What is a Tinth (Teenth) of Weed?

Whether you’re new to cannabis or an old pro, it’s not a surprise if you don’t know what a “teenth” of weed is. It’s not a common term. You can smoke for years and years and never hear anyone refer to a “teenth.” But if you heard it recently and are wondering “what is a teenth?” don’t fret. We’ll fill you in.

What is a Tinth (Teenth) of Weed?

February 21, 2021

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to worry about knowing this measurement too much. In fact, if you went into a legal cannabis dispensary and asked for a teenth, you might even get some curious looks. Why? Because it’s not typically used for marijuana. 

Many people first search “what is a teenth” after watching Breaking Bad or other media that displays drug culture. Or they hear it in conversation and are lost. It’s more often used for substances that require less to get high and therefore are purchased at lower quantities. 

But regardless of context, a teenth is a teenth. It can be used to refer to marijuana and the measurement does not change regardless of what substance we’re talking about. 

A teenth is equal to one-sixteenth of an ounce 

Could you guess from the name that a teenth would refer to a number with, well, “teenth” in it?

A teenth is one-sixteenth of an ounce, or better known as half of an eighth. Woah woah woah. Should we slow down a minute?

Okay. Remember, an eighth is 3.5 grams. It’s a very common amount to order at a Washington dispensary. So if an eighth is 3.5 grams and a teenth is half of an eighth, then a teenth represents 1.75 grams. 

At our Spokane dispensary or Bellingham dispensary, you’re more likely to find cannabis packaged by the gram or eighth. We don’t have a “teenth” section because it’s an uncommon term when discussing marijuana. 

Here are the other sizes you’ll notice when visiting our Washington dispensary locations:

One gram of Cannabis

Although we have prerolls containing less than a gram, most dispensaries will start at selling flower by the gram. It’s not a lot of weed, but it is a commonly purchased quantity because it’s convenient. 

Typically, you can roll a few joints or smoke a few bowls before using up a full gram. Don’t expect it to stretch much further than that. 

One eighth of an Ounce of Cannabis

We already went over this so we won’t waste your time. An eighth refers to 3.5 grams of cannabis or one-eighth of an ounce. 

One quarter of an Ounce of Cannabis

What is a Tinth (Teenth) of Weed?

One quarter is equal to seven grams of cannabis. You could also look at it as two eighths or a quarter of an ounce. This quantity is typically purchased by heavy users or lighter users who want to stock up for a while. 

Half ounce of Cannabis

What is a Tinth (Teenth) of Weed?

We won’t go too in-depth with this one as we imagine you can guess how many ounces half an ounce is. But you can also look at it as two quarters, four eighths, or other fun combinations. 

One ounce of Cannabis

What is a Tinth (Teenth) of Weed?

And then there is the ounce, the start of it all. Many of our weed quantities are built around the concept of an ounce. So what is an ounce?

An ounce is about 28.35 grams. As you can probably guess, most people who purchase cannabis by the ounce are heavy users. 

Where did “teenth” come from?

Now that we’ve covered the basics in cannabis quantities, you may be wondering how teenth even came to be. 

Like lots of slang in our language, we may never know the exact source. But we do know that it has been used for a long time to refer to 1/16 of an ounce of a given substance. Many times, the term teenth is referring to illegal substances. However, you’ll sometimes hear it used in slang when referring to legal marijuana. 

“Do you have any weed left in your stash?” – Person 1

Yeah, I think there’s about a teenth left in there” – Person 2

Other cannabis quantities you may have heard of

Cannabis has been legal for quite some time here in Washington. Those who used to shop on the black market but have transitioned to legal cannabis may have already forgotten some of these terms.  

But if you’ve purchased cannabis in a not-legal setting or have heard other encounters, you may have heard these terms:

Dime bag of weed

This refers to a $10 purchase which is typically a gram. However, in the weed stores, we tend to say gram. We don’t give our customers “dime bags.” Most of that talk is for other not-so-legal settings. 

With that in mind, some people may have purchased a dime bag and received more or less than a gram. 

Dub or “dubsack” of weed

Dubs follow the same formula as dime bags. They represent a $20 bag of weed which is typically filled with two grams. 

But again, a dub can just refer to $20 worth of weed at whatever the going market is right now. This can make a dub contain more or less than two grams. 

Of course, this is just slang language we are aware of and it may vary from area to area. Here in Washington though, we don’t have to worry about slang when it comes to cannabis quantities. We can just go into the dispensary and tell the budtender what we’re looking for without any pressure. 

Final thoughts about weed quantities 

Now we all know what a teenth is! Of course, teenth is not commonly referred to and you’ll most likely hear about it when reading about illegal substances or in casual settings. 

If you’re looking for a new way to refer to the half-of-an-eighth you’ve got laying around, calling it a teenth would not be inaccurate. You just may get some confused looks and have an opportunity to educate. 

Need some green? Whether it’s a gram, an eighth, a quarter, or even a teenth you’re looking for, we’ve got your back at Piece of Mind. Stop by and say high today!

A Tinth of weed available at Piece of Mind Cannabis

All this talk of a teenth of weed made you curious to buy a smaller bag next time you go shopping? We found the closest to a teenth of weed we carry at Piece of Mind Cannabis for you to check out down below!

Bong Buddies from Phat Panda

What is a Tinth (Teenth) of Weed?

Bong Buddies from Phat Panda are convenient quality Cannabis in 2gram jars. Small buds perfect for adding to your bong or grinding up into a joint. Phat Panda Bong Buddies come in a variety of strains without sacrificing quality. From Phat Panda “Our vision is to contribute to the cannabis space by continuing to challenge ourselves every day and bring inspiration and innovation to this industry. We are achieving this every day by blending the most advanced growing techniques with state-of-the-art technology and bringing our customers the best products.”

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K-Savage Cannabis

What is a Tinth (Teenth) of Weed?

K-savage does 1.75g jars of weed! Exactly a “teenth” of Cannabis. From K-Savage, “we understand cannabis is more than just a plant. Creative mechanism, medicine, muse and so much more, we believe the flower of this miracle tree truly has the power to improve the world. Our mission is to explore unique and interesting strains, grow every plant to her full potential, carefully cure and hand-trim each bud for delivery to your favorite store. After that, it’s up to you to harness its limitless energy to bring more good into the world.”

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