Here’s How to Become a Grower for a Marijuana Dispensary

Asking yourself "How Can I Grow Weed for a Pot Shop?" With the increased and ever-expanding legalization of marijuana, more and more people are taking it upon themselves to grow cannabis on their own property. There are many state-regulated and mandated laws that marijuana growers must adhere to when entering the cannabis industry as a grower - especially if you want to partner with a weed store.

Here’s How to Become a Grower for a Marijuana Dispensary

February 28, 2020

There are even more regulations put forth for people who grow cannabis beyond the confines of it being a hobby. For many growers, the prospect of possibly growing and then distributing their products to dispensaries, buyers, or other cannabis retailers is incredibly appealing. 

As enticing as it sounds to not only have the luxury of growing marijuana but to also profit from the marijuana plants that you cultivate, becoming a financially successful cannabis grower for businesses isn’t as simple as it sounds. Back in 2012 when cannabis first started becoming legal in a recreationally, it was far easier to market yourself as a reputable grower, let alone create a professional relationship with companies that would buy from you as a grower. 

The more common and advanced the cannabis industry becomes, the more saturated the business of growing becomes, too. There are far more cannabis growers out there today than there were when recreational cannabis first emerged as a legal activity. 

As a result, getting started as a grower for a dispensary is high up there on the list of difficult jobs to secure. However, just because it’s tricky doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and we’re here today to advise you on ways to better your chances of becoming a grower for a dispensary! 

Three Ways of Becoming a Licensed Cannabis Grower 

Becoming a licensed cannabis grower is more than taking an exam, passing the test, and receiving a certification denoting your success. There is a plethora of information that you must have awareness of before dispensaries will take you seriously as a potential candidate for their cannabis grower role. Becoming a grower for a dispensary is not something that happens overnight, but it is certainly a realistic goal if you take it seriously. 

Three ways of standing out and being a viable candidate for a grower position are by… 

  • Applying for a cultivation license 
  • Getting involved with a local cultivation company 
  • Getting a cannabis grower’s license in your state 

Apply for a Cultivation License 

There are certain qualifications that dispensary owners look for when seeking out the right grower for their business. It’s not uncommon for an interview to contain questions regarding your prior schooling.

Education might be brought up for the sole reason that people who hold a degree in either horticulture or botany are sought-after by dispensary owners. This is not to say that you are at a significant disadvantage if you did not earn a degree in one of these two realms of study, but it is certainly an advantage to those who did complete their studies in a field that relates to growing cannabis.

A cultivation license is essentially a certificate that shows you are eligible to work as a legal cannabis grower in your area. It is quite a lengthy process, which might deter you initially.

However, if you are serious about becoming a grower for a dispensary, obtaining your cultivation license is one of the best moves you can make. Secure a cultivation license in your respective state is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the myriad of growers seeking jobs with dispensaries.

Be Actively Involved with a Local Cultivation Company 

For those of you who do not hold a degree in a growing-related field, don’t worry! Whether you studied plants in college or not, consider joining a local cultivation company that has already been in business for some time now.

Instead of needing to go through the process of setting up your own space and investing in the operational costs of owning a growing company of your own right out of the gate, you can partner up with a cultivation business that is already in place. This is a particularly wonderful step for people who don’t have the educational background that we spoke of, but who still hope to obtain a cultivation license at some point in the future. 

In these circumstances, you will get firsthand experience working with cannabis and understanding the many ways that marijuana plants can be crossbred to create original strains, as well as being taught how to grow pre-existing strains of weed. You can think of this step as an internship. 

Obtain a Marijuana Grower’s License 

In order to grow cannabis, you need to have a permit. Known as a marijuana grower’s license, this documentation is proof that you are qualified to not only grow cannabis, but to supply a dispensary with the marijuana plants you’re growing. The specifics of this step will differ depending on where you live, so look into your state-level regulations regarding the marijuana grower’s licensing process. 

Qualities Dispensaries Look for in a Grower

Everything we’ve mentioned leading up to now has centered around what you should do before you begin the search for an open grower position at a dispensary. Once you’ve obtained relevant licenses and explored the idea of being part of a cultivation company near you, it will be time for you to actually apply for the position of a grower at dispensaries. 

