What are the Best Rolling Papers and What Are They Made of?

There are so many cannabis accessories and products available that we sometimes glaze over the basics. Sure, many people use tinctures, vape, or take dabs instead of smoking nowadays, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of people opting to smoke a joint when they want to kick back and relax. With prerolls available at dispensaries, we don’t even have to worry about the best rolling papers to choose from because the producers do the work for us. But if you’re looking to roll your own joints and want the best rolling papers available, read on. 

What are the Best Rolling Papers and What Are They Made of?

February 25, 2021

What are rolling papers made of?

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When looking at the various options on the market, you’ll notice that there are several different materials used to make rolling papers. 

Rolling papers are most commonly made from wood pulp. However, other alternatives have gained popularity over the years and many different papers are used to produce the prerolls available at Washington dispensary locations. 

You’ve probably heard of Zig-Zag rolling papers. These are extremely popular and made from wood pulp and flax. Other rolling papers, such as Elements, are made from rice. You may also be familiar with RAW papers, which are made from hemp and known as the first “vegan” rolling papers to hit the market. 

Hold up…You may be wondering, why would rolling papers not be vegan? The reason many brands are not considered to be vegan is that they use glue to hold the materials together. The glue is often derived from animal products such as milk, egg whites, or animal bones. 

Some papers also contain other additives, such as sugar, flax, or gum arabic. There are clearly many choices when it comes to rolling papers. So what should you look for when deciding what’s best?

The best rolling paper characteristics

Talk to a group of stoners and you just may find out they all have their own preferences for rolling papers. Some people swear by RAWs while others will only roll with Zig-Zags. It truly comes down to personal preference. 

However, there are some clear defining features of a high-quality rolling paper. Any product that does not meet these standards should be considered sub-par rolling paper. 

Burn rates and relightings of rolling papers

You want a rolling paper that burns smoothly, evenly, and at a steady rate. All rolling papers should burn at an even rate and you certainly don’t want anything that will immediately catch on fire. 

Rice papers tend to burn the slowest because they are so thin and allow the most airflow. Wood pulp papers tend to burn much faster because of the material. And then you have hemp papers which tend to burn at a rate in between the two. 

Seek out a rolling paper that doesn’t require frequent relighting, as well. Typically, wood pulp stays lit the best, whereas rice paper requires users to relight the most often. You’ll have to decide what works for you. 

Rolling papers – Ease of rolling 

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When looking for a forever paper, you want one that is easy to roll. Don’t make yourself frustrated on a regular basis by choosing a paper that isn’t easy to use. 

The rollability of papers typically is as follows, from easiest to hardest: Wood pulp, hemp, and rice. If you can get good at rolling rice papers, you are probably going to have no problem rolling hemp or wood pulp. But if you are just used to rolling with wood pulp, the difficulty of rolling rice paper may come as a surprise. 

Size of rolling papers

If you haven’t used a lot of papers, you may not be aware that there are different sizes. Orange Zig-Zag papers, considered to be classic or 1 ¼ size, are generally the standard size for rolling papers. And then there are single-wides, which are a little shorter in length and width. 

The sizes continue to range from double-wide to king-size rolling papers. Unless you’re a serious smoker, you probably won’t need such large papers. 

Flavor of rolling papers

Finally, factor in the flavor when choosing a rolling paper. The papers we have already listed are typically just paper-flavored, though specifics vary from brand to brand. However, there are also plenty of flavored rolling papers on the market. Juicy Jay’s, for example, makes watermelon, strawberry, coconut, and many more flavors of rolling papers.

If you’re not interested in a sweet twist, opt for a rolling paper that is not flavored. 

The best rolling papers for joint smokers

What are the Best Rolling Papers and What Are They Made of?

Again, the best rolling papers are subjective. You’ll meet smokers who are loyal to one type of rolling paper or will roll up anything that’s handed to them. If you’re not sure what to buy, the good news is rolling papers are inexpensive and you’ll have the opportunity to experiment and see what you like best. Objectively, we can look at features like smokeability, ease of rolling, materials, and more, to decide on the market’s best rolling papers.

RAW hemp rolling papers 

What are the Best Rolling Papers and What Are They Made of?

We can’t say enough positive things about RAW papers. They’re easy to roll with, sturdy, and vegan. 

That’s not all, though. These papers are unbleached, unrefined, and never dyed. They’re simply made from plants and plant starch. Hemp, to be specific. 

We also like RAW papers because they tend to fall right in between rice and wood pulp for various features. There’s nothing better than a happy medium that fits all of your needs. 

Zig Zag French Orange rolling papers

What are the Best Rolling Papers and What Are They Made of?

Zig Zag is not at the top of our list because their papers are bleached. However, they are made from natural flax plant fibers and gum arabic. The company also offers an unbleached variation, but they are more difficult to find than the classic orange variety. 

These papers still make our list because they are easy to use and perfect for a beginner roller. They smoke well, roll well, and are generally easy to handle. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense experience, reach for the Zig Zags. This is especially true if you want to practice your rolling skills, since they’re ideal for learning. 

OCB Hemp rolling papers 

Made with organic French hemp fibers and acacia gum, OCB Hemp papers are another great option for rolling up. They’re chlorine, bleach, and dye-free and offer an even burn. 

We love this company’s ethical practices for harvesting materials and their dedication to a quality product. If you’re looking for a simple, from-the-earth rolling paper, try OCB. 

Elements rolling papers

What are the Best Rolling Papers and What Are They Made of?

These papers are made from pure rice and natural sugar gum. The result is an ultra-thin paper that burns with almost zero ash. They are watermarked to prevent runs and ensure even burns each time. 

They are designed to burn incredibly clean and never alter the taste of the smoke. Plus, the production of these papers is wind-powered in a small region of Spain. Their environmental impact is one to be admired. 

The downside? They’re hard to roll if you’re not savvy. These are not good for beginners looking to learn because they are so darn thin and can be difficult to handle. They are great for smoking, but if you’re not a seasoned roller, you may find yourself frustrated. 

Don’t want to roll your own joint?

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