Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

Define why you use weed in the first place 

Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

Do you use cannabis to unwind after a long day? It’s a common reason people turn to recreational weed. And running out can put a real damper on the post-work relaxation. Or maybe you use weed to combat pain or make you sleep better? These are also common reasons people turn to marijuana and running out is pretty frustrating in these scenarios. 

Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

January 14, 2021

Others like to use cannabis because it helps alleviate their anxiety or stress. Not having any on hand can certainly add to those very conditions. 

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons people use cannabis, whether it is recreational or medical. In fact, many people just use it because they’re bored and they like getting high. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some music and weed or a stoner Youtube rabbit hole can be a fun way to spend the evening in. 

Whatever your reasons to use cannabis, be sure to define them. Think about what it is you were hoping to get from the experience of using weed and try to find a way to satisfy that need. 

Keep yourself occupied 

Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

You’re not going to feel any better about your lack of weed if you spend the whole day thinking about it. In fact, dwelling on and wishing you had some will make the experience much worse. Try to use this time as an opportunity to see what other interests you may enjoy while sober. 

You see, if playing video games or watching television is your go-to when high, doing those same exact activities sober may not be the best idea. It may just make you fixate on how it could be more fun while high. 

That’s why it may be a good time to try a new activity you don’t normally do high. Pull out an old puzzle or book that you’ve been meaning to read. Or bake a dessert you’d enjoy eating. There’s a good chance you’ve got something sitting around the house that has been waiting to be used. 

Try to make plans that don’t typically center around cannabis. Or, take it as an opportunity to try some of your cannabis-centric activities sober. Go for walks, sit at the park, or put together a craft or creative project. 


Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

Whether you use cannabis to help you sleep better, relax, or just stay occupied, exercising is a wonderful way to keep busy when you’re not smoking. 

Not only can exercise improve sleep, alleviate stress and anxiety, and elevate your mood, but it is also a great way to kill time. There’s never a bad time to start exercising, whether you’re someone who regularly gets activity or if you live a strictly sedentary lifestyle. 

You don’t have to be an amazing athlete to pull this off. Just go for a jog around the block or lift some dumbells you’ve had sitting around the house. You could even do a yoga session to recenter your mind and body. 

Don’t know where to start? There are endless at-home exercises available on the internet for a range of activity and skill levels. 

Exercising tends to do a great job of taking the edge off when you want weed but don’t have any. Your body releases its own happy chemicals when you exercise that can keep you feeling good for a long time after the session. 

Get that body moving! 

Relax and unwind in new ways

Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

If you use weed to relax or unwind, going without can leave you feeling on edge. Luckily there are ways to relax and unwind without cannabis. 

Try drawing a nice bubble bath and letting yourself soak for as long as you need to feel calm and at peace. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even bring a glass of wine into the tub for the ultimate experience. Have some soothing music on in the background to really set the mood. 

You could also try meditation. If you’re not familiar with the practice, check out the numerous guided meditations available on the internet. You’re bound to find one that will lead you through the process and get you feeling nice and at ease. 

Another option is to sit down with a journal and write down your feelings. You can write about anything and allow your mind to carry the journal entry wherever it feels like going. There is no right way to write in your own personal journal. Alternatively, draw. If it’s easier to express yourself through pictures or art, go for it.

Chamomile tea is a nice way to relax as well. Have a cup before bed and see if helps you ease into sleepiness. If you struggle sleeping without weed, it may be worth trying some melatonin as well. 

Try any of these methods to relax and unwind and see if they work for you. 

Deep clean 

Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

Okay, it may not be the most option but if you’re not getting high, you may as well try to be productive. Why not deep clean some areas you’ve been putting off?

Whether it’s a messy car, bedroom, or another area of your life, you’ll probably feel a lot better once it’s in order. 

Blast some of your favorite pumped-up music and get to work! 

Okay, still want to get high? Try our last three suggestions at your own risk!

Scrape your pipe

Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

Yup. We said it. It is by no means the preferred method of getting high. But desperate times, call for desperate measures. Scraping the leftover resin in your bowl can come in handy when your banking account is displaying those awful zeroes.

First, you’ll want to grab something you can use to scrape, depending on the size of the bowl of your piece, a traditional steak knife should suffice. Slightly heat the tip of the knife with a lighter for several seconds (you don’t need it red hot, just slightly warm). Then, use the knife to gently scrape at the resin stuck in your bowl. Now, you have two options, either leave the scraped resin in the bowl, loosening it up, and take a hit. Or, dump the scraped resin into the bowl of your bong. With the second method, you get the added benefit of the water filtration to help with the most likely disgusting flavor of your leftover resin.

Eat your leftover Vaped Cannabis flower

Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

If you vape your Cannabis flower, then guess what my friend? You are in luck! When you vaporize cannabis flower, you technically decarboxylate it, by heating the flower between 300 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. This process breaks down and converts the thca into thc, the psychoactive cannabinoid we are all familiar with. If you haven’t been saving your decarbed weed yet, now is the time to begin! Grab a small jar and every time you finish vaping, throw the leftover weed in the jar. You will know its been vaped as it will lose its green color and look brown with a cooked cannabis smell to it.

Now, you won’t want to smoke this vaped weed. Instead, since it is activated, you can either eat it raw or cook with it. If eating it raw, start small. We recommend beginning with a teaspoon and working your way up from there. You can also use the vaped weed to make cannaoil simply skip to first step as your weed is already decarbed, you may want to up the amount of Cannabis as well, as it will be lower in THC.

Save the leftover Oil from your Dab Bowl

Ran Out? Here’s What to Do When You Have No Weed

Just like your leftover vaped weed, your leftover weed oil is also decarboxylated and activated. If you aren’t usually dabbing your concentrate into non-existence, you can scrape that oil out and save it in an old dab jar for those trying times. This oil can in theory be eaten raw as well, since it has been decarbed and is activated, but be forewarned, it will be strong and it won’t taste good, so start small and be prepared for a potent high.

The bottom line 

Figuring out what to do when you have no weed is not always fun, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. The best way to go about it is to reshape your mindset and look at it as an opportunity to try something new or occupy yourself in a different way than usual. Sometimes it’s good to break up your everyday routine. 

If you use cannabis recreationally and find yourself struggling to cope without weed, it may be time to consider a break. It’s healthy to go without sometimes. Consider why it is difficult for you to abstain in the first place. Of course, if you use cannabis medicinally, it’s much more complicated. 

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