Big Game Weekend Sale Feb 5-7: All the Weed Deals You Need!

Prepping for the Big Game this Sunday Feb 7th? We understand, which is why we've lined up some awesome savings for you beginning Friday Feb 5th 2021 through Sunday Feb 7th! With Covid-19 restrictions, hanging out at the bar with friends or having a large gathering at your house might not be the best idea or even possible. This year, opt for a virtual hangout with your friends and family while watching the Big Game together. Do you know what the best part of a virtual hangout is? Having the freedom to smoke as many joints through out the game as you want! So, grab all the munchies you love and stock up on all the weed you need! Product availability and prices may vary depending on store location.

Big Game Weekend Sale Feb 5-7: All the Weed Deals You Need!

February 5, 2021

Big Game Sale Feb 5th-7th

Don’t snooze! Supplies will be limited, make sure to stop by your neighborhood Piece of Mind Cannabis for the Big Game Sale Feb 5th through the 7th! Available at select locations: North Spokane, Bellingham and Seattle!

Buy One, Get One 30% Off Eighths of Flower

Are you all about flower? Love that moment when you finally get home and crack open a jar of some sticky buds? Us too! That’s why we’re hooking you up with our “Buy One, Get One” 30% Off on select eighths of flower! Save on your favorites or try something new! Choose from GLW, Green Rush, Eagle Trees or Constellation Cannabis!

Buy One, Get one 20% Off Pre-rolls

Ok, sometimes rolling your own joint can be annoying and some people just have no idea how to roll one! We get it. That’s why we made sure to include a discount on pre-rolls for the Big Game! Don’t bother trying to roll your own hash infused distillate tipped joint, grab 2 or more at POM Cannabis instead AND save money while you’re at it! Try an infused joint from Oleum, Refine, or Constellation Cannabis or grab a classic joint from Green Rush, GLW, Canna Organix or Eagle Trees!

Buy One, Get One 30% Off Vuber Batteries

So you’ve got all your favorite cartridges lined up for the weekend and you are ready to vape those big ole Cannabis vape clouds. But wait, oh no, your vape battery died during half time and now its going to take FOREVER to charge! Nobody wants that. Make sure you have a second battery charged and ready to go! Grab 2 Vuber batteries this weekend and don’t ever go vape-less again!

15% Off 3 or more packs of rolling papers

No one should have to pull their last depressing rolling paper out of the pack in the middle of a junk-food-baby moment while watching the game! Stock up on rolling papers, buy 3 or more and save! Stock up, running out of rolling papers in the middle of an event is the worst!

Brands On Sale for Big Game Deals


Featuring Sugar Cone Infused Pre-rolls by Oleum Extracts! These pre-rolls include top shelf flower and high quality concentrates in a wide variety of flavors! Browse our large selection of Sugar Cone Infused Pre-rolls by Oleum Extracts and place your pre-order for pick up, today!

Shop Oleum in North Spokane, Bellingham or Seattle!

Eagle Trees

If you drive up the edge of the Nooksack River nearly to the Canadian border in late fall, you’ll likely come across a stand of tall evergreen trees covered with hundreds of eagles preying on the spawning salmon below, and you’ll have arrived at Eagle Trees Farm.

This biodynamic cannabis farm has a growing reputation in the weed market thanks to their flavorful top-quality buds. Kenny Ingebrigtson, who owns the farm with his sister Jessica Straight, said their pot is a reflection of their farm’s unique terroir. Eagle Trees has a wide variety of strains available at Piece of Mind Cannabis, select your location below and start browsing!

Shop Eagle Trees in North Spokane, Bellingham or Seattle!


Featuring Growing Like A Weed also known as GLW! Growing Like a Weed is high quality affordably priced brand of flower and pre-rolls! With unique strains ranging from Pudding, to Tear Jerker #3 to CBD Ferrari Fume, customers are sure to find something that meets their needs! Select your location below and start shopping!

Shop GLW in North Spokane, Bellingham or Seattle!

Green Rush

Green Rush Cannabis is one of the most affordable brands of Cannabis flower on the market with a large variety of strains! Green Rush is proud to provide customers with strains like Snoop’s Dream, Locktite, Dr. Who, 9 Pound Hammer, Purple Rain, Professor Chaos and many many more! Find the perfect Green Rush eighth when you select your location below!

Shop Green Rush Cannabis in North Spokane, Bellingham or Seattle!


Refine features only top of the line hash oil products extracted from high-quality cannabis. Loud Resin™, the award-winning, flagship product from Refine, starts with only the finest and most meticulously handled cannabis and showcases award-winning genetics cultivated by the regions most talented cultivators. Meticulously handled from start to finish. Refine’s goal is to encapsulate the flower’s authentic aroma, flavor, and effect with a consistent appearance and texture so you know what to expect every time. Find a refined infused pre-roll at your nearby Piece of Mind Cannabis dispensary when you select your location below!

Shop Refine in North Spokane, Bellingham or Seattle!

Canna Organix

Flower Pre-packs
Hand-watered. Hand-trimmed. Hand-selected.

Canna Organix offers some of the most exclusive strains in the recreational market. Flower is offered in grams, eighths, quarters and half ounces. Canna Organix uses special formulated packaging to ensure the flower’s terpene profile is preserved all the way from farm-to-nose.

All-Bud Pre-rolls
Hand-crafted prerolls made from only cannabis flower; never leaves or trim.

Like their flower prepacks, buds are manicured by hands ensuring not only trichome preservation, but that only choice buds are in our rolls. Offered as a pack with two .5 gram units. Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Shop Canna Organix at North Spokane, Bellingham or Seattle.

Constellation Cannabis

Like all products, these take time to make. Constellation decided that the half-gram infused joint was the only joint worth making. These small but powerful joints contain only flower and hash. They are perfect for the work break or weekend hike. Even better, the packaging is biodegradable!

Constellation Cannabis love hash because it reminds them of the flower just before harvest — “there’s nothing like the aroma and vibes of a healthy and successful flower run”.

Constellation Cannabis grows under HPS and LED lights in soil pots at their indoor flower farm in Arlington, WA. They care for the plants and select phenos that they enjoy growing for ice hash, flower, and prerolls.

Shop Constellation Cannabis at North Spokane, Bellingham or Seattle.

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