Why Is Some Weed Sticky?

If you’re new to the cannabis game, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of differences from one bud to the next. There is a seemingly endless amount of information when you dig deeper into cannabis. Maybe you bought some flower last week and it was dry and crumbly, but the stuff you just purchased today is incredibly sticky and difficult to handle without getting sticky fingers. Which is better, and why is some weed sticky in the first place?

Why Is Some Weed Sticky?

January 8, 2021

Don’t worry, we have the answers. 

Why some weed is sticky 

Not all weed is sticky, but you may notice some people get really excited when their weed has a sticky touch. And it’s for good reason. The stickier the bud, the more potent the product, for the most part. 

It all comes down to trichomes, something sticky bud knows a lot about. Trichomes are little hair-like appendages found on plants and especially common in cannabis. They’re not just on the plant for looks, though. Trichomes contain resin, an essential part of using cannabis. 

You see, the trichomes act as resin glands that hold all of the good stuff cannabis has to offer. THC, CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids are abundant in resin. When extracts and smoke-free cannabis products are created, they start pulling the resin from the plant to create a concentrated form of cannabis’ active components.

Sticky bud is a clear indicator that your flower has many trichomes. The more trichomes, the more resin. The more resin, the more terpenes, THC, and cannabinoids present. 

You may notice that as you start purchasing more expensive cannabis flower, the buds tend to get stickier. It’s because some of these plants were bred to be really potent and contain lots of resinous trichomes. 

A common comparison of sticky weed is the sap from a tree. If you’ve ever experienced the sticky feeling of sap, you can see how the two are similar. And if you’ve ever smelled sap, can thank the tree’s terpenes for the rich scent, similar to the way cannabis works. 

Why some weed is dry

why is some weed dry

So now you know why that sticky icky is so sought after. But does that make dry bud inferior? The two have their own uses and shouldn’t necessarily be pitted against each other. 

The reason some weed is dry is simply that it contains less resin and fewer trichomes. This inevitably leads to a drier product that is generally less potent. The plants may have hung out to dry for a long period of time which caused the loss of some potency, or they don’t contain as many trichomes as stickier variations in general. 

You’ll still get high from weed that is not particularly sticky. There are still plenty of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the plant, it’s just not as abundant as with sticky weed. 

Dry weed tends to get a bad reputation. But that’s not always the case. Many people opt for dry weed because of the way they use it, or because it is more affordable and still gets the job done. 

Perhaps the biggest reason users choose drier flower is quantity over quality. Dry buds naturally weigh less because they contain fewer trichomes and less resin. Choosing dry buds for something like making cannabis coconut oil or other recipes can save users a lot of money and make use of large amounts of weed. 

There are levels of quality for all types of cannabis. It’s not as black and white as sticky = good and dry = bad. Many people opt for dry cannabis, whether it’s because they prefer the effects or find it more cost-effective. 

Of course, there is some really dry weed out there that may indicate it is too old to use. As it ages, it will progressively dry out. If stored properly, sticky weed should maintain its stickiness for a while. But don’t expect to put a sticky bud away and pull it out a year later with all of its trichomes intact. 

Should I use sticky or dry weed? 

why is some weed sticky

First, let’s clear one thing up: all weed is dried. Anything you get from the dispensary has gone through the process of drying and curing. So when we refer to sticky vs. dry buds, we aren’t saying one is not dried at all. It’s just stickier. 

Which type of weed to reach for depends on your circumstance. We’d never advise using super sticky weed to make a batch of edibles, for example, because you can get the same effects using dry weed and save money. 

On the same note, if you’re having a get-together, it may be more affordable to reach for larger quantities of drier weed. The stickier the bud, the more expensive each gram tends to get. You can get significantly more if you choose a dry flower and share it much further throughout the night. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a rich, intense cannabis experience and you have the money, go for sticky weed. Many find they actually get more bang for their buck because it is so potent they use less than they would with drier variations. 

Sticky weed is not good for baking and can get expensive when it comes to sharing, but it definitely is the top choice for many stoners. 

Because sticky weed contains more trichomes and resin, which leads to a fuller terpene profile, sticky weed is typically more flavorful. If you want the full experience of tasting the unique notes of a certain strain, the stickier the better.

Overall, it’s up to you what kind of cannabis you reach for. There is no wrong or right answer, though you may find that some users have very strong opinions about which type is best. 

We’ve got plenty of sticky bud here at our Bellingham pot shop and Spokane dispensary. But don’t worry, if you’re looking for something on the dry end, we can help you find that too. 

Stop by and say high today! 

3 Stickiest Strains Of Cannabis at Piece of Mind Cannabis

Try some sticky-icky from one of our friendly convenient locations! We selected 3 budtender top picks for the stickiest weed strains around to help you in your search,

OG Chem by Phat Panda

why is some weed sticky og chem phat panda

OG Chem is a cross between Chemdawg and OG Kush. OG Chem is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Effects include a sense of physical exhilaration paired with a steady mental calm that smoothly balances both mind and body. Add OG Chem by Phat Panda to your cart and place your pre-order for pick up, today!

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Poisoned Roses by SUBX

This sativa dominant hybrid is a cross of Orange Poison and Purple Punch. Poisoned Roses offers energizing and uplifting effect that makes smoking this strain an enjoyable daytime experience. Add Poisoned Roses by SubX to your cart and place your pre-order for pick up, today!

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Gorilla Cream by Playa Grande

why some weed is sticky White Runtz Bag

Gorilla Cream is a hybrid strain that produces mind and body effects. Gorilla cream boasts grape notes and a creamy taste of milky clouds upon exhale. Add Gorilla Cream by Playa Grande to your cart and place your pre-order for pick up.

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