Here’s How to Make Compressed Weed Fluffy

We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to our bud. Some like indica, sativa, or hybrids, while others focus more on terpene content and aromas. There’s one thing many of us can agree on, though, and that’s an appreciation for fluffy flower. Sure, there is a wide range of features our cannabis can exhibit, but sometimes you just want that good old fashioned fluffy weed. We’ll show you how to make compressed weed fluffy so you can enjoy your bud in all of its glory. 

Here’s How to Make Compressed Weed Fluffy

January 25, 2021

Compressed vs. fluffy weed 

Before we dive in, let’s just talk about fluffy vs. compressed weed for a moment. One is not necessarily better than the other. In fact, many people opt for the compressed weed. It may not be the most attractive option, but when you grind it up, you’ll end up with more stuff and the quality should not be compromised. 

Here’s How to Make Compressed Weed Fluffy

If you spend any time reading cannabis forums, you’ll see a lot of different responses to questions asking how to re-fluff compressed cannabis. Most people say to just grind it up and go. But there are reasons you may want to fluff up your compressed weed, whether it’s to offer a better presentation for a photoshoot or make your stash look bigger than it is. 

Remember that fluffiness does not equal quality. Compressed, dense buds can be just as potent and powerful as fluffy ones. 

Unfortunately, you can’t typically fluff decompressed weed. If it’s already dense and compact, that’s the way it is going to be. Try to fluff it up and you’ll notice it just starts to crumble, as if you are starting to hand-grind it. 

So what’s with all the people asking how to make compressed weed fluffy again? Well, it’s likely more related to dry weed. Dried out buds also get compressed and small, but that doesn’t make them equal to buds that are naturally dense. If you have a stash of dry bud you want to rehydrate, that’s where the tips and tricks come in. 

How to fluff your weed

Again, it’s not exactly a “fluffing.” If you’re looking to change the physical properties of your cannabis, it’s probably because it’s too dry. 

We can take some notes from back in the day. Brick weed, formerly a very popular form of cannabis, can teach us some lessons about rehydration and fluffing. 

Brick weed was a compressed block of cannabis that was popular on the black market. The compression of the bud into a dense brick was not good for the cannabis, considering the whole plant was essentially shoved into the shape of a brick. This destroyed a lot of the trichomes and left users with a quality that would never make it into dispensaries today. 

Here are some suggested rehydration methods:

  • Break up the weed and put pieces into a glass jar. Cover with tin foil and puncture a couple of holes into the foil. Add a slice of citrus fruit, such as an orange, and seal the jar. Take the foil off every day for about 10 minutes, and you should be ready to go in a week. 
  • Hold a strainer with your broken up buds over a steaming pot of water. Do not get too close to the steam or water. Instead, hold it for about one minute and pull away. Examine your buds. If they need a little more steaming, shake them around above the steam again. 

You can also throw a humidity pack, such as Boveda, into a jar with compressed weed. These are designed to keep the cannabis fresh and can help to rehydrate. Additionally, you can try to throw an orange peel into your jar to rehydrate. 

Words of caution 

Here’s How to Make Compressed Weed Fluffy

You are probably better off not messing with your bud. The cannabis products we offer at our Washington dispensary locations are all vetted for quality and we would not sell something that is not usable. Therefore, you should never have to do any maintenance to the buds you purchase. 

When you start adding moisture to your cannabis, you can start running into major problems. Introduce rehydration methods and you introduce the possibility for mold and mildew to contaminate your goods. 

It’s why we advocate against many of the rehydration methods we see thrown around on the internet, such as spraying buds with a water bottle or microwaving them. The more you mess with the plant’s moisture levels, the more trouble you may find yourself in. 

In any case where you decide to make changes to your cannabis, be sure to monitor the final product before use. There are a lot of factors that can mess up your bud and make it unfit for consumption. 

Be on the lookout for mold if you have recently rehydrated your cannabis. Look for a grayish/white coating that is different from the glimmering trichomes you’d find on healthy flower. Instead of a glimmery look, mold on cannabis will appear powdery and may also smell like mildew. 

If you notice mold on your buds, toss them out. It’s not worth looking for pieces you might be able to salvage. If you’ve already smoked some of your moldy bud, don’t panic. It’s likely to be nothing more than a good lesson in storage. 

That is unless you are allergic to mold. That’s where the majority of the risk factors come in. Even if you’re not allergic, you may experience unpleasant side effects like nausea or vomiting. But if you’re allergic, you may end up with sinus or lung inflammation which can cause serious complications. 

The risks of contaminating your cannabis with mold are another reason we don’t advocate for rehydrating your cannabis in general. 

The bottom line 

If you really need to fluff up your compressed weed, there are some options to get the appearance a bit fluffier. But overall, we don’t recommend tampering with your cannabis as it can lead to mold and other issues. 

If your bud is dried out, that’s a different issue than just being dense and compact. There are ways to rehydrate your cannabis, but they are finicky. Our safest recommendation is to use a cannabis hydration packet. 

Need to stock up on some goods? We have a great selection of cannabis products with a variety of appearances. Stop by today and pick out the flower that appeals to you!

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  1. MrGFY says:

    my suggestion for dry bud, roll it into a blunt or joint, then coat the joint/blunt with honey or syrup. it will slow the burn way down, or honey oil. Your choice. As for fluffing the buds, like the article says; tldr: just grind it up and smoke it. Peace <3

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