So You Want to Discreetly Get High for Thanksgiving Dinner 

The holidays can be great, but they can also bring a lot of additional stress to our already busy lives. Sometimes the thought of getting through Thanksgiving dinner with your stubborn uncle and combative in-laws can be enough to want to call the event off altogether. But if you’re an adult over the age of 21 who wants to make Thanksgiving dinner a little more fun, you might consider getting high before the feast. We’ll give you some tips on discreetly getting high for Thanksgiving dinner to avoid negative comments from cannabis-unfriendly family members. 

So You Want to Discreetly Get High for Thanksgiving Dinner 

November 21, 2023

First things first:

This only applies to adults over 21 who can legally purchase recreational cannabis. The products we are recommending give off little to no smell and are entirely discreet. If you are not old enough to purchase these from a licensed dispensary, you will not be able to follow these tips. 

Know your limits. If you don’t consume cannabis a lot, deciding to get high for Thanksgiving dinner could be a dangerous gamble. Sure, it could turn out fun, or you could end up too high and wondering where the exit is. Be sure to stick to doses you’re comfortable with or even a little less than usual to account for the unusual social dynamics. 

Adults shouldn’t feel judged for using cannabis responsibly, but we get that there is still a stigma, especially around some family members. We wrote this guide to help those out who want to utilize cannabis for the holidays but don’t want to deal with judgmental comments from family members who do not approve of cannabis use. Again, this does not apply to anyone under the legal age for cannabis consumption. Unfortunately, there is still some stigma out there, and it’s sometimes easier to not bring it up with family members, especially if you don’t see them often and it will steer the conversation in a negative direction. 

With that all said, let’s dive in. 

Vape away, out of sight 

Depending on how savvy your family is, you might be able to comfortably vape in the bathroom without anyone noticing a lingering smell. After all, the smell of cannabis vapor is typically mild and goes away in a short period of time. For some, vaping in the bathroom and then spraying a little room spray or lighting a candle is all that’s needed to cover the short-lived smell. But if you have a family member with a keen sense of smell, you might want to go outside for the vape session. 

We all know about the family members who like to “take a walk” before Thanksgiving dinner, aka smoke weed before the big meal. But if you’re trying to be discreet, you’re not going to want to smoke a joint on your walk because the smell is likely to linger on your hair, hands, and clothes for a bit. A savvy smeller may know exactly what you’re up to. 

So, take a vape pen with you on your walk, or just step outside for some air and find a quiet place to vape away. 

Munch on some edibles

If you’re at a family member’s home, be sure to assess the situation before bringing edibles. Are there young kids or pets who could accidentally get their hands on your stash? It’s way more important to make sure that nobody gets hurt than it is to be able to get high for Thanksgiving dinner. 

For many, you won’t even need to bring the edible to the function. Considering cannabis edibles can last anywhere from 6-8 hours, you can just pop one in before you enter or before the drive over if someone else is behind the wheel. (Because you should never drive under the influence of cannabis.) This way, you’ll be high for the entirety of the event, without ever sneaking off and making your mother-in-law suspicious. 

Some people like to keep cannabis mints and other subtle edibles in their bags for situations like this as well. You can just pop one in like a regular mint and go on with your day. 

Our picks for discreet cannabis consumption 

Mr Moxey’s Mints 

We love these mints whether we’re trying to be discreet or not. They taste delicious and come in a variety of formulas for different purposes. You can select the right one for your needs, whether it be high on CBD or very heavy on the THC. 

Fairwinds Mental Balance Stress Support Capsules 

Considered an edible, you can take cannabis capsules as a discreet way to get high during the holidays as well. We love this formula by Fairwinds because it’s high on the CBD and CBN, with some lower levels of THC as well. It’s formulated to help you deal with stress, so if you know you’re about to witness some heated arguments or listen to an endless story about so-and-so’s third new business this year, these capsules might just do the trick. 

Bussin Bars 

These flavored disposable vapes are great for discreet cannabis consumption without any strong smells. While potent, you can choose to take just one puff or ten before going back to the family, making them a versatile option. 

Stock up for the holidays with Piece of Mind Cannabis

Discreet or not, we’ve got you covered for all of your cannabis needs. Stop by and say high today!

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