Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

Did you know you can take a ferry from Bellingham to Alaska? That’s right, Bellingham is home to the southernmost port of the Alaska Marine Highway system. You can ride a ferry out of the Fairhaven district and cruise across over 35 coastal communities before heading back. Many of these places are not accessible by road, so it’s a special treat to ride this ferry and explore places you’d otherwise never see. You can also take the trip the opposite way. Alaskans can hop on the ferry and cruise as far as beautiful Bellingham before heading back out to sea. It’s all because of the Alaska Marine Highway. 

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

July 8, 2021

The Alaska Marine Highway is a 3,500-mile route that transports vehicles and people from Alaska to Washington and back, with many terminals along the way. This highway is unique as it is the only method of vehicle transportation between Alaska and the contiguous United States. The ferries go through Canada, but there is no requirement to go through customs and immigration on this route. 

If you’re looking for a go-with-the-flow getaway, this ferry trip may be for you. 

The Alaska Marine Highway Ferries 

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

The Alaska Marine Highway ferries run year-round. Folks who shop at our Bellingham dispensary can just make their way to the Bellingham terminal in Fairhaven and hop aboard. Likewise, our friends who shop at our Alaska dispensary can head to the nearest port and start sailing to Bellingham. 

There are direct service routes, though you can also choose a trip that allows you to disembark at any destination. This allows you to explore each area as much as you’d like before boarding the ship again at your convenience. 

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

These ferries accept walk-on passengers, cars, RVs. Cafeterias are available with other amenities, though the ferry experience should not be confused with that of a cruise ship. Some boats even have cocktail lounges and movie theaters for entertainment. They also offer cabin rooms for sleep and privacy. 

Don’t want to spend the money on a cabin? Take the trip up a notch by camping. It’s cheaper to sleep on deck, either in a tent or beneath a covered solarium. 

Everyone is welcome on the ferry, from children and adults to pets! 

The adventure is up to you

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

How far you take your ferry travels is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to camp on deck and ride out for weeks just soaking up the crisp marine air and gorgeous panoramic views. Others like to stay in a cozy cabin room for a few days and turn around when they have other obligations back at home. 

That’s the beauty of the Alaska Marine Highway system: You can embrace and create as much adventure as you’d like. 

As Danielle Doyle of the Alaska Department of Transportation said in a Seattle Times highlight: “There’s no right or wrong way to use the ferry. Hop on or off wherever you want — we’re long-haul ferries hitting port after port after port, just a bus system on the water.”

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

The Alaska Ferry website calls it “comfortable adventure,” which perfectly sums it up. You can set out for a grand adventure on the ferry, but know there will always be other passengers and a trained crew looking out for you. 

How much do the ferries cost? 

The price of trips varies extensively depending on specifics. The Alaska Ferry Fare Calculator provides estimates for fare, though prices vary based on availability. 

From Bellingham to Ketchikan (the headquarters for the highway system), the estimated fare for one adult ticket is $437. Prices can change depending on if you are a walk-on, have a vehicle, bike, pet, or many other factors. 

Getting to our Alaska dispensary in Anchorage

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

Taking the Bellingham to Alaska ferry for an adventure of a lifetime? Don’t forget to make a stop at Piece of Mind Cannabis Alaska to stock up on goods to elevate your experience. 

You’ll need to make your visit to our Anchorage dispensary by car, so be sure to plan to stick around and explore what the area has to offer. Remember that you can just hop back on a boat when you’re ready to continue your voyage. 

To get to Piece of Mind Cannabis Alaska, you will need to get off at the Whittier terminal. From there, the drive is a little over an hour. You’ll need to follow AK-1 N until you reach E 5th Ave. Our Alaska dispensary is located on the right! 

Getting to our Bellingham pot shop 

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

Coming from Alaska and want to stock up on some weed for your stay in Washington? We’ve got you covered. Our Bellingham dispensary is just a 10-minute drive from the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. 

When you leave the terminal, follow Harris Avenue and take a left on 12th St. Follow the path until it turns into 11th street, followed by S State St. This street will then become Boulevard. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto N. Forest St. Take a left on E. Maple St. and you will see our dispensary!

Do not travel out of state with cannabis

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

While you may be tempted to stock up at our dispensary before your ferry trip, we recommend you only incorporate weed into the trip if you will be exploring Anchorage or Bellingham. You shouldn’t bring any cannabis onto the boat with you for several reasons. A major reason is that it is illegal to cross state lines with cannabis, even if weed is legal in both states.  

Luckily, Piece of Mind Cannabis is conveniently located along the way for both Alaska and Bellingham. This means you can still use your favorite cannabis products on the trip while exploring the cities. Just be sure to finish off your products before you get back on the boat. 

Come say high!

Be sure to stop by and say high while on your adventure! We’ve got everything to make your trip great, from flower and vaporizers to edibles, tinctures, beverages, and more. 

Staff Favorites: Edibles!

One of the most convenient smoke-less experiences available to consumers today are cannabis infused edibles! Edibles come in a variety of options like cookies, hard candy, brownies, drinks, chocolates, and more! Below we’ve laid out a few of our favorite edibles you can find at our Bellingham dispensary or Alaska pot shop!

Lemon Ginger Drops by Good Cannabis

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

If you’re a fan of ginger, you’ll love these lemon ginger drops infused with full spectrum cannabis extract! These ginger lemon drops are sour, sweet, and delicious. Each piece comes with 5mg thc and are available in both Indica or Sativa. Find them at our Alaska anchorange dispensary.

Shop Lemon Ginger Drops

Chocolate Chippies by Bubbie’s Treats

Explore the Alaska Marine Highway From Beautiful Bellingham

Whether you follow a plant based vegan diet or not, you’ll love these cannabis infused decedant chocolate chip cookies! Bubbie’s Treats specializes in making some of your favorite snacks infused with Cannabis and both plant based and gluten free!

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