Things to do Stoned, While Stuck at Home

Cannabis dispensaries have rightfully been deemed essential businesses during the Covid-19 Quarentine this March 2020, which means we won’t be shutting our doors. We will, however, be doing our best to limit contact with others and working to keep our dispensaries sanitized regularly. While we all stay inside and do our part in limiting the spread of the coronavirus, access to legal cannabis remains a necessity for those who rely on the plant to alleviate various conditions. And for those who use cannabis recreationally, it may also come in handy to spice up otherwise boring nights in. 

Things to do Stoned, While Stuck at Home

March 30, 2020

Looking for ways to stay entertained and elevated during self-isolation? Allow us to give you some ideas for staying stoned and at home. 

Have a movie/TV show marathon 

Take some time to expand your film and television catalog while you self-isolate. Make a list of the classic movies you haven’t seen, or a genre you haven’t dived into and make your way down the list every time you’re bored and looking to kill a couple of hours. 

You can even get social with it and sign up for Letterboxd where you can track the films you’ve watched, save films you’re interested in watching, and share your finds with other friends on the site. This can turn watching movies into more of an interactive activity. 

Similarly, it’s going to be pretty hard to run out of television shows to binge-watch during this time. You just have to get creative about picking some. Get together a list of tv shows from genres you haven’t been exposed much to, or try a tv show from an older era and see how it’s aged. Some have aged really poorly while others are still great to this day. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which ones. 

Or get educational with it. What’s better than getting really high and watching a documentary? Pick something you’re completely unfamiliar with or go for something you’re already interested in. May we recommend going down a rabbit hole of conspiracies? Keep it lighthearted though. The last thing you want to do is get really high and then watch something unsettling. 

Pamper yourself

Sometimes it’s nice to get fully blissed out and spoil yourself. Weed can really amplify the experience. 

Got any face masks taking up space in the cupboard? Put one on. While you’re at it, draw a bath and throw in some of your favorite bath salts or bubbles. Put some relaxing music on and you’ve just thrown together a home spa experience. Want to really kick it up a notch? Add some Cannabis infused bath salts! We recommend checking out Ceres or Green Revolution under the “topicals” section of our online menu (make sure to double check your location before ordering). 

Even if you don’t have the supplies for a face mask and bubble bath, you can still pamper yourself. Put some fresh sheets on your bed, lay out your coziest pajamas, and take a long shower. When you get out, you can put on those cozy PJs and hop in bed or the couch with your favorite TV show and snacks! 

Prepare a meal and eat it stoned

This can go many ways. If you’re already someone who likes to cook, it’s a great opportunity to utilize this extra time to make a fancy meal. Go all out and make a dish that you’ve never tried or go the extra mile and pair an appetizer or dessert with your favorite go-to dish. 

If you’re not someone who regularly cooks, what’s stopping you from trying now? With all this time inside, you may find yourself capable of picking up some new cooking tips and tricks. And if you don’t know where to start, watch some Youtube videos with beginner cooking tips and try to implement their techniques. 

We recommend getting high after you’ve finished cooking and turned all of the appliances off. It’s safer that way. 

Unleash your creativity 

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, there are ways to get creative at home for everyone.

Got an instrument that’s been on the shelf for years since you bought it at a flea market? Now is absolutely the time to start shredding. Don’t know what you’re doing? There are Youtube videos for that. 
Don’t be shy. You’re at home. You’re probably stoned and you don’t have an audience. It’s okay to play around and be bad. In fact, that can be really fun. 

The same goes for other creative endeavors. Like writing poems? Start a little collection of poems. Never written a poem in your life? There are no rules, just go for it. 

If you have a pen and paper, you have endless opportunities for expressing yourself through drawing. Another option for those with printers is to print off some coloring pages to fill in when you’re bored. We suggest trying the coloring sheets Heylo Cannabis released recently. 

Write a letter to someone 

Whether they’re across the world or down the street, you probably aren’t going to be seeing much of your friends and family unless you live with them. And while we’re conveniently connected across many social platforms, the internet is not the only way to have a meaningful connection from afar.

Write a letter to a friend or family member and make it as over-the-top as you like. Include some personal sketches, stickers, or relevant knick-knacks to make it more interactive. 

It may be a good idea to roll with the “write high, edit sober” mindset here. There’s no rush in getting your letter into the mail. And if you tend to write some wacky stuff while high, be sure you choose your recipient wisely. 

Get moving with online workouts

There are so many useful videos on the internet, you’re bound to find some sort of workout that does the trick for you. We recommend yoga and find it to be a wonderful activity to pair with cannabis. All you have to do is look for a video that fits your mood and get to posing. Of course, there are tons of other at-home workouts that you can go for. Try pilates, Zumba, or at-home strength workouts. 

Tidy up or do a deep clean 

Getting high doesn’t always end in productivity, but it can. If you have an energizing, cerebral strain, you may find it to be the perfect boost to get cleaning.

Whether you need a deep spring cleaning or just some reorganization, it’s nice to get in the zone with cannabis. We recommend blasting some of your favorite music and getting to work. Once you get started, you may find yourself motivated to do more than you initially thought you would. 

Stay in and stay safe is the bottom line

We know it’s a strange time right now, but the best thing we can do is work together to keep one another safe. That starts with staying in. If you find yourself getting increasingly bored as the days go by, try some of the ideas on our list. They’re bound to keep you entertained for a while. 

We’ll still be here to take care of your cannabis needs through this ordeal. We may ask you to stand outside until we can assist you to keep up with social distancing guidelines. 

Stay safe everyone!

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