Your COVID Halloween Guide by Piece of Mind Cannabis

If you’re feeling bummed out about the upcoming holiday amid the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. Halloween is all about dressing up, spending time with friends, and celebrating. With social distancing guidelines still in place and unpredictable weather making it difficult to congregate outside, it’s easy to feel hopeless. Before getting down in the dumps this spooky season, check out our guide to a COVID Halloween. 

Your COVID Halloween Guide by Piece of Mind Cannabis

November 2, 2020

Safety considerations for a COVID Halloween

Many of us are seeking some normalcy right now. Just one carefree gathering of friends could be all it takes to restore spirits. But as tempting as it can be to lower your guard and just do the thing, it’s important to assess the risks. 

The CDC has released guidelines for holiday celebrations that can help point you in the right direction if you’re feeling unsure of what to do. If you’re not going to read over their holiday guidelines, we encourage you to keep in mind general safety guidelines for events and gatherings. We’ll break it down by risk:

Lowest risk activities are virtual ones that take place from the comfort of your own home without inviting guests over or traveling to see others. 

The next level of risk includes small, outdoor gatherings that maintain 6-feet of space at all times, along with mask-wearing and no sharing of objects. Additionally, all attendees should be coming from the same general area (no out of town travelers). 

Riskier gatherings include medium-sized in-person gatherings that maintain 6-feet of space between attendees. In these higher-risk activities, some attendees may be coming from out of town. 

The riskiest gathering is a large, in-person gathering with no way for people to remain six feet apart. Additionally, some attendees are coming from outside the local area. 

If you decide to host a small Halloween gathering or attend one, stay within coronavirus safety guidelines for your area. Avoid events that encourage out-of-town visitors to attend and keep the guest list as small as possible. If possible, see if your Halloween traditions can turn virtual. 

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of soap available for everyone to wash their hands regularly if you’re meeting in person. Having hand sanitizer available is another step to facilitate convenient hygiene habits. Encourage mask-wearing and maintaining a six-foot distance at all times. 

How to have a fun Halloween during COVID-19 

So you want to have a spooky time this Halloween without compromising safety? There’s an endless world of cannabis products for that. Whether you plan to stay inside with the roomies or have a small gathering with friends who have all agreed to safety precautions, be sure to stay safe while getting high and not share supplies. 

Smoke an infused joint and watch a scary movie 

We highly recommend the Candy Apple x Magnum PI LOUD infused pre-roll for a serious Halloween celebration. This sativa-dominant hybrid is infused with resin to make an extra potent treat, just in time for trick-or-treat season. 

Be sure to stock up on some candy and snacks before settling in, because the citrusy sweet flavors will have you ready to dig into your candy bag to celebrate the occasion. 

Because this strain is not likely to make you fall asleep or get locked into the couch, you’ll be perfectly equipped to watch a movie without dozing off. Careful though. Infused joints pack a powerful punch so start slow if you have a low tolerance. You definitely don’t want to get too spooked before the movie starts. 

Make an infused Halloween-themed dinner

Cooking with cannabis is surprisingly easy once you have the staples on hand. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to never scorch the cannabis-infused ingredients as it can destroy the potency. Instead, stir infused oils into cooked meals near the end, or add it to recipes that never reach high heat. 

Our recommendation for a Halloween-themed dinner? Something centered around pumpkin soup or roasted squash. Once your soup is almost ready, stir in your desired amount of cannabis coconut oil and you’re ready to go. 

Another idea is stuffed squash, filled with your favorite choice of meat or protein. Just stir in some infused oil to the mix, along with plenty of seasonings and herbs, and you’ve got a delicious, medicated dish. 

Don’t have infused coconut oil on hand and don’t want to make your own? You can also stir a cannabis tincture into most recipes, assuming it’s not flavored. 

Just be mindful of how much you add to your meal, especially if you or a guest is new to eating cannabis. It’s easy to enjoy an infused meal so much you don’t realize just how infused you are. And that can lead to a very interesting Halloween. 

Dress up and go out…on a walk or for an outdoor drink or meal 

You can still have the fun of dressing up and partying for Halloween. After all, a big part of the fun is seeing the pictures of you and your friends in costume. Why not take your amazing costume designs out into the streets for the people to see…from a distance?

If the weather is nice, you can go for a walk to your favorite outdoor patio for a drink or a quick bite to eat. Or just take a walk through the neighborhood dressed up and see what you find. 

Many people brave the weather no matter the conditions on Halloween, so if you can make it work, go on out there. You may even come across a cool park or little known gem that works great for an impromptu COVID Halloween photoshoot.

And don’t forget to dig into the infused candy bucket before you head out. We recommend some Pioneer Squares Fruit Noms or Magic Kitchen Milk Chocolate Koko Gemz to get the night started, but your options are endless. 

Stop by Satori to grab all of the best edibles on the market this Halloween. 

Final thoughts on a COVID-19 Halloween 

We hope our guide to a COVID Halloween will help you make the most out of this holiday. The big parties and events are off but that does not mean we can’t still have some fun. Despite this, it’s still important to stick to safety guidelines and do our best to reduce any risks. 

However you decide to spend the holiday, be sure to take care of yourself and look out for others. Discuss what you’re comfortable with before getting too deep into the infused treats. 

There’s nothing wrong with getting high, staying in, and marathoning spooky movies. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even make a pumpkin bong to elevate your Halloween celebration. 

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