The Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Budder and shatter and hash, oh my! If you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrates, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of products available on the market. We’ll clear up some of that confusion for you. 

The Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

October 6, 2020

Cannabis concentrates made it to the mainstream when dabbing became popular. Dabs are still a popular way to use concentrates, though they can be consumed in other ways too. 

Some people add concentrates to joints to take them to the next level, while others will add them to recipes. You can even eat them if you don’t mind the not-so-pleasant flavor. Another popular option is to vape concentrates. 

Of course, cannabis concentrates didn’t start with dabs. Concentrated forms of cannabis have been used medically (and recreationally) for a long time. As cannabis extracts have continued to gain popularity, more and more products have emerged on the market. 

Now we have a huge selection of concentrates to choose from. But if you don’t know where to start, that huge selection can be intimidating. Don’t fret. We’ve got your back. 

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What are cannabis concentrates?

All types of cannabis concentrates are born from the same concept: concentrating fresh cannabis flower into a new, highly potent substance. 

Cannabis concentrates are more potent than flower. Like, significantly more potent. This means users can consume less while getting stronger effects. This aspect alone is why many medical users choose concentrates.  Of course, we can’t forget the stoners with high tolerances who prefer concentrates over bud as well. 

Concentrates come in a variety of forms. There are the typical ones you might hear people say they dab with, such as shatter or wax. And then there are capsules, tinctures, Rick Simpson oil, and live resin among others. 

The process of concentration determines the final product. Some use solvents to extract cannabinoids and form an extract, while others use no solvents and are simple byproducts of the plant extracted without any foreign substance. We’ll break concentrates down into two parts: solvent and solventless concentrates. 

Solvent cannabis concentrates

Let’s go down the list of the most common solvent cannabis concentrates:

Shatter: This concentrate is aesthetically pleasing and potent. It gets its name from its delicate appearance and texture, resembling glass and subject to easily, well, shatter. 

Shatter is typically a golden honey color and somewhat translucent. Unlike other concentrates that tend to get processed and agitated, shatter is not whipped around which allows it to remain transparent. 

The typical use for shatter is with a dab rig or vape pen equipped for cannabis concentrates. 

Budder: This concentrate is similar to shatter but has a very different texture. It’s creamy in consistency, similar to real butter, and is very malleable. 

Budder is similar in color to shatter, with an amber/honey appearance with a much creamier texture. Budder falls into the category of “wax” extracts and typically has a high terpene profile. Because of this, it has a stronger taste and aroma than other concentrates. 

Pull and Snap: This concentrate is visually similar to shatter but has a tougher consistency. It doesn’t shatter but can rather be pulled until a portion is snapped off. Much likes shatter, it’s honey-colored and potent. 

Crumble/Honeycomb Wax: Referred to as both crumble and honey wax, this concentrate is known for its ability to crumble. It’s a very dry extract that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Because of how dry and malleable this substance is, it is a popular choice for more than just dabbing. It can easily be added to joints or combined with other smoking materials. 

Live Resin: This extract is a form of butane honey oil that has been made with live or frozen fresh plant material. By extracting resin glands before the curing process, this extract keeps its terpene profile and remains fragrant and flavorful. 

Rick Simpson Oil and other oils: Cannabis concentrate oils are potent but can be difficult to deal with. It’s why other concentrates remain a more popular choice. 

However, there are many benefits to using oils, specifically for medical uses. Rick Simpson Oil, for example, was invented by a now cancer-free man who used cannabis oils to manage his illness. 

Because of their stickiness, oils are typically sold in syringes. This prevents a lot of the mess that can come from using oils. 

Tinctures: These concentrates have been used for centuries with a variety of herbs. Tinctures are made by soaking herbs in a solvent (typically alcohol) to extract the active ingredients. 

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Solventless extracts:

Now let’s take a look at popular solventless extracts. 

Kief: The tiny little crystals all over your cannabis flowers are kief. When you grind up fresh bud, you may notice a powder left behind. That’s kief. Or, if you have a grinder with a screen to collect kief, you may see a full pile of the stuff at the bottom of your grinder. 

Hash: This concentrate is made by pressing kief to create a new substance. You can do it from home with kief or purchase bubble hash and other variations. 

You’ll often see hash displayed as thick, brown slabs. Because it’s a hard-pressed blend of kief and made from trichomes, it breaks easily. It’s also very sticky. 

Rosin: This solventless concentrate is a popular choice because it’s easy to extract and can be manipulated into many other forms of concentrates. 

It’s made from heating two plates at high pressure against cannabis materials. The glands begin to loosen and release all of their cannabinoids, leaving a sticky and potent substance. 

Want to try cannabis concentrates?

Remember that cannabis concentrates are more potent than flower. If you don’t have a lot of experience with concentrates, we recommend you start slow. A dab will do ya. And make it a small one. 

There is no one-concentrate-fits-all when determining the best concentrates. Different people prefer different types because everyone uses cannabis differently. We recommend you try a few different types before settling on your favorite concentrate. 

Ready to try a new product? Stop by Satori and stock up on all the best cannabis concentrates on the market. One of our friendly budtenders will be happy to help you find the perfect pick for your needs! 

Our 5 favorite Cannabis Concentrates under $40 a gram!

Check out these 5 favorites under $40 a gram! Affordable, high quality concentrates from popular Washington state brands!

Space Cadet by Budco

Space Cadet is a potent indica strain with heavy body effects. Best saved for late night use or a lazy day at home. Space Cadet is believed to be a cross of 501st OG and Godhead. Find Space Cadet by Budco at any of our locations:


North Spokane


Chemical Sunset by Sticky Frog

Chemical Sunset is a rare hybrid cross of OG Chem and Sunset Sherbet with a distinct aroma and balanced effects. The flower has a unique smell of diesel, gas, skunk, and berries. Enjoy Chemical Sunset sugar concentrate in the evening or on a relaxing afternoon.


North Spokane


Tahoe Kush Live Resin by Buddies

Just like the name evokes, you’ll be happy riding into the sunset with this relaxing, carefree strain. Tahoe Kush offers both physically relaxing and mentally stimulating effects, making it a perfect choice for day or evening use.


North Spokane


Headband Honey Crystals by Oleum Extracts

707 Headband is the original headband from Humboldt! 707 Headband is wonderful for stress relief, providing you with an uplifting and relaxing effect that leaves you feeling happy. Known to have a strong onset that feels like wearing a headband, expect this extract to be even stronger than the flower. Headband honey crystals have a distinct smell and flavor of diesel skunk and lemons. 707 Headband is known for its energetic mind high, mental clarity, and euphoric sensations that tingle and buzz from your head to your toes.


North Spokane


Wedding Cake Crumble by Honey Tree

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Triangle Kush & Animal Mints. It offers full body effects, mental and physical relaxation, and relief of tension. Expect mellow vibes, an increase in overall chill, and a pleasant mental euphoria that is potent and long lasting.


North Spokane


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