How to Make a Weed-Infused Fruit Punch for Summer

As the weather heats up and summer rolls in, we’re thinking of fun ways to make this season even better than the last. Weed and sunshine make a perfect pair, and you don’t have to be limited to smoking joints or snacking on gummy edibles this summer to get that breezy high. Next time you’re grilling up outside or spending the day at the pool, consider making a special infused beverage to cool down and relax. Read on and we’ll show you how to make a weed-infused fruit punch for summer. 

How to Make a Weed-Infused Fruit Punch for Summer

June 16, 2023

Weed-infused fruit punch effects 

Effects will vary based on the type and amount of cannabis used to infuse your beverage. Be sure to measure out your ingredients properly so you can gauge the strength of each cup. 

In general, the effects of your infused fruit punch should be similar to the effects of eating an edible. When you consume cannabis instead of smoking it, the active compounds go through the digestive system before making their way to the bloodstream. This process can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, so you shouldn’t expect to feel results for a bit after drinking. 

Go slow with your fruit punch and if you think that you and anyone you’ll be sharing with is likely to want to drink multiple cups, keep the dosage low. You can always drink more infused fruit punch to get higher, but you can’t take back downing too many cups and getting way too high. Know your limits as you make this punch and remember that you can always add more cannabis if necessary. 

Ingredients and supplies for a weed fruit punch 

Here’s what you’ll need to successfully whip up a batch of weed fruit punch that serves about 12:

  • One (more if desired) bottle of a fruity cannabis beverage (Major Orange Mango, Rays Strawberry Lemonade, etc) 
  • 3 cups cranberry juice 
  • 2 cups pineapple juice
  • 1 cup orange juice 
  • 1 cup cherry juice 
  • 3 cups ginger ale
  • Two fresh squeezed limes
  • One cup of frozen fruit blend (optional, but helps keep the punch cold)
  • Punch bowl or large pitcher 

When selecting a cannabis beverage to mix in, keep it simple and think about what would taste good with these other fruity flavors. Fortunately, fruit punch is difficult to mess up since most fruits blend together well to create a refreshing combination no matter what fruits make it in the mix. 

Major has several fast-acting beverages that would work well with this fruit punch, including Volcanic Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade, Passion Fruit, and Berry Lemonade. Ray’s Lemonade is another good option, as they have a variety of flavors from Huckleberry Lemonade to Pineapple – all options that blend well with fruit punch. 

This recipe serves about twelve people (that is, if everyone is just enjoying one cup) and can easily be cut in half or doubled. We recommend using one 100 mg cannabis beverage, so each serving should contain about 8.3 mg of THC (this is not a guarantee, dosages will depend on how closely you stick to the recipe and the specific beverage you are using.) If you have a higher tolerance, you can easily have a few cups of this infused fruit punch or double the cannabis beverage content to double the THC count. Those with lower tolerances will appreciate that one serving is less than a standard 10 mg edible. 

If you’re worried your punch may be too potent or just want to make sure the relaxation effect is emphasized, consider using a beverage with CBD like Ray’s 10:1 CBD/THC blend (100 mg CBD, 10 mg THC) or their 1:1 (100 mg CBD/100 mg THC) blend to round out the intoxicating effects. 

Making the weed fruit punch 

In a large pitcher or punch bowl, combine cranberry juice, pineapple, orange juice, cherry juice, lime juice, your cannabis beverage of juice, and your frozen fruit blend if using. Stir well.

Top with ginger ale and serve. 

We recommend you use the frozen fruit blend to keep the fruit punch cold without watering it down as it thaws. You can add ice instead to keep it cold, just note that it will melt quickly if the drink is outside in the sun. 

What does weed fruit punch taste like?

One word: delicious. Though your mileage may vary a bit depending on the exact cannabis beverage you’re mixing in, there’s no doubt that blending a bunch of different refreshing fruit juices together makes a delicious fruit punch. It’s a nostalgic and delicious summertime treat. 

You can get more creative with your punch than this recipe shows, too. For example, some people like to add orange or rainbow sherbet to their punch to cool it off and add an extra layer of fruity nostalgia. 

The punch shouldn’t have much of a weedy flavor, if any at all. You’re mixing a relatively small amount of weed-infused beverage in with several cups of other fruity beverages – as such, any earthy or weedy flavors shouldn’t be present. But if you’re using the brands we recommended, like Major or Ray’s Lemonade, it shouldn’t be an issue at all. These products are already crafted to taste like the delicious flavor listed on the bottle, not weed. 

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