The 10 Best Things To Watch on Netflix When You’re High

For many of us seasonal stoners, movies like 'Half Baked' have been watched many many times. Sometimes, we forget about all the other cool things to watch on platforms like Netflix, while stoned. So, we compiled a list of our favorite stoneresque (yeah, we make up our own words) movies, documentaries and series to binge watch stoned off your gorge! Some are your classic stoner films, and others are just fun to watch high! So, grab some pre-rolls, some concentrates, and an edible from your local Washington state dispensary and plop down on your sofa for a full day of blazing, laughing and munching.

The 10 Best Things To Watch on Netflix When You’re High

August 26, 2022

Movies to Watch Stoned

Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke

A classic stoner movie for every cannabis enthusiast! Some of you may not know what it’s like to be in need of the green with no convenient pot shop to go to! Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong star in this tale of two stoners in search of the perfect stash of hash who end up cruising around in a van made of pot.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

Alright, who here haven’t felt like Harold and Kumar after an evening of indulging in some fat joints and a few dabs? Buddies Harold and Kumar set out to satisfy a stoner craving for mini hamburgers but end up on an epic journey when they can’t find popular fast food restaurant White Castle. The night is full of obstacles as Harold and Kumar come across a gang of extreme sports punks, a group of racist cops, an angry raccoon, a cheetah, and an out of control Neil Patrick Harris!

Half Baked

The all time classic stoner movie, Half Baked! A silly, goofy, stoner movie many of us pot smokers never get tired of watching. Half Baked stars Dave Chapelle in a story of four less-than-intelligent, cannabis loving stoners, who come up with a series of crazy schemes to get a friend out of jail. Chapelle plays a janitor who comes across an incredible amount of the finest sticky-icky at work and brings it home to share with his friends. One of the gang goes on a munchies mission for everyone, only to accidentally kill a police horse and get sent to jail.

Pineapple Express

Do you know what it’s like needing to toke up discretely? Well, hopefully you’ve never had your high ruined like this! Seth Rogan is Dale Denton, a process server who happens to also be an avid Cannabis user. While Dale smokes a joint outside a house, waiting to serve papers, he witnesses a murder. In a panic, Dale makes a loud escape, leaving behind his roach, containing a rare strain of marijuana known as “Pineapple Express”. When Dale discovers that the murderers can trace the fancy weed back to him and his dealer, they go on the run.


We’ve all had that stoner friend who’s gotten us mixed up into their mess. Ice Cube plays Craig, a newly unemployed slacker who gets caught up in his friend Smokey’s mischievous drug dealing ways. Smokey sells weed for Big Worm, a neighborhood psychopathic supplier. Craig and Smokey end up smoking all of Smokey’s weed and have to find a way to make $200 before 10 p.m that night.

Shows to Watch Stoned

Rick & Morty

If you haven’t seen Rick & Morty, you are truly missing out! This animated series follows Rick, a super scientist bordering on psychotic, with his grandson, the not-so-bright, Morty. Rick moves in with his daughter’s family after disappearing for 20 years and routinely gets his grandson involved in all his dangerously insane adventures.

The Life & Times of Tim

There’s something funny about awkward interactions, and The Life & Times of Tim do a fantastic job at reminding us why we should do our best to avoid them. The show centers around Tim, a hapless man in his 20’s who lives in New York City with his girlfriend, Amy. Cringe along and laugh at Tim’s misfortunes while you smoke a joint.

Documentaries to Watch Stoned

Planet Earth

Grab a few edibles, throw on Planet Earth, lean back, breathe and marvel at all the beauty and wonder our planet holds. Let David Attenborough’s calming gentle voice lull you into a stoned splendor of awe. David Attenborough celebrates the amazing variety of the natural world in this epic documentary series, filmed over four years across 64 different countries. Words don’t do it justice, make sure to stock up, you’re not going to get off the couch for hours.

Night on Earth

Afraid of the dark? This documentary is sure to give you a new perspective on nighttime. When the sun goes down, a new world awakes. New technology reveals wonders of the planet in a completely new light. Across the globe we discover a hidden side to the world’s greatest landscapes and animals.

Absurd True Crime Documentaries to Watch Stoned

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

If the title doesn’t say enough, the trailer surely will. When watching Tiger King, you’re gonna wanna get stoned before, during and after the show. With 7 episodes of mayhem, weirdos, murders and giant cats, you’re sure to be entertained (shocked? disturbed? revolted? All of the above?). This true crime documentary follows Joe Exotic, a gun-toting operator of an Oklahoma big cat park. He’s been accused of hiring someone to murder his chief rival, Carole Baskin.

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