Spokane’s Best Curbside Pick-up Option For Buying Weed: Piece of Mind Cannabis

Sep 14, 2022 Update: Curbside Pickup has been suspended by the LCB in Washington state. We apologize for the inconvenience.

It has been a little over a year since COVID first hit. When Covid-19 restrictions first came about, many thought it would fade away after a few news cycles. Within months the massive blow of reality set in that the coronavirus was not going away anytime soon. With millions losing their jobs and millions more not feeling safe enough to go to the store, we have seen a massive change in how people are shopping. While some in the Cannabis industry speculated online shopping for Marijuana wouldn't grow in popularity for years to come, it has now been forced to the forefront as online shopping for weed and curbside pick-up have skyrocketed over the last year.

Spokane’s Best Curbside Pick-up Option For Buying Weed: Piece of Mind Cannabis

March 24, 2021

We at Piece Of Mind Cannabis have been right there with you through it all and understand how even simple things, like picking up toilet paper, have become a Black-Friday like event. That’s why our North and South Locations in Spokane, Washington have become dedicated to providing the most convenient and quickest curbside service in Spokane.

How to Order Weed using Curbside Pick-Up

Spokane's Best Curbside Pick-up Option For Buying Weed: Piece of Mind Cannabis

Get full access to both menus without ever leaving your house by visiting pomcannabis.com and selecting which location you would like to shop at. Each menu is organized into categories so it is easy to fid your favorite products. Once your cart is loaded with all the top shelf goods you can check out and send your order to the store where it will be put together and cleared for sale within 15 minutes, just enough time for you to get in your car and head over! Not able to make it for a few hours? No worries, we hold online orders for up to 24-hours so it’s on your time not anyone else’s. (Note: the North Spokane, Bellingham and Pullman locations cancel orders by closing if they are not picked up same day).

Since we cannot accept cards yet you are unable to pay online so instead, we will collect cash once you arrive. Pull into one of our designated curbside spots and one of our friendly budtenders will come out to assist you. Once the budtender comes outside there are just a few steps before you’re off chasing cloud nine. (please note, this process may be slightly different depending on store location, please call the store when you arrive for North Spokane, Bellingham or Pullman)

  1. Show the budtender your ID so they can confirm your name for the order and that you (and all passengers) are 21+ years old.
  2. The budtender will then grab your order slip and confirm the products you are buying.
  3. The budtender will then collect cash and head back inside to finish the order
  4. The budtender will come back out with your bagged products, a receipt, and any change
  5. Enjoy the day!

All that without leaving the comfort of your car and it can often be faster than coming inside with the COVID regulations. Many times, people know exactly what they want but they get caught up waiting in line due to the store being at capacity. Ordering curbside lets you skip the line while also guaranteeing you’ll get the product you want because it is on hold and someone “ahead of you” can’t get it.

Also, receive a 10% discount off your total order when you spend $50 or more at our Spokane loations Discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

Check out our Bellingham and Pullman locations who now offer Curbside Pickup as well! Note, the curbside options for North Spokane, Bellingham and Pullman stores differ slightly. Please select “curbside” at checkout when ordering from their menus, and please call the store when you park in the curbside pickup parking spot.

What are you waiting for? Order curbside now!
North Spokane
South Spokane

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