When you are preparing for the interview with dispensaries that respond to your job application, there are a few key points to keep in mind. Each dispensary will have its own set of qualities that they want their growers to embody. However, there are a few things that you should always adhere to when sitting for an interview. 

Have an Understanding of Cannabis-Related Horticulture 

Something very important to keep in mind is that dispensary owners are likely not looking for growers who require extensive training. Rather than hiring novice-level cannabis cultivators, It is far more efficient and appealing for the owner of a dispensary to hire growers who already know the tricks of their trade. 

Once you have worked as a cannabis grower for long enough to feel confident in your abilities, seek out local dispensaries that peak your interest. You don’t need to be the best or most knowledgeable grower of all time, but you should definitely have a solid understanding of all-things cannabis.

Admit that You Don’t Know Everything… 

…But elaborate on your talents and abilities! The goal is to come across as humble as possible without diminishing your intellect and skillset.

From the horticultural element to the art of crossbreeding plants and everything in between, the owners of a dispensary are going to be looking for growers who clearly understand their profession like the back of their hand. It’s admirable to meet with growers who not only know what they’re talking about, but who recognize that there is still a lot to learn in an ever-evolving industry. 

From the horticultural element to the art of crossbreeding plants and everything in between, the owners of a dispensary are going to be looking for growers who clearly understand their profession like the back of their hand. It’s admirable to meet with growers who not only know what they’re talking about, but who recognize that there is still a lot to learn in an ever-evolving industry. 

Express that You Recognize Work Must Come First 

Last but not least, make it a point to express that work is your top priority. In many cases, cannabis growers are akin to medical professionals in the sense that they are on call. If you make it clear that you are committed to your profession and that you are someone others can undoubtedly rely on, your interview will be more likely to yield favorable results! 

Starting from the Ground Up 

If you are new to the cannabis industry, you may want to think about viewing your dream of being a grower as a long-term goal. There’s no rush at all, and if you don’t feel that you are ready to dive headfirst into the lifestyle of a marijuana grower, it’s perfectly okay to start out in a simpler position within the industry. 

In many if not all professions, nobody starts at the very top. In fact, the majority of successful business people and entrepreneurs startED at the very bottom of the totem pole. The cannabis industry is no different in the sense that you may find yourself needing to work a job other than that of a grower when you first start out. 

It helps to get a position that is still within the marijuana industry, but don’t feel discouraged or held back if you end up needing to start from the bottom and work your way up! Not every cannabis grower entered the industry as a grower. In fact, not everyone who becomes a marijuana grower even knew that they wanted to grow cannabis in the first place.

It’s common for people who hold positions in a dispensary to explore the idea of leaving the customer-oriented side of the cannabis industry and instead enter the growing business. Some people might choose to work their way up in the industry, while others might not have a choice outside of the matter. 

Whether it’s something you are doing by choice or a move you have to make to get where you want to be in the long run, it doesn’t hurt to consider starting out in a more entry-level position. This is especially true if you have little to no experience handling cannabis in the first place!

While a customer service position at a dispensary is a respectable job to have, we suggest that people who have an interest in becoming a grower should try to land a more hands-on position. Should you choose to gain experience in the cannabis industry before diving headfirst into growing cannabis, one excellent job position to search for is that of a bud trimmer. 

Another viable option is to work as an assistant to an already established cannabis grower. You can watch someone work the job you’re working towards, and the knowledge you’ll gain as an assistant is unparalleled. The wisdom that growers pass down to their assistants is so valuable, and they may have even more advice on how to become a grower for a dispensary. 

No matter what your path to becoming a grower for a dispensary looks like, you’ll get to where you want to be someday. As long as you stay committed and devote yourself to your trade, your dreams of becoming a grower will manifest soon.

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  1. richard clark says:

    I’ve been thinking about a retirement job . Have all ways love growing thing plants . Can’t say I’m an expert far from it .

  2. richard clark says:

    I’ve been thinking about a retirement job . Have all ways love growing things plants . Can’t say I’m an expert far from it .

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