Snuggle Up for the Winter With These Relaxing Cannabis Products 

We recently rounded up our top strains for a cozy winter, but there’s more to enjoy this season than just joints and pre-rolls. Here in Washington, we have access to just about every cannabis-infused product you could imagine. As the winter rolls around and the air gets more frigid, we like to lean on our favorite cozy winter cannabis products to keep us warm and comforted. Okay, they might not actually make us warmer, but they sure make the cold more tolerable. So next time you’re thinking about cozying up by the fire or going on a winter wonderland walk, try these cannabis products for winter. 

Snuggle Up for the Winter With These Relaxing Cannabis Products 

December 12, 2023

Honu Chocolate Turtles 

Is there a better time of year to indulge in chocolate caramels than the winter? We don’t think so. Add a pretzel and a pecan and you have the ultimate chocolatey treat to elevate any winter activity. Honu’s Chocolate Turtles are salty and sweet, and pack 10 mg of THC per delicious turtle. From snacking by the fire to fueling up for a day in the snow, Honu Chocolate Turtles are a delicious treat for snuggling up in the winter. 

SixFifths Chamomile Bath Soak 

Cold weather can make existing aches and pains even worse. Plus, it’s plain uncomfortable being cold all day. The best way to wash away the cold, aches, and pains? A hot bath. Take it up a notch with this Chamomile Bath Soak by SixFifths, which combines CBD and THC with chamomile for a relaxing, pampering bathtime experience. You’ll leave the tub feeling moisturized, warmed, and relaxed – the perfect winter treat. 

Gold Leaf Dark Chocolate and Coconut 

There are chocolate edibles, and then there are rosin-infused chocolate edibles. Gold Leaf’s Chocolate and Coconut mini bars are a great option for snuggling up by the fire or to kick off a fun holiday movie. With the full-bodied effects of the company’s premium rosin, you’re sure to feel cozy and content after munching on one (or two, or three…) of these tasty chocolates. 

Double Delicious Indica Infusionz

Another great topical option, Double Delicious’ Indica Infusionz are packed with indica RSO for a potent, therapeutic experience. Melt away your aches and pains or tackle your winter dry skin with the soothing powers of RSO. You can add them directly to your skin or hair or mix the infusions into your favorite existing products like lotions or conditioners. 

Wyld Enhanced Gummies 

We couldn’t pick just one flavor of Wyld’s delicious gummies, so we’ll leave that up to you to decide. Just know that whether you go for their Sour Apple sativa gummies, a hybrid, or their sleepy indica options, you’ll be feeling good. Available in a wide variety of flavors and potencies, Wyld’s gummies are made from real fruit and enhanced with botanical terpenes to create euphoric experiences that go above and beyond. Enjoy an energizing sativa gummy before finishing off your holiday to-do list or opt for a sleepy berry indica to help you sleep deeper and wake up refreshed. 

Micro Bar Disposable Vape 

If you live in an apartment or somewhere where indoor smoking is off-limits, the winter can be a tough season for getting high. That’s why we love Micro Bar’s disposable vapes. Available in a variety of fun and fruity flavors, these little bars are small, discreet, and packed with delicious taste. Plus, they come in at around 91% THC, meaning you’ll only need a few puffs to feel the bliss. They’re perfect for cozying up under the blankets and watching a movie or passing around among friends at a holiday gathering. 

Good Tide Solventless Hash Rosin Gummies 

For an edible experience that feels like smoking a joint, reach for Good Tide’s Solventless Hash Rosin Gummies. These are made from rosin extracted from hybrid strains and contain the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids found in the plant. The result is a pleasant, balanced high that is reminiscent of smoking weed. These gummies are great for any activity from cleaning the house in preparation for a get-together to relaxing by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. 

Fairwinds Flow Warming Stick 

With winter comes extra tension as we brave the cold each day. If you’re feeling extra aches and pains, you might benefit from Fairwinds Flow Warming Stick. This special formula contains warming ingredients like camphor, wintergreen, and cinnamon, on top of therapeutic cannabinoids, to warm the affected area and provide quick relief. We love applying the warming stick to our backs and joints before bed after a long day and have also found great relief after trekking through the snow. And if you’re one for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, you’ll want to have this warming stick on hand after a long day on the slopes. 

Gold Leaf Gardens Peppermint Cookie Pre-Rolls 

This DOPE Cup award-winning strain is perfect for snuggling up in the wintertime. With hints of mint and dark purple-green hues, it’s a delicious, festive, and potent treat for whatever activity you may find yourself doing this winter. What more could you ask for?

Get the best winter cannabis products at Piece of Mind Cannabis 

From festive edibles and soothing topicals to potent vapes and pre-rolls, Piece of Mind Cannabis has everything you need to snuggle up and be cozy this winter. 

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