Wondering What to Do When High? Keep It Fresh With These Ideas

Let’s face it: Most things are a little better when you’re high. Suddenly cleaning is a treasure hunt and working out is a euphoric experience instead of something to dread. But if you find yourself falling into a routine when you smoke or are just looking for something fun to change it up, check out our ideas for what to do when high. We chatted with some of our budtenders at our Piece of Mind Cannabis Dispensaries across Bellingham, Alaska, Spokane and Pullman to hear some ideas of fun things to do when stoned!

Wondering What to Do When High? Keep It Fresh With These Ideas

September 1, 2021

These days, cannabis is used in so many different ways, from wellness routines to recreational activities. We’re focusing solely on the recreational side in this blog, with fun, stoner-approved ideas for a good time. 

The list could go on forever, so we just highlighted some of our favorite options that can also turn into inspiration for other activities. If you have favorite high activities to do, let us know! 

Read on and get inspired! 

What to do out of the house when you’re high 

So you have no responsibilities but to get high and enjoy the day. It’s a special feeling but it can quickly devolve into hours spent doing…well…absolutely nothing. Here are some ideas to avoid that: 

Visit an aquarium, botanical garden, or the zoo 

Feeling like you can handle some interactions with the public? Safely make your way to the nearest attraction, such as an aquarium, botanical garden, or even the zoo. Whether you’re alone or with friends, you can’t beat the combination of cannabis and nature/animals. 

Journal at the park

Wondering What to Do When High? Keep It Fresh With These Ideas

Head out to your nearest park with nothing planned except time for peaceful journaling and maybe doing a bit of people watching. If you’re someone who doesn’t journal or can’t think of anything to write, don’t let that stop you. 

Try one of these prompts to get started. Once you start writing, you may be surprised where you end up! 

Journal prompts for when you’re high at the park:

  • Share a story about your first ever crush
  • Write about the most memorable dream you’ve ever had
  • What are some new things you’ve learned in the last year? 
  • What color do you feel like today? Why? 
  • You win the lottery. What do you do with your endless money? 

Lay down with your favorite music playing and watch the clouds 

Wondering What to Do When High? Keep It Fresh With These Ideas

If you have a backyard, you’re set. If you don’t, find a comfortable park where you can lay down and shut the rest of the world out. 

Listen to your favorite music as you watch the clouds go by. Look for fun shapes and notice changes in speed as clouds go by. You may even find yourself relaxed enough to take a cozy midday nap. 

What to do when high at home 

As much fun as it can be to get high and go hang out in the world, there’s also something special about staying home and relaxing while high. You’re in the safety of your own space and can act as free as you’d like. Again, this makes it really easy to just crash on the couch and disappear for a few hours. If you’re looking to have a little more fun while high at home, try these ideas:

Play an old computer game

Video games are a clear favorite high activity for many people. But don’t skip over the nostalgic fun that playing old games on your computer can bring. If you don’t know where to start, use Buzzfeed’s list of games from your childhood you can still play

We’ll admit that while writing this, we got sucked into a few games ourselves. The top pick? Robot Unicorn Attack. This game is so hard to stop because of the simplicity and the jamming song that accompanies the robot unicorn’s adventures. 

You may find yourself deep in a hole of old flash games that will make your at-home high experience an undeniably awesome one. 

There are other fun games online you can play, such as the following:

Play GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is a fun game for anyone with a curious mind and a love for exploration. The whole purpose is to figure out where you are on the map after the game drops you in a random location. You must use clues around yourself to figure out where in the world you are, such as street signs, businesses, and other hints. 

It’s the perfect rabbit hole to go down when you’re high and looking for a virtual adventure. 

Find and complete an old book of puzzles 

Wondering What to Do When High? Keep It Fresh With These Ideas

Do you have an old crossword puzzle book or sudoku laying around from an old plane ride or trip? Many of us have these little time passers laying around and they often get overlooked. Don’t miss out on the calming fun they can provide while you’re high. 

You can also print some fresh puzzle games out if you have a printer. Crosswords, word searches, and other fun puzzle games can suck you in for hours without even realizing it. 

Plus, they can be calming and take your mind off of other stressors you may be experiencing. Combined with weed, it’s a nice way to pass the time and bring your mind and body to a relaxed state. 

Binge watch Geography Now on Youtube 

If you’re curious about the world and like watching engaging, informative videos, you can easily go down a long Geography Now rabbit hole. This channel has been attempting to cover profiles of every country in the world. 

They are going down the list in alphabetical order. As of writing this, they are in the S section. So many countries have already been done and there are so many left to cover. Plus, the hosts are great at what they do and keep the content fresh and exciting. 

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Stock up today and try out these fun things to do when high!  

Best Edibles For Enjoying Out of The House

Heading out for an adventure? We’ve gathered some of our favorite edibles to check out!

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