Hidden Parks, Beaches, and Rivers in Washington State!

The weather is getting warmer and Memorial Day weekend typically kicks off a series of summer activities. Coronavirus restrictions don’t have to get in the way of all the outdoor fun.

Hidden Parks, Beaches, and Rivers in Washington State!

May 22, 2020

So how can you still get outside, smoke a joint, and relax in nature? The first step is to find a place that isn’t absolutely packed with people. You may know, especially if you’re from the city, that this can be tough to accomplish. If you want to spend the day in peace, you’ll need to find some hidden beaches, parks, and rivers in Washington. And people don’t usually like to give up their secret spots. 

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide! 

Washington hidden parks 

Seattle friends, we’ve got a tool to help you find the perfect spot to visit: Greenspaces! These are dedicated areas of trees, grass, and vegetation specifically for recreation and beauty in the middle of an urban area. 

Cheasty Greenspace – Seattle

Located on the east slope of Beacon Hill and over the Rainier Valley, Cheasty Greenspace is a wonderful, lesser-known place in the city to get your nature fix. 

It’s made up of 43 acres and has a trail system and plans for a future mountain bike park. This greenspace even has wheelchair-accessible trails. 

For those who want to walk around and enjoy nature but have found crowds at the usual parks, Cheasty Greenspace is worth a visit. 

Bhy Kracke Park – Seattle

If you’re just looking for somewhere to sit and chill for a bit, Bhy Kracke park in Queen Anne may be a good choice. It’s significantly smaller than the previous recommendation which is perfect for anyone who isn’t looking to walk trails. 

Not only does it have a silly name, but it also has an amazing view of the city. It’s squeezed into a residential area but its hillside view looks at downtown Seattle, Lake Union, and more. 

If you’re in the area and want a nice view to enjoy for a bit, we recommend Bhy Kracke park. Unlike the nearby Kerry Park, Bhy Kracke doesn’t get too much traffic. 

Stimpson Nature Preserve – Bellingham 

Want a quiet oasis but all the college students found your favorite hideout in Bellingham? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other great hidden spots to hang out at. 

We recommend the Stimpson Family Nature Reserve. With over four miles of trails and amazing views of an old-growth forest, you’re bound to fall in love with this peaceful place. 

Seriously, this nature reserve is serene and rejuvenating. Fresh air, beautiful forest, and the sounds of nature make up the best parts of this park. Walk around and you may come across ponds or even critters hanging out. 

Palisades Park – Spokane 

You can’t go wrong at Palisades Park. It’s packed with over 700 acres of conservation and parkland. Even if there are others at the park, you’ll be able to find a spot that’s perfect to get away from others. 

You’ll see tons of beautiful plants and animals as you make your way across Palisades Park. There are also great views of the city from various points. If you hike the right direction, you might even find Indian Canyon Mystic Falls. 

This park is definitely not hidden by definition. But we have no doubt you’ll find a good place to hang out hidden from the rest of the world. 


Hidden river spots in Washington 

River spots are great hidden zones for hanging out. Sure, the river itself might not be secret, but it’s very possible to find your own secret zone if you go to the right spot. 

Tolt River near Tolt MacDonald Park 

Located near Carnation, the Tolt River is a nice place to hang out that is often less populated than other river hotspots. 

You can either go straight to the campground or look for a spot along the Tolt River on your way. However you choose, you’re set to find a super cool spot to hang out by the water for the day. 

Tolt MacDonald Park and campground totals 575 acres. You can find a river spot to hang out from the park, or you can just find a place to pull off on the way. The Tolt River Natural Area is made up of over 200 acres and might be worth checking out if you want to find an exclusive spot.

Nooksack River near Bellingham

Bellingham friends may know about the vast options available at the Nooksack River. Pull up a map of the river and find an entry point that will work best for you. 

We’ve heard good things about the south fork of the river but can only attest to accessing it from the Nooksack River Access Trail in Ferndale. From there, you can find your own secret spaces to hang out for the day. 

There are plenty of trails that lead to entryways to the river. These typically will open up a little beach spot where you can get comfortable and relax. 

 Little Spokane River 

An awesome, lesser-known natural area in Spokane is the Little Spokane River. It’s a fairly small area with various walking trails. After about half a mile from the entrance, you can follow a switchback or turn to a narrow trail. We recommend the narrow trail as it leads to a bubbling stream. 

The bubbling stream, Waikiki Springs, is a peaceful change of pace in this little forest. You can walk around the meadow and catch a lovely view of the Little Spokane River from here. There are some private property areas though, so be careful to look at signage when exploring. 


Washington secret beaches 


Semiahmoo Spit near Bellingham 

If you want to hang out at the beach, but you don’t want to be surrounded by people, most spots in Bellingham are not a great pick. It seems word of mouth spreads secret locations quickly. 

And while Semiahmoo Spit in Blaine is not exactly a secret either, it may be less populated than other options. It’s made up of a small, 0.8-mile trail with amazing views of Baker and other peaks. 

It’s quiet and peaceful at Semiahmoo Spit. Bring a snack and maybe some binoculars to watch the wildlife and birds. 

Seattle Shorelines 

Without giving away too many secret spots, we’d like to introduce our Seattle friends to this handy Shoreline Street Ends map. No, it’s not related to the city of Shoreline. All locations on the map are public locations off of Seattle’s shorelines. 

These spaces are right-of-way zones intended for public use. They’re simply public street ends with access to beach spaces. If you’re up for some exploration, we recommend checking out as many on the list as you can. It’s fun to drive around, try different locations, and appreciate each unique area of Seattle. 

We’ve found some really great, private spots using this map! 

Final thoughts 

The best way to make a hidden spot not hidden anymore is to post it on the internet. Still, we think these picks are much less crowded than other popular places and will perfect for Memorial Day recreation. 

We hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to stop by one of our Washington dispensary locations near you and stock up for your Memorial Day weekend adventure! 



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