The Best Covid-Friendly Takeouts in Bellingham, Seattle, and Spokane

Plenty of time has passed since the beginning of COVID, allowing us to adjust to different regulations and practices. Many of us have not been in a restaurant since the beginning of the pandemic, while others have eaten in a limited capacity or in accordance with new rules. Takeout-only has remained a consistent option, as it has been considered essential since the beginning.

The Best Covid-Friendly Takeouts in Bellingham, Seattle, and Spokane

March 3, 2021

With spring ahead and better weather, you may be looking to spice up your usual takeout options and try something new. We’ve rounded up some of the best covid-friendly options, including some with outdoor seating, so you can enjoy food in the sunshine and have an elevated experience. 

Whether you’re near our Seattle pot shop, Bellingham dispensary, or our Spokane weed store, read on for delicious ideas! 

The best takeout near our Seattle dispensary 

This quirky corner of the city has a lot to offer. Our Seattle Fremont dispensary is conveniently located near some amazing food and shopping, so you won’t find yourself bored or hungry. Grab some green at Piece of Mind Cannabis and you’ll be set for a day of adventure! 

El Camino + Heated/Covered Seating 

The Best Covid-Friendly Takeouts in Bellingham, Seattle, and Spokane

This delicious Mexican restaurant and cantina has been operating in the Fremont neighborhood for over 25 years. Their authentic and well-priced Mexican cuisine keeps customers coming back time and time again. 

Margaritas, plantain chips, traditional desserts, and everything in between means you won’t be disappointed with your options. There are also options for vegetarians and menu items that can accommodate gluten free eaters. 

Currently, El Camino has covered and heated outdoor seating, alongside indoor dining. Plus, they’re open seven days a week! Stop by El Camino for an elevated day. Walk your takeout down to the Fremont Canal Park or enjoy the outdoor seating on a nice day. Don’t forget to stop by our Fremont pot shop while you’re at it! 

Outlander Brewery and Pub 

The Best Covid-Friendly Takeouts in Bellingham, Seattle, and Spokane

This is another great option for good food and drinks near our Seattle pot shop. Outlander Brewery sells sandwiches, sausage plates, and locals’ favorite: savory pies. 

We love Outlander Brewery’s emphasis on supporting local businesses. Their savory pies come from local Aussie Pie Co. and the sausage plates are made from locally handcrafted sausages. 

They currently offer delivery, takeout, and curbside pickup. There is also a beer garden and covered patio for folks who want to stick around and have a drink. 

The best takeout near our Bellingham dispensary 

Our Bellingham pot shop is conveniently located in the heart of the city. This means we are surrounded by some of the best takeout and dine-in options available. Pick up some goods at Piece of Mind Cannabis and satisfy those munchies with these delicious options!

Naan and Brew

The Best Covid-Friendly Takeouts in Bellingham, Seattle, and Spokane

While this delicious family Indian restaurant doesn’t have outdoor dining, we still think it’s a top choice for Bellingham takeout. You can just get your food to go, stop by our dispensary, and keep walking to the waterfront. That’s a great day!

Naan and Brew has a lot of delicious, authentic dishes that won’t disappoint. This includes a large menu filled with a good variety of vegetarian options. 

All of their spices are ground in-house for maximum flavor, and the online order panel is quick and easy to use. Check out Naan and Brew and come say high to us at Piece of Mind Cannabis next time you’re in the area!

Boundary Bay Brewery 

The Best Covid-Friendly Takeouts in Bellingham, Seattle, and Spokane

Boundary Bay is a Bellingham staple and for good reason. Not only do they make delicious beer, but they also have a diverse food menu that never disappoints, including gluten free and vegan options. 

This restaurant offers two heated, safely distanced and covered outdoor dining areas. You can also order curbside pickup or delivery if you prefer to take your food elsewhere. 

Want pub fare, burgers, banh mis, soups, salads, and more? Don’t skip Boundary Bay next time you’re near our Bellingham weed store! 

The best takeout near our North Spokane dispensary 

Our North Spokane dispensary is located in Heritage Square of North Division Street. There is a lot going on in this area, so it can be difficult to decide what and where to eat.
If you’re near our Spokane dispensary and looking for some good eats, try these suggestions. 

Tomato Street

The Best Covid-Friendly Takeouts in Bellingham, Seattle, and Spokane

While this Italian restaurant does not have outdoor seating, they currently offer limited indoor seating, along with handy curbside pickup and delivery. If you’re feeling like some Italian cuisine, you’ve found your spot! 

Beyond delicious menu items for everyday life, they also offer platters to-go if you are serving a group of people. Lasagna, fettucini, mostaccioli and more are all available at Tomato Street at great prices. 

Grab some pasta to-go and head on over to Franklin Park for a picnic in the sun. Don’t forget to stop by our Spokane weed store to pick up some green on the way!

Thai Bamboo Restaurant 

The Best Covid-Friendly Takeouts in Bellingham, Seattle, and Spokane

There’s nothing like good Thai food to elevate your day. Add some cannabis and a nice picnic at the park and you’re looking at a picturesque spring adventure. 

Thai Bamboo is a great option for takeout near our Spokane weed store. They’ve got a delicious menu with vegetarian options among the curries, rice dishes, soups, and other tasty items on the menu. 

This restaurant was even featured by the city for excellence in COVID service. Grab some curbside takeout and head over to Franklin Park for a nice day out in Spokane. 

Don’t forget to stock up!

While we continue to navigate this pandemic, the nice weather coming in has taken some stress off many. Soon we will be able to hang outside regularly without any extra layers or gloves to keep us warm. 

With the nice weather comes more opportunity for daytime adventures. What better way to elevate your next day off than with some quality takeout and green? There’s plenty of sights to see in all of these cities, so make the most of your next day out!

Stop by Piece of Mind Cannabis today to browse our large selection of flower, concentrates, tinctures, edibles, and more! 

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