How to Get Sober Fast From Weed

You’re likely not looking for a lifestyle change if you googled “how to get sober fast from weed.” You want help now. Something terrible happened between the time you picked up your cannabis product and now. Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us and we know you can get through it. 

How to Get Sober Fast From Weed

April 20, 2021

Before we list off some topics to help you sober up, we have to point out that you can’t really speed up a high from weed. There are some theories that people swear by, but they don’t work for everyone. If you realize you are too high for a situation you are about to enter or you are just too high in general and feeling panicky, the best thing to do is get yourself to a calm state where you can ride the high out. We’ll help with these tips. 

Try CBD to Get Sober Fast From Weed 

How to Get Sober Fast From Weed

It may seem counterintuitive to use CBD, a compound found in cannabis, to help you recover from getting too high. But studies have shown CBD may counteract some of the negative effects of THC, including paranoia and anxiety. 

Of course, you’ll want to reach for CBD products that contain little to no THC. Don’t reach for a ratioed THC:CBD product such as one you’d find at our Bellingham pot shop or Seattle weed store. Instead, use a CBD product that contains as little thc as possible.

For the fastest relief, drop CBD oil under the tongue and leave for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. Other quick-relief options include vaping compatible CBD oil or smoking CBD flower. 

While this won’t technically sober you up, it may help to reduce the negative effects you may experience if you get too high. This will make it easier to function and wait out the high without stress.

Chew on peppercorn to Get Sober Fast From Weed   

How to Get Sober Fast From Weed

No, we’re not joking and there is reason to believe this may help bring you down from a high. It all comes down to the terpenes, those aromatic compounds that give cannabis its unique flavors and effects. 

One terpene in particular, caryophyllene, is suggested to counteract the intoxicating effects of THC. According to one researcher, caryophyllene and THC work synergistically on receptors, blocking THC’s ability to bind to receptors and reducing its overall effects. 

There are cannabis strains with high caryophyllene content, but none come near the amount of caryophyllene in black pepper. As such, you may be able to cut your high short if you chomp on some black peppercorns. 

Drink water and eat a snack to Get Sober Fast From Weed   

How to Get Sober Fast From Weed

This option is not likely to have significant effects, but can be useful to bring your mind back from the depths of your high to something more primal like food and water. 

Hydration is key at all times, but especially important when you’re high. A dry mouth and dehydrated body is not a comfortable one. The best thing you can do when too high is to get comfortable and ride it out. Do your body a favor and eat something and chug some water.

While this won’t necessarily make you less high, it may make the experience more pleasant. You may just need a boost of energy to feel less weak or tired, and that’s exactly what a good snack and drink will do. 

Healthy foods are always a good option, but there’s something to be said for eating your favorite foods while high. If you are feeling more drawn to the fast food down the street, go ahead and get some. You’ll probably feel better after you eat. Plus, if it’s a favorite food of yours, you may just shift your high from a stressful time to bliss. 

Get comfy and treat yourself to Get Sober Fast From Weed   

How to Get Sober Fast From Weed

You won’t always have the option to cozy up and ride out the high. But if you can, do it. You’ll feel better when it starts to wear off. 

We recommend taking a hot shower or bath to fully relax and melt away your stress. Put on some relaxing music and kick back. This won’t always be possible, though, especially if you are too high to sit still and relax. It’s worth a shot, though. 

Another option is to just lay down in bed. Sure, you may feel uncomfortable and want the experience to end, but you are safe. Remind yourself that you are safe in the bed and that no harm is on its way. You just have to wait for the cannabis to wear off. And it will. 

Curl up with as many blankets as you need to feel maximum comfort. Many people find that heavy blankets or other weights can help their anxiety. Go ahead and stack as many blankets on top of you as you need, or grab a weighted blanket and let it give you a big hug in the bed. 

Some people will not be able to sleep while too high, whereas others may drift to sleep and wake up feeling better. Regardless, with each passing minute you are closer to being done with the high. Allow yourself to feel comfortable and safe in the bed and wait it out. 

How long will my high last?

How to Get Sober Fast From Weed

Not forever. That’s the most important thing to keep in mind. There is no one answer to this question, though we can offer a general idea for how long you will be feeling miserably high. 

The biggest factor is your method of consumption. If you bit off more than you could chew of a potent edible, your high is going to last longer than if you just smoked a joint. Be sure to check the THC content before you eat any edibles, as there is a huge range in potency. We sell edibles at our Spokane weed store and other Washington dispensary locations that range from small doses to expert-level THC contents. 

Edibles take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in. On average, the high lasts about six hours. Many factors can change the length of your high, but expect the effects to last around six hours at minimum. Your high will likely peak somewhere between 2-3 hours after consumption. Once you get over this hump, you will probably feel better and more functional. Still, you will likely feel the effects for several hours after consumption and peaking. 

If you smoked weed or took a dab, expect the effects to last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours. You are not likely to still be in an uncomfortable position after three hours from your last inhale. Of course, everyone is different, but you can expect to be miserably high for significantly less time if you smoke than if you eat edibles. 

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