How to Lower Your Weed Tolerance Without a Break

So you’re realizing that weed doesn’t get you as high as it used to. It happens to the best of us. This realization is usually followed by the decision to take a tolerance break or move on to stronger weed. Is there another option? We think so. We’ll show you how to lower weed tolerance without a break so you can get back on track. 

How to Lower Your Weed Tolerance Without a Break

January 7, 2021

Try a new strain 

Easy enough, right? It’s not just THC levels that cause strains to have unique profiles and effects. 

The cannabinoid content in a strain, along with the terpene profile, and other factors, all contribute to the feeling you get from smoking weed. If you normally smoke the same strain, it’s a good idea to switch things up and try a new one.

You may find that different terpene profiles and cannabinoid contents contribute to a totally different feeling when you smoke. Feel free to chat with our budtenders at any of our dispensaries about terpenes and cannaboid differences, or check out our post on on different cannabinoids!

Try a new consumption method 

how to lower your weed tolerance without taking a break
Photo by Elsa Olofsson

Sure, it may not be that exciting to switch from smoking joints throughout the day to micro dosed mints or tinctures, but it may just be what you need. 

Not only will this switch up your routine, which can trick your body in its own ways, but you may find that you make get more high from another method. Biology, lifestyle, and other factors all contribute to how cannabis affects users who eat or take it sublingually. 

So next time you’re feeling like you need a tolerance break, reach for a different type of bud. You may find that all you need to kickstart your tolerance is to shake up the way you get your daily high. 

Switch from smoking to vaping dry herbs 

how to lower your tolerance without taking a break
photo by clearcannabis

If you tend to smoke regularly, you may get more bang for your buck and your high if you opt to vape instead. You don’t need to switch to oils, either. You simply need to get a dry herb vaporizer that will allow you to bring your herbs to a high enough temperature to produce a vapor, but low enough to not cause combustion.

The end result is that more of your weed will go towards getting you high. When you smoke cannabis, some of the active compounds get destroyed in the process. When you vape, the temperature never gets high enough to burn off any of the cannabinoids, allowing you to inhale all of the good stuff. 

Another benefit to vaping dry herbs? AVB. AVB stands for Already Vaped Bud and it can be used to make edibles, taking your bud even further. 

Give microdosing a try 

photo by Stephanie Cheng

Always high? Microdosing may not seem like the right move if your tolerance is already super high, but it may be the best thing you do to reset your body. 

Microdosing is where you take a very small amount of a drug to get the positive effects. Because you are consuming such a small amount, many of the other effects are muted. This includes intoxication. 

If you want to lower your tolerance but you don’t want to quit, microdosing could be the perfect compromise. This is especially true if you use cannabis to relax or combat stress or anxiety. You’ll still get some benefits, you just won’t be super high. 

Try it for a few days or a week. Just take a hit when you’d normally smoke a whole joint. See if you feel positive effects. Once enough time has passed and you’ve consistently smoked less, smoking a regular amount is sure to get you higher than before. 

Break up your routine 

Do you normally wake up and bake? That’s a recipe for quickly building a high tolerance. You can combat it by switching up your smoking routine. 

This is especially useful if you’re a creature of habit. If you tend to smoke at the same time every day, the act of switching up the time can be enough to influence your high. 

Try waiting past the normal time you smoke before indulging. You can also change the room you’re in, go for a walk instead, or just do anything out of your regular routine. 

This may not necessarily change your tolerance, but it can influence the experience. You may just need to shake things up!

Take longer breaks in between smokes 

This may seem obvious, but if you’re smoking 10 times a day, cutting that down to five will help with your tolerance. 

Are you used to loading up a bowl every hour and taking a puff? It’s a good time to be more present and set boundaries for yourself. 

It’s easy, too. Just wait two hours instead of one. This will cut your consumption down without interfering with your regular routine. Plus, you may find that you don’t even need to take that many hits. It’s just become a habit. 

Eat mangoes 

how to lower weed tolerance without taking a break

Weird, right? Using mangoes to improve a high is nothing new, though. This tip has been around for ages. 

Whether it is truly effective or not is up for debate, but anecdotal evidence tells us that many people have found it to work. Additionally, a study found that myrcene, a popular cannabis terpene, is responsible for the classic “couchlock” we know from weed. 

Mangoes are loaded with the terpene myrcene. Eating them before getting high is suggested to increase the effects. 

Final thoughts on how to lower weed tolerance without a break

You want to smoke less weed but get higher. It’s a totally attainable goal, but it can be difficult if you’ve been a heavy smoker for a while. 

Be sure to evaluate why your weed tolerance is so high in the first place. Do you just enjoy smoking a lot or are you using it as an escape from everyday life? It’s important to address the underlying causes that may lead you to consume too much in the first place. 

If all else fails, take a tolerance break. Just a few days should do the trick to reset your weed tolerance. From there, you can try the tips we offered to help you stay on track. 

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