The Ultimate Guide to Camping with Cannabis

Few things could make a camping trip better than weed. While smoking a joint around the fire is a guaranteed activity for many campers, we often forget the many other ways we can incorporate cannabis on a camping trip. With summer around the corner, let us show you some other ways to go camping with cannabis and take your time in nature to the next level. 

The Ultimate Guide to Camping with Cannabis

May 19, 2023

Before we dive in, we want to remind you that cannabis use is not permitted in public. Private cannabis use is protected by Washington state law so long as the residence owners permit it. Use your best judgment when bringing cannabis along on a camping trip and consider staying at a cannabis-friendly campground or Airbnb with private trails if you’re worried about landing in trouble. 

Camping with cannabis best practices 

Pack smart when planning to camp with cannabis. This means bringing a safe travel carrier for your glass, a smell-proof jar for your stash, and plenty of extras. If you’ve ever hiked out to the perfect smoke spot only to grab your joint and realize you forgot a lighter, you probably understand the importance of packing ahead. 

Be sure to bring extra rolling papers in case you somehow lose them or accidentally drop them in the water or the campfire. If you’re bringing a bong or other glass piece, it’s a good idea to not bring your favorite piece of all time, as the likelihood of it breaking increases when traveling. It’s also why having a backup piece is key to surviving a camping trip if something breaks. 

Depending on the time of year you go camping, weather can complicate the process. Excess wind or rain can make it nearly impossible to light your weed or keep it lit. Bringing an extra vaporizer device can help you navigate the bad weather and gives you the option to get high in the tent if the elements are too rough. 

It’s also a good idea to pack a fire extinguisher for emergency use on your camping trip, whether or not you plan to light up. If you’re camping in a dry area, the risk of a wildfire taking off is already heightened. The addition of sparks and embers used for smoking weed can make for a dangerous combo. By keeping a fire extinguisher in your emergency bag, you can prevent the spread should a spark turn into a fire. 

One more safety tip: If you plan to take cannabis with you on a hike, know your limits and don’t push them, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the territory. 

Now that we’ve covered some best practices for camping with cannabis, let’s look at some fun ideas for combining the two. 

Add a tincture to your morning coffee

What’s better than waking up in nature? A hot cup of cannabis coffee to go with it. It’s always fun to whip up a batch of coffee when you’re camping, and adding a cannabis tincture to your morning brew is an easy process no matter how you make it. Whether you’re doing the cowboy coffee method, using a french press, or have a coffee maker specifically for camping, just make your morning cup as you usually would, and top it off with your desired dose of cannabis tincture. 

Make sure you pick an unflavored tincture so you don’t have an unpleasant clash of flavors. We recommend opting for a sativa or daytime blend tincture so you don’t end up putting yourself to sleep with your morning coffee. Cannabis coffee in the morning is a great way to kick off a nature-filled day. 

Drink an infused beverage with lunch 

A go-to lunch for many of our camping-lover friends is a simple sandwich, chips, and other snacks. And we think an infused lemonade pairs dangerously well with this combo. 

You can try other beverages if you’re not excited about infused lemonade, such as an infused old school grape or orange soda beverage. There’s nothing quite like coming back from a morning spent hiking around, fishing, or just chilling in nature and diving into a simple, delicious lunch. Pack some sandwiches, stock up on some infused beverages, and make your lunch break even better. 

Smoke a blunt with friends 

If you’re in a place where public cannabis consumption is legal, you should have no issues with lighting up a blunt to share with friends. You should avoid doing this though if you’re unsure of the cannabis consumption rules where you’re staying. 

Packing up the supplies to roll a blunt can be a hassle, not to mention the challenges that rolling the blunt itself can pose. That’s why we recommend grabbing a pre-rolled blunt from our Bellingham dispensary, Spokane pot shop, or other locations. It’s all the fun of smoking a blunt without the hassles of rolling it. Many of the blunts we stock are infused, meaning they’ll offer an even more potent punch than your everyday blunt. 

Bring a topical for aches and pains 

Ah, the joys of camping. Waking up to nature can be beautiful but it can also mean waking up with aches and pains because you slept on the forest ground. Many people wake up feeling tight and uncomfortable after a night’s sleep in a tent, and topicals can help bring you back to life quickly. 

Pack a potent topical made for relieving discomfort from achey joints and muscles so you can feel good during your camping trip, even if you slept a bit funny. Keeping a relief-centered topical on you can also be beneficial if you plan to hike during your camping trip, as you might end up feeling sore or achey after traipsing through the woods. 

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