when infusing beverages with tinctures is to select a flavor that matches your drink. You wouldn’t want to add a peach-flavored tincture to a cup of coffee, for example. But a chocolate tincture could be a good match. Unflavored  tinctures are a good way to avoid any flavor disasters. 

Apply cannabis tinctures topically 

Many people don’t realize you can apply cannabis tinctures topically, too. We don’t necessarily recommend this as a first option, simply because we think there are much better topicals on the market, but in a pinch, a tincture can save the day. 

One common topical application of cannabis tinctures is for facial skincare. Some people like to apply CBD tinctures as part of their skincare routine to help combat inflammation and redness from acne. While this method is beneficial for some, there are specially formulated skin care products that will likely provide better results. If you plan to use tinctures topically, be sure to test a small amount on your skin to see if any irritation occurs. The last thing you want is to cover your face in a tincture only to have an irritating reaction to the product. 

Similarly, you could rub a cannabis tincture into your skin wherever your muscles or joints feel achy. Again, this is more of an “in a pinch” option for when you don’t have a roll on or cream formulated for pain. But in these scenarios, a tincture can come in handy. Just be sure to never apply tinctures to an open wound. 

Infuse your favorite meals 

It’s easy to infuse your favorite dishes with cannabis tinctures. The key is to only add the tincture in cases where the food is not super hot, because otherwise the heat will break down the compounds and render them ineffective. 

So, stir your preferred dose into your favorite salad dressing or mix it into your morning pot of oatmeal (once it’s cooled down a bit.) You can also blend it into pesto sauce, hummus, or just about anything you can imagine. Here’s a fun hint: mix some cannabis tincture into your maple syrup for a potent and decadent pancake experience. 

As we mentioned earlier, just be sure that the flavor of the tincture will pair well with the food you’re adding it to. 

Add to your bath salts or oils 

You can also dump some cannabis tincture into your favorite bath soaks for an elevated, relaxing bath experience. It may not be the most cost-effective option (pre-made infused bath bombs and soaks typically provide a better bang for your buck), but it can definitely save the day in a pinch. Most bath bombs you’ll see on the market contain between 25 mg to 100 mg of CBD or THC, so you may want to follow that dosing when adding tincture to your bath. 

Add to lotions and massage oils 

Similar to adding tinctures to your favorite bath soaks, you can easily infuse lotions and massage oils by dropping in some tincture. You’ll feel the difference – whether it be from a relaxing deep tissue massage or in the softness of your skin the next time you apply lotion. Whatever the case, adding some drops of tincture to your favorite products can really take any experience up a notch.

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