5 Cannabis Myths Debunked

Do you know all there is to know about weed? There are a lot of interesting cannabis facts out there, and not all of them are actually true. Here are 5 cannabis myths, debunked. 

5 Cannabis Myths Debunked

December 5, 2023

Myth 1: Cannabis makes you lazy 

Sure, some people who use cannabis end up dozing off on the couch while watching TV (which doesn’t sound half bad, by the way.) But to say that cannabis makes you lazy is too much of a sweeping generalization, especially in this day and age of legal cannabis. 

Certain strains, such as those leaning heavily on the indica side, definitely can sedate consumers. But that doesn’t mean they make users lazy. Some people may rely on the sedative effect of an indica strain to help them relax or sleep after a long day, or get some relief from various aches and pains. 

Cannabis comes in so many shapes and sizes that saying it makes people lazy is downright untrue. Many people incorporate cannabis in their workout routines, while others like to read while high or study for school exams with cannabis. None of these activities are indicative of laziness. 

We’re not saying that cannabis helps everyone be productive. There are plenty of people who find that cannabis use has a negative impact on their lifestyle and goals. It’s important to be aware of how cannabis affects you and if it’s helping or hurting you on your journey. 

Myth 2: Weed is a gateway drug 

You’ve probably heard cannabis described as a gateway drug by those who oppose its legalization. However, studies have shown that legalizing cannabis does not increase substance use disorders or the use of other illegal drugs

Some people who use illicit substances also currently use or previously used cannabis. This doesn’t mean that cannabis use is the root cause of using other substances. Researchers believe that social environments are key to assessing a person’s risk for drug use. Additionally, those who are more susceptible to using illicit substances may start with more easily available substances like cannabis, tobacco, or alcohol. This doesn’t automatically make them gateway drugs.

Sure, some people who use other drugs may have started with cannabis. But many people use cannabis without going on to try other substances. There’s just not enough evidence to back the assumption that weed is a gateway drug. 

Myth 3: You can’t consume too much weed 

You may have heard pro-pot advocates saying that you can’t overdose on weed. This is partially true. There’s never been a case of anyone dying from an overdose of cannabis alone. But there have been cases of people taking a too-high dose of weed and experiencing adverse reactions. 

Taking too much weed is often called a “greenout.” This experience can make you feel pretty sick and bad, with anxiety, paranoia, nausea, vomiting, delusions, and other negative effects. 

So while you may not experience a fatal overdose of cannabis, you can certainly consume too much and become ill. While many of the negative effects will go away as the high wears off, it’s important to keep an eye on symptoms like vomiting, as you could easily become dehydrated and need medical assistance. 

Myth 4: Smoking weed limits job opportunities

Some people believe that smoking weed prevents people from having meaningful careers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Certain jobs like healthcare and hospital work, government roles, and transportation often require drug tests to ensure safety. But there are many other fulfilling jobs that don’t. 

As long as you maintain a healthy relationship with cannabis, your opportunities for work are vast. We even live in a day and age where you can have a job working in the legal cannabis industry if it’s a passion of yours. 

Myth 5: You can tell if someone smokes weed by looking at them 

This myth is completely unfounded, especially as cannabis use gets legalized around the globe. From young adults to the elderly, cannabis users come in all shapes and sizes. You can’t tell if someone smokes weed by just looking at them. 

Weed smokers make up the corporate world. Many athletes smoke cannabis. Lots of celebrities like to indulge in cannabis. Many older people have turned to cannabis as an alternative therapy. What do all of these people have in common? Certainly not their looks. 

The modern world allows cannabis users the ability to eat edibles, use vape pens, or even use cannabis tinctures. All of these methods are more discreet than smoking and make it even more difficult to gauge if someone uses cannabis or not. 

Don’t make a judgment based on someone’s looks. If you want to know if they smoke weed, ask. 

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There you have it – five cannabis myths debunked. Did any surprise you? 

It’s important to recognize that the implications of cannabis use vary from person to person. While cannabis may not directly make you lazy, there is certainly the potential to use cannabis as a way to avoid important tasks. But swap cannabis out for anything else – even reading – and if used as an avoidance tactic, it can be detrimental. It’s all about how you go about it. 

Now that we’ve cleared up some common misconceptions, stock up on your favorite cannabis products with Piece of Mind Cannabis. 

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