Here’s How to Have an Awesome Weed Wedding in Washington

So you’re ready to tie the knot with that special someone and you both share a love for the green. What better way to celebrate the big day than surrounded by your loved ones and your most beloved plant? We’ll give some great ideas and provide important information you need to know to throw a successful weed wedding in Washington! Plus don't forget to check our cannabis product recommendations, which you can find at almost any Piece of Mind Cannabis dispensary location, at the bottom!

Here’s How to Have an Awesome Weed Wedding in Washington

June 7, 2021

Since many people are getting vaccinated and jumping back into their regular routines, more and more people are excited to go forward with their wedding plans. Whether you’re planning a modified COVID wedding or are just planning for the future, we hope this blog will inspire your future big day!

What is a weed wedding?

Weed weddings are a fun twist on the typical wedding scenario. It’s up to the hosts to decide how they want to infuse their wedding. 

Some people opt for cannabis-themed everything, from bouquets of cannabis flower to weed-only bars with infused beverages. Others like to throw cannabis into the mix without theming the whole event around it. And many others tend to celebrate somewhere in the middle. 

It’s up to you how your weed wedding goes. If there’s weed there, it’s a weed wedding in our book, considering cannabis is not a typical addition to the big day. Get creative with your weed wedding, because there are no rules. 

That is, except for the rules you have to follow. Let’s start with those:

Are weed weddings in Washington legal?

Here’s How to Have an Awesome Weed Wedding in Washington

Before you dive into planning a weed wedding, know the laws. Washington’s cannabis laws prohibit the public use of cannabis. This means you’ll have to host your wedding on private property. 

Of course, you can’t just rent any private venue and assume that it is okay to spark up all over the place. It’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the venue and discuss the matter with those in charge. Few things could ruin the big day more than the event getting shut down because your party ignored the “no smoking” policy. 

Additionally, never throw a weed wedding if minors are present. It’s difficult to find solid rules around this topic, but it’s also easy to see why you should avoid it. First, there are firm rules in Washington about where cannabis establishments can operate to prevent minors from entering. There are also many controversial opinions about whether or not it is acceptable for parents to consume marijuana in front of their children. Avoid any legal or personal issues with others by opting out of cannabis use if you plan to have children present at your wedding. 

Fun ideas for your weed wedding

We’ve rounded up some ideas to inspire you as you plan the big day! Just remember to follow all of Washington state’s cannabis laws and verify that each addition is legal. 


What is a wedding without gorgeous floral arrangements? Whether you’re looking for bouquets to decorate the venue or for a special someone to carry, add some cannabis to the mix. 

Find a florist who works with cannabis or hemp to help arrange gorgeous mixtures of ornamental flowers and cannabis. For example, LovePot delivers seasonal flower bouquets along with smokable cannabis plants across the United States. 

Wedding favors 

Everyone loves a wedding favor and you can really step it up a notch with cannabis gifts. Edibles, pre-rolls, and other goodies can all be given to your guests to go along with the theme. Make note that the edible goodies are for later to prevent guests from getting way too high for way too long. 

Whatever you do, make sure you are giving away the weed goodies and not selling them. Start selling cannabis at your wedding and you may find yourself in trouble with the law. 

And finally, again, NO MINORS!

Canna-bar (or smoke zone)

Infused beverages are a wonderful addition to any weed wedding. You’ll need to do some careful planning, though, to avoid any messes. 

Are your guests going to have access to both cannabis and alcohol so they can choose which vibe they are going for? If so, are you going to ensure guests do not over-consume both and get too crossfaded? 

We recommend low-potency beverages. Weddings aren’t always conducive to drinking in moderation. If your guests are likely to keep coming back to the bar, you don’t want to load them with high amounts of THC only for them to hit peak-high when the wedding is over. 

A good way to navigate this is to use low-THC, high-CBD blends for your infused drinks. Users will still get a buzz, but they’ll be much less likely to get too high. 

You can also set up a designated area for people to smoke, rather than serve infused beverages. 

Provide munchies

Here’s How to Have an Awesome Weed Wedding in Washington

As great as your main dish may be, if you’ve got a group of happy people toking up all day, consider offering plenty of munchie-approved snacks. Of course, cheetos on a platter may not be the most elegant option, but there are plenty of stoner-friendly appetizers you can circulate throughout the venue. 

Anything can be munchie approved, but some appetizers do better than others. For example, mac and cheese bites or mini corn dogs may fare better than, say, oysters Rockefeller. But hey, any bite-sized snack will do. Just make sure you keep them coming. 

