Bellingham Fall Festivities: Visit a Whatcom County Pumpkin Patch

Bellingham is the perfect location for fall activities. Surrounded by mountain views, the Salish Sea, lakes, and rivers, Bellingham shines when the leaves turn colors and the air gets crispy. If you’re looking for a way to embrace fall and prepare for Halloween, it’s time to visit a Whatcom County pumpkin patch. 

Bellingham Fall Festivities: Visit a Whatcom County Pumpkin Patch

October 19, 2021

Hot apple cider, crisp crunchy leaves, and an abundance of fall colors are waiting for you at these awesome pumpkin patches. Whether you’re a Western Washington University student decorating a shared home with friends, a parent taking their kids out for a fun fall day, or anything in between, you’ll love the fun these farms bring. 

Plus, supporting local farms is key to their success. If you have the time and means to go get a pumpkin from a farm rather than a large grocery store, you’re putting money back in the pockets of your community. 

Sip some apple cider, get your carving supplies ready, and let’s dive in!

Stoney Ridge Farm 

Bellingham Fall Festivities: Visit a Whatcom County Pumpkin Patch

It’s no coincidence that our Bellingham dispensary puts a farm named Stoney Ridge at the top of the list. Well, it is actually a coincidence. While Stoney Ridge’s name fits our interests, we’re much more excited about their awesome pumpkin patch, corn maze, and affordable prices. 

Located in Everson,  Stoney Ridge Farm is about a half an hour drive north of downtown Bellingham. It’s the perfect place for a group of friends to grab some pumpkins for carving night or for a fun day on a farm with your family. Bring your sweet tooth, as they offer fresh cider and pumpkin donuts. There is even a pizza truck at the farm on Saturdays!

Other reasons we love this farm include the corn maze and the u-pick apples. There’s nothing better than getting lost in a maze with loved ones and coming out covered in mud and smiles. There’s also nothing better than a juicy Jonagold apple on a fall day. 

Check out Stoney Ridge Farm here

Dan Cramer’s Western Town 

Bellingham Fall Festivities: Visit a Whatcom County Pumpkin Patch

If you’re looking for a fun fall day backed by scenic mountain views, Cramer’s Western Town has you covered. They have a western-themed barn, wagon rides, a mobile petting zoo, and of course, a pumpkin patch. 

This is a very family-oriented farm, with lots of activities for kids. But that doesn’t mean adults won’t be in for a good time. Not only do they have a wonderful pumpkin selection, but who can turn down getting up close and personal with some adorable farm animals?

Dan Cremer’s Western Town is located about a half an hour drive from downtown Bellingham in Lynden, Washington. The pumpkin patch is open Friday through Sunday, all weekend of October. 

Bellewood Farms

Bellingham Fall Festivities: Visit a Whatcom County Pumpkin Patch

You can’t go wrong celebrating fall at Bellewood Farms. From the juicy apple farm to the corn maze, cafe, and award-winning distillery, this place packs a fun day’s worth of adventure into one family-owned farm. 

As if that wasn’t enough to entice you, they also offer fresh cider, caramel apples, and fresh apple pie. You’ll know you’ve found it when the sweet aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin spice meets your nose. 

Our pick for the perfect day at Bellewood Farms? Traipse through the corn maze and pick out the perfect pumpkin while sipping on some hot cider. Finish it up with some of their award-winning vodka, brandy, and gin. 

Bellewood Farms is located about a 20-minute drive from downtown Bellingham, in Lynden. 

Willing to travel? Pumpkin patches outside of Whatcom county

The Bellingham area has plenty of options for people looking to embrace fall and pick out a pumpkin for the upcoming holiday. If you want to expand your search outside of the usual spots near our Bellingham pot shop, head south. 

Gordon Skagit Farms

Bellingham Fall Festivities: Visit a Whatcom County Pumpkin Patch

Like many of the farms listed, Gordon Skagit Farms has everything you need for a fun festive time. There’s a corn maze, hot apple cider, and a great pumpkin patch with plenty of options. One thing that stands out from the rest, though, is their haunted barn. 

A visit to this farm is well worth the drive. Not only will you get delicious cider and a great selection of pumpkins, but you will also be supporting local, third-generation farmers who have been growing squash since the ‘60s. 

Located in Mount Vernon, Gordon Skagit Farms is an easy 40-minute drive south of Bellingham. The farm sits pretty with a gorgeous backdrop, making it ideal for photo sessions and memory-making. 

Celebrating hallo-weed 

While we think every season pairs perfectly with cannabis, there’s something special about lighting up (or indulging however you like ) on a crisp fall day. It’s why we think Halloween is the perfect holiday to infuse with weed. 

Like last year, Halloween is going to be a little different. The pandemic has driven lots of change for just about every aspect of our lives, including how we celebrate Halloween. With the wide rollout of vaccinations complete, it’s likely that we’ll see more Halloween events this year than last. 

It’s good to be cautious and proactive, though. If you want some ideas to celebrate Halloween safely with COVID in mind, check out our guide. Fun ideas include watching a scary movie or making a homemade infused meal. Gather some friends for a fun night in or hit the town in your best costumes.

Let’s not forget the ultimate way to celebrate Halloweed: Making a pumpkin bong. Don’t have something to smoke out of? Pumpkin bong. Can’t think of a good face to carve for a jack-o-lantern? Pumpkin bong. All Halloweed roads lead to pumpkin bongs. 

It’s super easy to make a pumpkin bong. All you need is a pumpkin, some carving supplies, weed, and determination. If you’re looking to add a little pumpkin spice to your smoking life, a pumpkin bong is the all-natural way to do it. 

You’ll need to stock up on goodies before the big day, so be sure to stop by our Bellingham dispensary for all things weed. We’ve got concentrates, flower, edibles, topicals, and so much more right in downtown Bellingham. 

Spirit Week at POMC Bellingham & the 2021 Halloween Sale

This Halloween 2021 join us at our Bellingham dispensary for Spirit week! Come to the shop dressed up in the costume theme of the day and enjoy 15% off your purchase! Then, join us on Saturday and Sunday Halloween weekend for our BOGO 40% Of sale on all infused joints, edibles and drinks!

We know its been another tough year with Covid restrictions around and we wanted to help folks unwind with a little bit of Halloween fun! We can’t wait to see your costume! This year we chatted with our staff and voted for the top 5 funnest costume ideas for our Spirit Week and we think you’ll dig em!

Monday Oct 25th
Goth Day

Tuesday Oct 26th
Fictional Character Day

Wednesday Oct 27th
90’s Day

Thursday Oct 28
Tacky Tourists Day

Friday Oct 29th
Weed Strain Day!

Stop by and say high today! 

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