Is Working From Home With the Kids Around Causing You Stress? Try These Cannabis Products!

Parents who have recently started working from home may struggle to adjust to the collision of worlds that this new lifestyle brings. Routines change, common workplace practices are irrelevant, and the kids are most likely hungry. 

Is Working From Home With the Kids Around Causing You Stress? Try These Cannabis Products!

June 18, 2020

It’s helpful to make a point of sticking to a routine and making a clear distinction between the end of the workday and post-work relaxation time. Failing to separate the two can cause a lot of problems. 

However, working from home while the kids aren’t at school doesn’t always make for the perfect environment to separate work and home life. It’s easier said than done. 

With no commute to decompress with after work and no real need to switch from uncomfortable office wear to comfy clothes (if you’re dressing up for the workdays, more power to you), it can be tough to turn off the work voice when “office hours” end and dinner still needs to be made. So we make do with what we have. Some like to take a walk, others like to pop open a cold beer, and many of us like to indulge in cannabis. 

Of course, depending on the kind of work you do, you might also be consuming on the job. If you’re someone who likes to use cannabis or CBD to improve your focus or workplace productivity, working from home may be the perfect setup. Many users choose non-intoxicating cannabis products for their therapeutic effects, as well. 

We’ve gone ahead and listed our favorite cannabis products every parent (and nonparent!) should try to boost work-from-home life. Let us know what we missed! 

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Ceres Relax Indica Roll Up for body aches and tension 

After a long day of sitting in an office chair and looking at a screen, it’s common to get headaches or feel tension throughout your body. It’s good to take breaks to stretch and move around, but that doesn’t always do the trick. 

Let all the tension in your neck, temples, shoulders, and anywhere else melt away with Ceres Relax. This balm promotes relaxation and helps ease anxiety. Relax balm delivers effective relief for localized muscle pain and can be applied to temples for treatment of tension headaches or on different sore muscles on the body creating a soothing sensation melting into total relaxation. It’s packed with Cocoa Butter, Rosemary Oil, Cannabis Oil and Kava Kava, and has a whopping total of 500mg THC! 

And yes, you can put this lotion on anywhere you feel tension, any time of day. It will not get you high. 

Refine Original One Time THC Vape Pen 

Vape pens are great for work-from-home life and we especially love the Refine one-time pens. You don’t need to worry about separate units because they are all-in-one, no separate cartridge or pen necessary. 

These one-time vapes are great to stash (somewhere safe!) and have on hand for when you’re ready to kick back. Our favorite is Cherry AK, a cross of AK-47 and Cherry, a well balanced hybrid. Not a fan of getting too high? We recommend the 1:1 THC and CBD blend because it’s well balanced and the intoxicating effects of THC are mellowed out a bit by the therapeutic effects of CBD. There are other varieties, but inventory may be limited as these items sell out fast.  

The Refine One Time vapes are best for occasional users. If you plan to use a vape regularly, it may be more cost-effective to purchase one that is not disposable. 

Green Revolution Beauty Sleep Tincture 

There’s nothing worse than working from home and taking care of the household only to get poor sleep, wake up, and do it all again in an even more tired state. If you’re getting poor sleep, a tincture may be able to help! 

We love the Beauty Sleep tincture from Green Revolution. It combines the soothing power of THC and CBD with another sleep-promoting cannabinoid, CBN. The result is a relaxing, gentle tincture that will lull you to sleep in no time. If Green Revolution’s Beauty Sleep is currently out of stock, we also recommend Fairwinds Deep Sleep!

It’s also water-soluble, so it can easily be tossed into tea, water, or any beverage you see fit. 

Fairwinds AM Relief 

Despite our best efforts, getting a full night’s rest can still be tough. Waking up and not feeling ready to tackle the day is one of the worst ways to get started. 

That’s when we turn to Fairwinds AM Relief. The easy-to-take capsules pack the uplifting effects of sativa in a discreet and convenient way. These capsules support physical and mental alertness setting users up for a positive start to their day. 

You can expect to feel comfortable and mentally clear with these capsules. The psychoactive effects of Fairwinds AM Relief are minimal, so there’s no need to worry about dosing before a long day of work. In fact, the cerebral effects may be perfect for tackling a long to-do list. 

Green Revolution Happiest Self St. John’s Wort

Working from home with kids also there can bring out new frustrations. It’s can be tough to keep your cool at all times.

That’s why we love Happiest Self from Green Revolution. It’s a hybrid sativa spray tincture with 100 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBG. The coconut oil base makes for an easy to use spray that is both discreet and accurately dosed. 

Along with the power of St. John’s Wort, this spray will have you feeling happy in no time. If you’re in need of a serious mood booster, give it a try. 

Magic Kitchen Salted Caramel Brownie Bites 

You work hard all day. You deserve chocolatey, caramel-filled, brownie bliss once in a while. Give that sweet tooth a little extra zest. 

With 10 mg of THC per brownie bite, there’s no way you won’t be feeling great after you eat one of these. They taste amazing but we highly advise not eating too many in one go. As with any edibles, the effects of these tasty caramel brownie bites will come on anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours after ingestion. To prevent yourself from being caught off guard, start slow. 

We love the hybrid bites because they don’t overstimulate or sedate and instead provide a steady, balanced body high that lasts throughout the evening. 

Be sure to keep these bites (and all products) out of the reach of children. Edibles are especially important to keep in a safe space because they may look tasty and appealing to youngsters. 

Working from home with cannabis 

We know that working from home does not always fit the picturesque image we initially think of: No alarms, no need to get dressed, and breaks whenever you want. The reality can be a lot different. Especially when the kids are home. 

There are so many cannabis products that can be used in various ways to boost the work-from-home experience. Whether it’s getting high after a long day of work, easing into a relaxing night of sleep, or using a non-intoxicating product to boost focus during the workday, there’s something for everyone. 

Do you have a favorite product to get through work-from-home days with the kids? Let us know in the comments! 

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