Must-dos before hosting a weed wedding in Washington

We have access to adult-use recreational cannabis in Washington, which makes throwing a weed wedding possible. But that doesn’t mean you can do anything. Go through this checklist first:

  • Read through the state’s marijuana laws 
  • Establish a plan to get everyone home safe: Know your headcount, know who needs accommodations, and provide plenty of resources. Make sure your guests know places they can lodge nearby, or provide phone numbers of cabs or other transportation that guests can use. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t have people driving home under the influence. 
  • Consider your guests. We already know that minors should not be present at a weed wedding. But is grandma going to throw a fit if people are lighting up left and right? Know your audience and give them fair warning that there will be weed at this wedding. Guests who are against cannabis should not stop you from having your special day, but do consider their reactions and plan accordingly. 
  • Consider using a weed wedding event planner. Check out Love and Marij, a service that connects party hosts with cannabis-friendly event planners, dispensaries, and other important tools for the big day! Cannabis wedding experts will help you navigate the ins and outs of a weed wedding without the stress. 
  • If you’re not using a weed wedding planner, you still must be upfront with the hosting venue about your plans. If they are not weed-friendly, find a new venue or change the plan. No circumstances should include sneaking cannabis into a venue as this can put you and the venue at risk. 

Washington state COVID wedding rules

Another crucial part of planning your weed wedding is to check the state’s COVID rules if you’re getting married any time in the foreseeable future. The state divides its COVID rules by county, so pay close attention and plan accordingly. 

As of June 7, 2021 Seattle, Spokane, and Bellingham are all in Phase 3 of the state’s reopening plan. 

This means indoor weddings and receptions may occur at a maximum capacity of 400 people, or 50% the venue capacity, whichever is less. Six feet of distancing must be maintained between groups. 

Outdoor weddings are permitted with a maximum capacity of 400 people so long as six feet of distancing is maintained between groups. 

Before you plan your wedding, read through the state’s COVID reopening plan and make backup plans in case your county gets moved back a phase. At the time of writing, our friends who shop at our Seattle pot shop, Spokane dispensary, and Bellingham weed store are all at risk of their county moving back to Phase 2 because of case counts. 

Stock up for your weed wedding with Piece of Mind Cannabis!

We’ve got everything you need to infuse your special day with top-quality cannabis products. Stop by Piece of Mind Cannabis for the best deals on all things weed to elevate the big day! 

Favorite Cannabis Products for a Weed Wedding

Cannagars by Gold Leaf Gardens

A handcrafted, 100% cannabis masterpiece. Rolled with the award-winning Gold Leaf Gardens flower. The epitome of luxury. This cannagar is a cross of White Sherbet and Jet Fuel Gelato and has 4g of flower, but we have several flavors/strains available! A Cannagar is a luxurious option for enjoying on your wedding day!

North Spokane

Bat Joints by Budco

Here’s How to Have an Awesome Weed Wedding in Washington

Bat Joints by Budco are large pre-rolled joints which contain 3.5 grams of cannabis! These joints are than rolled in kief for maximum flavor and high. Bat Joints come in several strain options like Baby Yoda, an indica dominant Cannabis strain which induces heavy relaxation. Save these for the end of the night after the dance floor!

North Spokane

Live Resin All-in-One Disposable Vape Pen by Buddies Cannabis

Not looking to smoke at your wedding but still want to get high? Try these convenient all-in-one disposable vape pens from Buddies! Made using Live Resin Cannabis concentrates, these vape pens have a strong terpene profile with incredible flavor plus THC levels as high as 85%! Enjoy them in a variety of flavors like Maui Haze, a sativa dominant Cannabis strain, perfect to puff on throughout the night!

North Spokane

100mg THC drinks by Major

If you’re looking to get nice and toasted for the wedding without needing to smoke or vape anything, look no further than Major’s infused THC drinks! Each bottle comes with a 100mg THC so be careful and start slow. We recommend no more than 10 to 20mg thc at a time so you have a mellow enjoyable high. Major infused Cannabis drinks come in a variety of flavors like Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Orange Mango and many more!

North Spokane

Candy Chews by Hi-Burst

Here’s How to Have an Awesome Weed Wedding in Washington

These individually wrapped 10mg pieces of candy are the perfect discreet Cannabis edible for your wedding! Hi-Burst chews are a cannabis infused chewable candy which come in a variety of flavors in either a Sativa or Indica potency like Berries N’ Cream, Raspberry Lemonade, and many more!

North Spokane

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