Can I Bring Weed Into Idaho?

We’re pretty spoiled here in Washington state. Weed has been legal for more than a decade and we’re able to shop through hundreds of different products ranging from good ol’ flower to specialty beverages, concentrates, and beyond. Our Spokane dispensary is a quick trip from neighboring Idaho, where the cannabis laws significantly differ. If you have a trip to the Gem State coming up, you may be wondering: Can I bring weed into Idaho?

Can I Bring Weed Into Idaho?

September 5, 2023

We’ll go over the current cannabis laws and give you our best advice for finding weed near Idaho. 

Weed in Idaho 

Washington may have been one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis, but that doesn’t mean all of our neighbors have followed suit. In fact, Idaho has some of the strictest cannabis laws in the United States.

Weed in Idaho is illegal across the board. This means that medical marijuana is not an option for Idaho residents. Naturally, recreational cannabis in Idaho is also illegal. 

Possessing any amount of cannabis is illegal in Idaho. If you are caught with under 3 ounces of cannabis, you can face misdemeanor charges and even spend up to a year in jail. For more than 3 ounces to one pound, you can face felony charges as well as up to five years in jail. This is in stark contrast to Washington’s cannabis laws. 

This is bad news for those who want to spark up in the beautiful state. 

Can I bring weed to Idaho?

Okay, so we’ve established that possessing any amount of cannabis in Idaho is illegal. But just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of Idaho stoners smoking weed every day. However, there’s no legal way to obtain it, so smoking weed in the state comes with risks. 

If you’re considering bringing weed from our Spokane weed store to Idaho, we regret to inform you that that is also illegal. Unfortunately, there is no legal way to obtain cannabis in Idaho. 

This rule can be confusing. If you purchase weed legally in Washington, why can’t you just drive across state lines with your legally purchased product? Sure, nobody checks your items when crossing state lines. But if you do happen to get pulled over or somehow caught bringing cannabis into Idaho, you will be caught committing a federal crime. 

Weed near Idaho 

Unfortunately for weed lovers in Idaho, it’s not legal in the state. We’ve certainly heard of people using weed in the Gem State, but at the risk of facing a misdemeanor or felony charge. To avoid these outcomes, we recommend going to a nearby state to enjoy some weed — just be sure to not bring it back into Idaho when you head back home. 

Fortunately, our Spokane pot shops are not far from Idaho. Our North Spokane weed store and South Hill dispensary are both less than an hour’s drive to Post Falls, Idaho. So if you’re looking for your next destination, try heading to Washington and staying at a weed-friendly AirBnB. Or stock up at our Spokane dispensary and head to Seattle for a mini vacation. (Be sure to check out our list of weed-friendly places to smoke in Seattle.)

Or, head to Oregon, where cannabis is also legal. There are plenty of options for stocking up on weed in the Beaver State and lots of fun places to stay in the city or in nature. Like Washington, both medical and recreational cannabis is legal in Oregon. 

Speaking of fun places to stay – Nevada also borders Idaho and offers legal recreational weed. In fact, Nevada is home to Planet 13 Las Vegas, the world’s largest dispensary. So if you’re looking for a fun, 420-friendly place to vacation, Nevada is a great option. The state is home to much more than Las Vegas, so if the Vegas nightlife is not your scene, you can still have a blast. 

Montana, another Idaho neighbor to Idaho, also has medical and recreational marijuana.  Idaho’s other two neighbors, Wyoming and Utah, both ban recreational cannabis. 

And if we haven’t already made it clear: It’s illegal to bring weed from any of these states into Idaho. Even if you legally purchase weed in a state with recreational cannabis, it’s illegal to take it into any other state. This even applies if both states have legal cannabis. For instance, it’s not legal to drive weed purchased in Washington into Oregon (or vice versa), despite the fact that cannabis is legal in both states. 

Will Idaho ever legalize weed?

Although cannabis is not currently legal in Idaho, there are plenty of people in the state who want to see the law change. One medical marijuana organizer Kind Idaho says that nearly 70% of Idaho residents support medical cannabis. 

Kind Idaho activists are currently gathering signatures to get a medical cannabis measure on the ballot for 2024. Weed certainly won’t be legal in Idaho for a while, but there’s a chance that the landscape will change in the coming years. 

Stock up at our Spokane dispensaries 

Whether you’re passing by on your way through the Evergreen State or staying in Spokane, be sure to stock up on cannabis while in Washington. If you’re looking for a great selection and  prices, be sure to stop by Piece of Mind Cannabis and say high. 

Piece of Mind Cannabis is a medical marijuana and recreational Cannabis dispensary with locations in North Spokane, South Spokane, Bellingham, and Pullman, Washington. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

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