Are You A Mom Who Smokes Weed?

Sure, you’ve heard of the “wine mom” but have you met any “weed moms” lately? Despite the lingering stigma, many mothers have turned to cannabis, often choosing it in place of alcohol. Some moms speak out about their cannabis use, while others stay quiet because of judgment from others. 

Are You A Mom Who Smokes Weed?

May 10, 2020

What’s up with that? 

We think moms and marijuana make a great pair. In the same way a mom might pour herself a glass of wine before bed, weed can be used to unwind after a long day of looking after the kids. Or to help get through the day. Plus, there’s no need to worry about a hangover the next morning! 

Most people are accepting of a mom who likes to pour herself a glass of wine in the evening. It’s often encouraged. Of course, parents should always exercise responsible use if they choose to drink at home. The same can be done with cannabis. Yet mothers are often quiet about their use due to stigma. 

We say forget that! In celebration of Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at the world of moms and marijuana. 

How popular is cannabis use among mothers? 

It can be difficult to know how many parents really use cannabis. Many still face stigma from other parents or people in their lives for choosing to use the plant. This causes a lot of mothers to keep quiet about their cannabis use, even if it’s something they think could benefit others. 

Let’s take a look at a 2017 Eaze survey assessing the modern marijuana user. In a survey of over 10,000 cannabis users, one in five respondents were parents. Of those parents, 63% used cannabis on a daily basis. The majority of these users chose to vaporize flower over other methods. 

A survey from Yahoo News and Marist College found that over half of marijuana users are parents. The majority of parent users have children under 18 in the household. 94% said they do not use cannabis in front of their children, though.  

So, however you slice it, it appears parents make up a good portion of cannabis users in today’s more cannabis-friendly world. 

Why moms use weed 

It’s hard to narrow down why moms use weed. There most likely is a combination of reasons, from coping and unwinding to pain relief or plain recreation and everything in between. 

A survey by Miss Grass looked at cannabis use in mothers to get a better understanding of how and why they use the plant. The findings are incredibly interesting:

First of all, 9% of users started using cannabis after having kids. This could mean mothers are successfully coping with the stress of parenthood with the help of weed. 

Another intriguing bit from the survey of over 700 moms found that 21% of cannabis using mothers have completely replaced their alcohol use with weed. Maybe it’s the lack of hangovers or the freedom of unwinding while staying more lucid than they can with alcohol. Whatever it is, the numbers don’t lie. Moms who smoke weed really like weed. 

In the survey, only 2% of cannabis using moms keep it a secret from their partner. However, 36% of them keep it a secret from their parents or family and 51% keep it a secret from their professional contacts. 

It’s an interesting contrast from the “wine mom” image, which typically does not face much judgment. Most mothers and bystanders would agree that a busy parent deserves a glass of wine once in a while. So why not a joint? After all, a lot of mothers have replaced alcohol entirely with cannabis. 

Trading the wine for weed at ladies’ night 

Whether it’s regular ladies’ night with your pals on the town or virtual ladies’ night as we navigate COVID-19, one thing is for sure: Weed is a great addition. 

You can trade-in your wine glass for a cannabis beverage or even have a vape session with the ladies. You’ll still take the edge off but for many marijuana using moms, the feeling of getting high is preferred over getting drunk. 

And you don’t have to worry about going overboard. Wine moms have probably all experienced the had-one-glass-too-many morning headache, but weed moms can’t relate. They may be a little groggy when they wake up, but their whole day won’t be spent in misery. 

Heck, if you’re a mom who wants to indulge in ladies’ night without getting intoxicated, you can even turn to a CBD product. There are drinks, edibles, and even CBD flower available to use. This means you can take the edge off without losing clarity. 

Coping with parenthood using marijuana 

As more and more places legalize marijuana for recreational use, the number of moms using weed is sure to rise as well. And with good reason. Parenting is exhausting and requires a lot from a person. It can be tough to catch a break. 

Marijuana seems to help many mothers destress while staying present in their child’s lives. 

You see, mothers don’t just use cannabis to unwind. They use it to cope with postpartum depression, parental pressures, and other aspects of their life as a parent. Some say it makes them a better parent. 

Writer and mother Leah Campbell said in a essay, “A small amount of pot administered as an edible allows me to be present and functional for my daughter,” claiming it makes her the best version of herself and allows her to be a better parent. 

This sentiment is echoed by Jill Trinchero, a mother and edible-maker who uses cannabis away from her children’s sight. Trinchero said in a High Times article, “It has made me a better mother. There are times when I want to be a kind mother and I need to slow down and see what is most important, and sometimes cannabis can do that for me… You don’t want the stresses of being a parent to affect your children in any negative way. I want them to see me [as] kind and patient.”

Overcoming the stigma 

It’s time for the rest of the world to get on board with moms and marijuana. Naturally, cannabis use should be reserved for appropriate times and not interfere negatively with a mother or child’s life. It must be used responsibly and with care. And just like moms are capable of doing so with alcohol, they can use marijuana responsibly as a parent. 

Unfortunately, some mothers still have to face stigma. Other parents, family members, or even friends and acquaintances may look down on their use. This usually comes from a lack of education on the benefits of the plant or from outdated views on cannabis users. 

Mothers, we support you and your cannabis use! If it makes you a better mom, go ahead and light up that joint or trade your glass of wine for a weed soda. Responsibly, of course. 

If you’re looking for other likeminded parents, there are plenty of marijuana mama groups on the internet you can join and exchange experiences with. Or, if you’ve got mom friends who like the plant, why not start your own moms and marijuana group to boost connections with other moms who feel the same?

However you choose to use the plant, we are on your side. Moms can responsibly use marijuana and for many, it helps them to be better parents. 

And with that, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!  

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