8 Cannabis Strains to Cozy Up With This Winter 

Whether you’re near our Spokane dispensaries, Bellingham pot shop, or Pullman weed store, one thing is certain: it’s cold out. We are in the depths of the winter season and it’s high time to lean into the coziness. Heat some hot chocolate, start a fire, and don’t forget the weed. While it might not warm you up, the bliss of a nice, cozying weed strain can make all the difference in the colder months. We’ve rounded up our favorite cannabis strains for a cozy winter so you can make the most out of this time of year. 

8 Cannabis Strains to Cozy Up With This Winter 

January 19, 2024

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Deep Sea

Deep Sea by Falcanna is a great strain to cozy up with this winter. It’s a heavily indica-leaning strain, coming in at 90% with a dash of sativa on the side. This isn’t the kind of strain you should smoke before a winter walk, as it’s known to put users into a sleepy fog. We recommend Deep Sea for a comforting night huddled by the fire or for a quick session before diving into some fresh-baked cookies and your favorite wintertime movies. With a sharp, sour, and sweet berry flavor, Deep Sea is sure to delight and add another layer of comfort to this chilly time of year. 

Kush Mintz 

Few flavors embody winter better than mint, and Kush Mintz is no exception. This balanced hybrid cross of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush offers a sweet, minty cookie taste with hints of pine and gas. The flavors combine to create a pleasant, winter-forward strain with calming and uplifting effects to match. Go for an enchanting winter walk as the body buzz hits, or stay inside and work on a puzzle or creative endeavor with this strain’s uplifting mental effects. 

Candyland Cookies 

If you’re looking for winter cannabis strains that energize rather than relax, look no further than Candyland Cookies by Treehawk Farms. A delicious blend between Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies, this strain packs a sweet flavor and potent, euphoric, and stimulating effects. Whether you’re walking in a winter wonderland, building a snowman, or just getting some chores done around the house, let Candyland Cookies take your activities to the next level this winter. 

Northern Haze 

The best winter strains complement the season itself, and Northern Haze is a great example. This balanced hybrid cross of Northern Lights and Haze packs a sweet lemon flavor with earthy accents including pine and skunk. The result is a full-bodied, delicious strain reminiscent of this time of year. It’s a giggly and euphoric strain that can work well for cozying up inside and relaxing or checking off items from your holiday to-do list. With its sweet, citrusy, and woodsy aroma, just one whiff of Northern Haze will have you feeling cozy winter bliss. 


Enter a world of fantasy this winter with Narnia by Soulshine Cannabis. This cross between Trainwreck and Jack Herer hits fast and provides a fun boost to the imagination, perfect for embarking on a scenic winter walk. It’s an energizing, long-lasting strain that will help carry you through whatever winter tasks you’re facing, whether it’s the fun stuff or just chores. Narnia is a tangy, citrusy strain with a hint of sweetness and notable spice that’s sure to transport you to a fun world of fantasy. 


Looking for a cozy winter strain that won’t make you too sleepy or high for social time? Look no further than Honeycomb. This cerebral strain is a cross between Dosidos and Original Glue No. 4., and packs a creative, social punch that is perfect for holiday parties or to cozy up by the fire with some friends. With an earthy flavor accented by hints of coffee and gas, this strain is the perfect addition to any cozy winter experience. 

Green Queen 

This strain, a potent blend of Green Crack and Space Queen, is for those looking to get up and move this winter. It produces cerebral and euphoric effects without going over the top or being too stimulating. If you’re looking for a good accompaniment to hanging out with friends or exploring the great outdoors, Green Queen is a solid choice. With a skunky and sweet flavor paired with hints of citrus and black pepper, Green Queen is a delicious wintertime treat. It smells strongly of herbs and pine, adding to its wintery vibe. 

Garlic Icing 

What says winter more than sweet garlic? Okay, bear with us here. Garlic Icing has all the makings of a delicious winter strain, with both savory and sweet notes that evoke our favorite holiday dinners. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid mix of GMO and Papaya. It packs a pungent garlic flavor with notes of citrus and diesel, and smells similar with lemon and gas tones throughout. The high is euphoric and cerebral, making it the perfect match for reading by the fire with a hot beverage or snuggling up to a good winter movie. Don’t forget the snacks, though, as this strain is no stranger to the munchies. 

Ready to cozy up with winter weed?

We hope these winter favorites will get you through even the coldest days of the season. Whether you’re a fan of the cold or anxiously waiting for the sun to return, we think these strains will help you celebrate winter with more comfort and pleasure. 

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