Strains to Survive the Finals Frenzy

Finals are right around the corner and you’re in the home stretch. All you have to do is push through these last few days of intense pressure to prove you’ve learned everything you needed to and are equipped to move onto the next stage. No pressure, right? If the finals frenzy is getting to you, try these strains to survive. 

Strains to Survive the Finals Frenzy

December 5, 2021

Now, before we dive into it, we need to clarify a few things. With how many options there are for cannabis use these days, finals and weed can potentially make a good match. But there’s also the potential for it to go downhill. It’s important that your everyday recreational weed routine does not become your finals prep routine. It’s key to switch things up. It’s why our selections deviate from the typical strains we suggest for recreational activities. 

If you’re wondering how cannabis affects the brain and if it’s a good idea to use for finals prep, we encourage you to look into it further. Additionally, listen to your body. You know yourself better than anyone else. Will using cannabis enable you to slack off, or will it help with focus and motivation? That’s for you to decide. 

Regardless, we’ve chosen some strains for finals preparation that are sure to give you a boost without weighing you down. We’ve selected strains that are not super potent, to allow you to reap some of the plant’s benefits without forgetting what you just read or putting you to sleep. 

Juicy Joints – CBD Au Naturel

Au Naturel contains around 20-26% THC, making it a fairly potent option. However, it is evened out with 16-18% CBD, which helps produce a mellow, balanced high perfect for finals prep. 

Because of its calm and cooling effects, we recommend puffing on this CBD-heavy joint when the going gets tough and you need to recollect yourself. Take a walk around the block in between chapters and reset your mind and body with the help of CBD and THC. 

These joints are perfect for anyone prone to stress or anxiety from THC, as they are a close to 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Evidence suggests that CBD can help counteract negative psychological effects of THC. Plus, this strain specifically is known to mellow users out and produce a sense of calm. 

Don’t worry about getting too calm or relaxed, though. The added benefit of CBD should help to keep you alert and focused while also calm and collected. 

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CBD Royal AC/DC 

Royal AC/DC is another great CBD-heavy strain. This one typically contains 8-10% CBD and 5-11% THC, making for a well-balanced option. 

This combination of Royal Kush and AC/DC is perfect for getting in the finals zone. It produces a mellow sense of euphoria and can help to relieve physical discomfort as well. 

We recommend puffing on some Royal AC/DC when your eyes are strained from the screen and your head feels like it’s about to explode with last-minute information. 

Remember, it’s good to take breaks when studying hard for finals. It keeps your mind fresh. Royal AC/DC is the perfect companion, boosting your mood and body without interfering with your ability to get back to work after a well-deserved break. 

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Jack Herer 

This three-way cross between Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk is a perfect study companion as finals creep up. It is a sativa strain that causes blissful, clear-headed effects and can even help boost creativity. We’re looking at you, art majors. 

We recommend using Jack Herer to get in the zone, assuming you know your limits. While Jack Herer has some powerful cerebral effects that go well with studying, it is also a potent sativa. Don’t overdo it or you may sabotage your efforts. 

Our suggestion? Start by microdosing Jack Herer to figure out just how much you need to get desired effects. If you just need a little boost in energy, motivation and focus, a puff or two could do the trick. 

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Tulsi Rose 

This cross between Pinkleberry and Baker Burmese produces a buzzy, yet relaxing high. It’s a sativa hybrid with pleasant sweet and tart flavors sure to motivate even the most burned out academic. 

Use it when you feel yourself tiring and losing ability to concentrate. It has a relatively low THC content (from 9 to 15%) and between 3 and 6% CBD. As such, it provides stimulating effects without going overboard. 

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Post-finals celebration

When all is said and done and the last test is handed in, the last essay submitted, and your grades are in your professors’ hands, it’s time to celebrate. 

Our picks for celebration? Infused pre-rolls. Our Bellingham dispensary has a large selection of potent prerolls with an extra kick: cannabis concentrates. Some have kief, some have hash, and others have oils infused. 

On the other hand, blunts make a great post-finals celebration item. Our MAC Cannarillo blunts are handcrafted and packed full of potent cannabis. Better yet, they’re wrapped in a hemp leaf. 

Both of these celebration products are certain to put your head in the clouds, so be sure to puff on them after you’ve turned in your last project. That’s when the real fun begins. 

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Finals are extremely stressful times for many students at Western Washington University and around the world. Take a deep breath before you do anything, including heading to our Bellingham pot shop for some weed. You will get through this. 

If you need a little boost for focus, energy, or even to relax and calm the mind a bit, these suggestions should help point you in the right direction. As with many things cannabis, we suggest you start low and go slow if you’re trying a new product. It’s important to stay lucid when studying so you can retain the information and showcase your skills come finals. 

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