6 Best Bellingham Spring Nature Walks

Name a better place to take a nature walk than beautiful Bellingham - we’ll wait. You can’t beat the gorgeous views and attractions in the city of subdued excitement. With the spring equinox behind us, it’s the perfect time to get some quality nature time in, at a leisurely pace. And while the trails are endless here, some have more traffic than others, and we like the peace and quiet. Here are our picks for taking a quiet Bellingham nature walk. 

6 Best Bellingham Spring Nature Walks

April 9, 2022

Whatcom Creek Trail Loop

For good views, fresh air, and a walk that’s easy on the knees and lungs, visit Whatcom Creek Trail Loop. It’s considered an easy route that takes under two hours to complete, with four miles total round trip. You’ll likely bump into some runners, dog owners, and other walkers, so don’t expect complete solitude. 

It’s a beautiful path to take in the early sightings of spring, as you’ll get to admire the new blossoms and check out the beautiful waterfall. To get there, head to Whatcom Falls Park.

Lake Padden 

This is another easy route that never disappoints. Coming in at 2.6 miles, this flat path follows beautiful Lake Padden with great views year-round. It’s a well-known place, so you’re likely to see others running or walking their dogs, but it still provides a good deal of solitude and quiet. It takes about an hour to complete and will leave you feeling refreshed and calm. 

It’s easy to get to this park off of Old Samish Road, and there’s usually ample parking in the lot. Expect to see some paddleboarders and other recreators, among the families of ducks and other delights. 

Squires Lake Trail 

Just as beautiful as the previous two but lesser-known, Squires Lake Trail is a great place to go for a pleasant nature walk. It’s located off of Highway 99, between Whatcom and Skagit county. It’s part of an 82-acre park that connects to the Lookout Arts Quarry, which you may be familiar with if you’ve ever attended BAMF or Sh’Bang!

This peaceful nature trail is home to a lake, marsh, beaver pond, forest, and cliffs. Walk around and enjoy the beaver dam, a waterful, and a gorgeous view of the lake, among other gems. It’s quiet and peaceful, perfect for an afternoon stroll to clear your mind. 

Sehome Hill Arboretum

It may be connected to Western Washington University, but you certainly don’t have to be a student to enjoy a nature walk through the arboretum. This place is beloved by students and locals for a good reason, as it is super easy to access and provides a quiet escape in the middle of town. 

Enjoy six miles of trails through lush forest and catch sight of the occasional funky art piece or installation. There’s a fun overlook tower that boasts great views of the area, so keep an eye out for that as you enjoy an arboretum nature walk. With so many different trails and paths, you can choose your own adventure in the arboretum and end up somewhere cool every time. 

Interurban Trail 

This is a gentle trail that runs six miles one way. You’ll likely want to turn around at some point if you’re just out for a nature walk. Regardless, it’s a gorgeous path that runs from Fairhaven to Larrabee State Park and boasts peace and quiet among the forested paths. 

Take in views of the San Juan islands, mountains, lakes, and beaches as you walk along this historic route where electric trains used to pass. Watch out for bikers, runners, and equestrians as you enjoy everything the Interurban Trail has to offer. The Interurban Trail runs parallel to the scenic Chuckanut Drive, so you can count on some breathtaking sights. 

Locust Beach Trail

If you’re looking for a beach excursion, head to Locust Breach Trailhead. You can walk along the forested path as you make your way to the beachfront, where you’re likely to see some people birding, kiteboarding, and enjoying other beach activities. 

It’s also perfect for a gentle walk along the water. It’s generally quiet and easy to navigate, so you can get the best of both worlds with the forested trail leading to the beach and the panoramic views once you reach the beachfront. Pack a picnic, take your time, and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

A word of caution

Our selections for these Bellingham nature walks are much more solitary than other well-trafficked spots in the area. While you’re likely to bump into people along the way, you can expect to enjoy solitude and peace as well. There are plenty of areas to stop, eat a snack, and take in the breathtaking views along the way. 

We think weed and nature go together like two peas in a pod. So, we get it. The urge to light up in a beautiful place can be powerful. Just remember that there are laws against public cannabis consumption. Be mindful of where you decide to smoke or opt for a more discreet option. Better yet, consume before you hit the trails so you don’t have to worry about breaking any cannabis laws. 

It’s not just the law that should make you think twice about smoking up in a public place. Remember, a lot of these nature trails are enjoyed by a wide range of people. Some are parents, children, or others who simply don’t want to be smelling weed smoke. No matter where you are or what the occasion, it’s always a nice idea to make sure your smoke won’t get in the way of someone else’s comfort. 

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