Where to Watch the Sunset in Spokane? Our Top Picks

Few high activities outshine watching the sunset and soaking up a beautiful view. Fortunately for us Spokanites, there are a lot of great places in the area to do just that. If you’re wondering where to watch the sunset in Spokane, read on for our favorites!

Where to Watch the Sunset in Spokane? Our Top Picks

May 10, 2022

Whether you’re showing a friend around town, planning a romantic date, or just want to catch some views alone or with friends, these are some great places to watch the sun go down in Lilac City. Fiery skies, fresh air, and breathtaking sights make sunset-viewing a perfect activity for any evening year-round. And as summer approaches, we’re anticipating more spectacular sunset views in our future. Here are our top picks:

Big Rock 

If the name didn’t give it away, Big Rock is, well, a big rock. It’s a 230-foot tall rock that overlooks the valley to Mount Spokane, as well as the Palouse to Steptoe Butte. You can climb it around dusk to watch the sun go down over the valley and truly feel like you’re on top of the world. 

To reach Big Rock, drive to the Steven’s Creek parking lot located at Dishman Hills. You’ll walk for about three-quarters of a mile before arriving at the Big Rock. 

Spokane Riverfront Park 

Home to the second-largest waterfall in the United States, Spokane Riverfront Park is a true gem for watching the sunset. The park consists of 100 acres of natural beauty including views of the Spokane River winding over basalt rock and, of course, the gorgeous waterfall. 

When the sun is setting over Spokane Riverfront Park, you can find a nice place to sit down, relax, and take a deep breath as you take in all the beauty. 

High Drive Parkway 

The lovely neighborhood of High Drive also has access to some incredible sunset views and is worth the visit. It’s perched between Hangman Creek (also known as Latah Creek) and Comstock, with an asphalt path, a conservation area, and some breathtaking bluffs. 

We think the bluffs are the star of the show here, though you can’t really go wrong along this pathway. But if you’re looking for a beautiful place to walk around and maybe even frolic, the bluffs are a must. There’s plenty of space to sit down, relax, and watch the sun slowly slip away. 

Little Spokane River Natural Area

For a remote sunset view without too much hiking, head to Little Spokane River Natural Area. This is where the Spokane River meets Little Spokane river, and the views are truly picturesque. You’ll have to walk half a mile to the vista point to reach the best views, but if you want a longer trek, you can also hike the riverside trails. Springtime is perfect for wildflower viewings at this point as well. 

Overlook Park 

Looking for a good view that overlooks the valley? You can’t go wrong with aptly-named Overlook Park. This little park is a pleasant spot to hang out in the Brownes’ Addition neighborhood – close to the city but surrounded by beautiful nature. 

This little bluff park comes with benches for sunset viewing and a gorgeous view of Hangman Creek and Sunset Hill. Pack a picnic, bring a friend or special someone, and enjoy the views. 

A note on public consumption 

As much as we love weed and weed-related activities here at our Spokane dispensary, we also care about your wellbeing. We want you to be safe and out of trouble. As such, we have to remind you that public marijuana consumption is illegal in Washington. 

We’d all like to sit down at the park and spark up a joint with friends, but this is not only against the law, it can also be disruptive to other visitors of the public park. Avoid lighting up in public spaces and use always use your best judgment. 

Additionally, always have a driver or an alternate form of transportation if you plan to get lit on your nature escapades. It’s also illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana – and it can also be dangerous.

With all that said, we know you’ll find a way to have a good time watching the sunset in Spokane. 

Sunset-themed products for your sunset adventure 

What better way to enhance your sunset viewing than sunset-related strains and products? Try these next time you head out for an adventure. 

Sunset Cookies live resin cartridge: 

Sunsets and cookies? Yeah, we’re in. This evenly-balanced hybrid is great for cultivating a blissful, carefree experience.  What more could you want when spending time in nature?

Sunset Sherbet flower:

We love the Sunset Sherbet flower by Exoticz and think it’s the perfect way to ride into the sunset. It’s an indica hybrid that is both mentally and physically stimulating, making it a good strain for daytime and evening use. Considering sunset falls right in between those times, you can’t go wrong! 

Major Sunset Pink Lemonade:

This delicious and refreshing lemonade is the perfect accompaniment to a sunset viewing. It’s sweet, tangy, and comes with 10 servings per bottle – so go slow! Share with friends or drink in increments for a delicious hybrid experience. 

Find Sunset themed strains at your local POM Cannabis by selecting your store below!

Stock up with Piece of Mind Cannabis

We hope this list of places to watch the sunset in Spokane will help you on your next adventure! And while these are some great selections, know there are plenty of other areas in Spokane worth exploring. Additionally, many hikes will bring you breathtaking sunset views – you just have to put in a little more work. 

However you go about your sunset adventure, just be safe and remember to follow the cannabis laws. And of course, don’t forget to stock up at Piece of Mind Cannabis!

We’ve got everything you could possibly need for a fun, weed-filled time. Flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, beverages, and everything in between can be found at our Spokane weed store. Don’t know what you want? One of our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders will be happy to help you out. Stop by and say high!

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