Wondering What to Do With AVB (Already Vaped Bud)?

When you smoke weed, you’re left with ash and unusable remnants. When you vape weed, however, you are left with a brown, crispy flower that slightly resembles the weed you first put in your vaporizer. This is commonly called already vaped bud, or AVB. If you have a dry herb vaporizer, you can collect your AVB and repurpose it, getting more bang for your buck. Don’t know what to do with AVB? We’ve got you covered. 

Wondering What to Do With AVB (Already Vaped Bud)?

November 13, 2021

Dry herb vaporizers heat flower to produce vapor without combustion. This method retains the bud’s flavor and can create a pleasant, clean feeling experience. Rather than rely on oils and concentrates, dry herb vapes use the plant in its natural form. 

When you’re done using a dry herb vape, you’ll have a pile of AVB to utilize. Let’s see what you can do! 

How to collect usable AVB

AVB can be repurposed for a second use because vaping cannabis doesn’t destroy all of its active compounds in the way that smoking does. The pile of ash you have after smoking a joint is not going to have any usable features, whereas the pile of AVB you have left over from a vape session may still have some active cannabinoids. 

Now, the degree to which you vape your weed is going to play a big role here. You shouldn’t ever be vaping above 440 degrees Fahrenheit, as that is getting very close to the temperature cannabis will combust at. You don’t want any combustion to occur when vaping, as this will destroy the compounds present, provide a harsh hit, and also be more harmful for the lungs. 

Instead, shoot for a temperature somewhere between 320-430 degrees Fahrenheit. This should keep the cannabis compounds from being destroyed by harsh heat and allow you to reuse your AVB. 

Whenever you are done with a bowl in your dry herb vaporizer, just dump the vaporized remains into an airtight, sealed container, as you would storing your weed. An easy option is to use an old film canister or prescription bottle that stays sealed. 

What can I do with my AVB? 

We’re going to give you some general ideas for using your AVB, but don’t expect your results to exactly math others. Many factors can influence the potency of your AVB, and you’ll need to experiment a bit to find what works best for you. The temperature you used to vape your weed and the quality of the cannabis you used will both affect the final result, among other factors. 

Mix it into food

It’s like cooking with cannabis without the hassle. You don’t have to make your own infused cannabis coconut oil or cannabutter before even starting the recipe, you can just dive right in and add AVB to whatever you are eating. 

AVB can be mixed directly into food (or eaten on its own, if you’re into that kind of thing) because it is already decarboxylated. When you vaped it, you already activated the compounds and made them readily available. If you’ve ever decarbed weed in the oven, you’ll notice that AVB looks a lot like the decarbed, browned bud used in weed recipes. 

Again, you’ll have to figure out the potency with some trial and error. Start with low amounts, and go slow. We also recommend stirring the AVB into foods that may complement or cover up the flavor of the cooked bud. 

Our best recommendation? Throw some in your next bowl of spaghetti or just mix it into some peanut butter on a cracker for the world’s easiest firecracker. 


If you avoid making your own cannabis edibles because you don’t want to go through the work of making cannabutter or similar ingredients, you will love how easy it is to make edibles from AVB. Just follow your regular brownie, cookie, or anything recipe, and stir in as much AVB as you see fit. 

Since AVB is already activated, you don’t have to do anything additional besides sprinkle it into your recipes. This makes edibles a breeze. Just be sure to start slow and don’t use a ton, since you won’t know exactly how potent your goodies will be. 

Make AVB capsules 

If you want a discreet, easy way to get your weed fix, making AVB capsules may be the perfect option. Just be sure to play around with your dosage beforehand so you don’t make a bunch of capsules that are way too potent or weak. 

All you need to do is buy some clear capsules made for filling with your own medicine. You can buy them online or at some retail stores. Then, fill them with the desired dose of AVB, put them in a safe container, and go on living the high life! 

Can I smoke AVB? 

Yes, technically you can smoke AVB. We don’t recommend it, though. What is the point of vaping dry herbs at a nice, flavorful temperature, only to turn around and smoke it into ash? We’re not judging, though. 

If you choose to smoke AVB, just know that it will be much harsher than a regular joint. It will also likely taste bad. Most of all, it will be much less potent than the first time you vaped it. If smoking your AVB is a last resort, go ahead and do it. It will, at least partially, do the job. 

Ready to use your AVB? Stock up at our Bellingham dispensary!

We hope our guide to using AVB has given you some inspiration for what to do with your vaped bud sitting at home. If it still has some potency, you might as well use it, right? These tips will have you getting the most bang for your buck every time you vape. 

Before you can start making stuff from your AVB, you’re going to need to actually vape some bud. That’s where we come in!

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