Want to Learn How to Draw a Weed Plant?

Wondering how to draw a weed plant? Whether you’re an artist looking to master this iconic plant or just want to make a more accurate drawing in your sketchbook, we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you a step by step guide to drawing a weed plant that anyone can do. 

Want to Learn How to Draw a Weed Plant?

December 27, 2020

Let’s dive in!

A step-by-step guide to drawing a weed plant 

We assume you are looking for instructions on how to draw a pot leaf, specifically. Full-length weed plants aren’t nearly as iconic looking as the 7-pointed leaf. 

We’ll give you written instructions along with a simplified drawing. Each new step is represented by a new color, but when it comes to actually drawing your weed leaf, just use one color to outline and plan to fill in the detail later. 

Step 1: Draw an inverted ‘T’

The first step is to prepare all of the lines. You’ll start by drawing a basic upside-down ‘T’ for the first lines. 

Step 2: Add two lines in a V-shape between the inverted ‘T’

Carefully place two lines in the spaces on the left and right of the middle line. Start your line near the far side of each section, with the height reaching just about halfway. If this is confusing, look at the drawing below to see where the V-shaped lines should go. 

Step 3: Add an inverted ‘V’ below the horizontal line, about half the size of the first ‘V’

Invert and mirror your first ‘V’ and make it about half the size. It should sit below the horizontal line from the inverted ‘T’. 

See the image below for a visual.

Step 4: Add a series of zigzag lines around each established line 

Weed leaves have jagged edges all across their sides. You can get as detailed as you’d like with this part. A few simple jagged lines will do, but you can also do a more intricate drawing. 

Be sure to keep the lower leaves smaller. The three lines on the upper half of the drawing should be fuller than the lower leaves. 

See below:

Step 5: Add a petiole (stalk connected to the leaf)

Stem, stalk, petiole, whatever you want to call it is fine. This is one of the final steps and can be done as intricate or as simple as you’d like. The easiest way is to just draw a simple line to represent the petriole. Or you can do a looped drawing like the one shown below. 

Tuck the petiole between the inverted ‘V’ at the bottom of your weed plant. 

Step 6: Add detail to the individual leaves 

The easiest way to add a little detail and make your weed plant more realistic is to add a series of dashes across the leaves. Connect them with the middle lines of each leaf. 

See the image below for reference:

Step 7: Color in and finalize your weed plant drawing 

It’s up to you how detailed you want it to be. But since you’ve already come this far, why not fill in the color and finish the weed plant?

And there you have it! Your very own hand-drawn weed plant. Of course, this is a very simplified version of how to draw the iconic plant, but it gets the job done. 

If you want an even simpler version, just do the outline steps and skip over any step that includes inner lines and detail. 

The anatomy of a weed plant

Now that you know how to draw a weed plant, you may feel like an old pro. But do you know the anatomy of the plant as a whole? We showed you how to draw a pot leaf, the most iconic imagery of the weed plant. But the leaves are just one part of the whole picture. In fact, you don’t even smoke the leaves! 

Let’s take a look at the individual parts of this plant so you can take your drawings to the next level. 

First, there is the stem, which holds up the entire plant. Stems can be extremely strong considering the sizes some weed plants reach. 

Branches tend to shoot off from the main stem, making a large and wide plant. Across all of these branches are fan leaves, the most recognizable part of the plant. Fan leaves are what we just taught you how to draw. Along with the branches and fan leaves, you’ll notice little nodes at the intersections where the branches meet the stems. 

The cola is a bunch of buds clustered tightly together. There are several colas found in weed plants, but the main one typically sits atop the entire plant. There are little pistils on the bud, which hold the reproductive parts of the plant. You’ll notice little hair-like structures, usually orange or other colors, and those are stigmas. 

You will notice a shimmery coat of resin on the buds of the plant. These resinous coverings are known as trichomes. They contain the bulk of the terpenes and cannabinoids and make the plant very sticky. Most of the trichomes are found on the buds, but you will find them throughout the plant in various places. 

Throughout the colas, you’ll find sugar leaves. These are usually trimmed off of the plant post-harvest. Sugar leaves are much smaller than fan leaves but are typically covered in trichomes, keeping them potent and useful. 

Now, we haven’t even covered all the parts of the cannabis plant, let alone the different types of cannabis plants out there. Sativa plants look different than indica plants, and hybrids and hemp have different characteristics as well. Plus, male and female variations of the plant leave room for differences as well. 

But if you’re looking to make a more realistic looking drawing of the cannabis plant, this information is a good start. 

Final thoughts 

You may not have guessed it from our reference drawings, but we are not artists here. That doesn’t mean we can’t offer a simple tutorial for drawing an iconic image. 

We hope our guide for how to draw a weed plant will help you master your next drawing. Need some real-life references? Stop by Piece of Mind to stock up on some green and get to drawing! 

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