How to Use Cannabis or CBD for Dry Winter Skin 

We’re right in the middle of the winter season and if you couldn’t tell from looking out the window, your skin may tell a different story. The winter is prime time for dry skin, chapped lips, redness, itching, and more. If your everyday lotion isn’t cutting it, consider adding cannabis or CBD dry winter skin to your routine.

How to Use Cannabis or CBD for Dry Winter Skin 

February 2, 2024

Here’s what you need to know: 

Cannabis and CBD for skincare (face)

If you’ve followed the CBD craze over recent years, you’ve probably noticed the compound seems to be added to just about everything. While some products are merely a marketing ploy, there are plenty of infused products out there that really get the job done. When it comes to skincare, CBD and cannabis have a lot of potential.

The benefit of shopping at a local dispensary like our Bellingham pot shop and Spokane weed store is that the products are highly regulated, so you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of whatever lotion or skincare product you take home. 

While we need more definitive research to back up the claims, cannabis and CBD have been shown to hydrate the skin and produce anti-inflammatory effects, making them the perfect candidate for tackling dry winter skin. Studies have shown that CBD oil can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, making it an effective option for reducing dry skin and acne. 

Our recommendation: CBD Skin Care by Bodhi High 

Available in several different potencies to match your needs, CBD Skin Care by Bodhi High is a great way to harness the power of CBD for dry winter skin. It’s gentle and comforting, making it an excellent choice for a facial moisturizer. Use it as you would a regular face moisturizer or add it on top of your existing routine. 

The soothing formula includes coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, herb infused almond oil, vitamin E oil, eucalyptus oil, and of course, CBD. 

Cannabis and CBD for dry skin 

With the way our PNW weather has fluctuated so much this winter, it’s no surprise if your skin is feeling the effects. For many, it’s not just the face that feels the brunt of the winter weather. Your hands, legs, and just about everywhere on the body can get dry and irritated during weather fluctuations. 

Just like CBD and cannabis oil can potentially help with dry, irritated skin on the face, it’s a promising tool for full-body relief as well. As with most cannabis-related topics, we still need more definitive research to say for sure, but we do know that cannabis-based compounds have  big potential for skin-related applications. 

One research paper concluded that cannabis and cannabinoid products have promising uses in skincare–for both cosmetics and treating skin diseases such as pruritus, inflammation-based conditions, and even some skin cancers. 

So if you’re experiencing inflammation and dry skin, you may consider using cannabis-based products to restore hydration and soothe the skin. 

Our recommendation: Verdelux Topical Cream Lotion 

Available in multiple formulas, Verdelux offers soothing lotions that are great for dry winter skin. Their Salvation and Mercy blends are gentle, harnessing the powers of THC and CBD in tandem with frankincense, myrrh, and other soothing ingredients. 

Wash your hands and the skin where you want to apply the topical and then massage a small amount gently into the affected area. Repeat as needed. 

Enhance your favorite lotions and skincare products

Curious about using cannabis and CBD for dry skin but don’t want to give up your tried and true products? We have good news! You can just add the soothing touch of these compounds to your favorite products, either by adding tinctures to your favorite lotions or massage oils (which we discuss here) or by using specially formulated products.

Of course, adding additional ingredients to your existing skincare products comes with a level of risk. These products are not formulated to include cannabis and we can’t say for sure whether they will work well or blend with additional ingredients. If you decide to enhance your products, do it at your own risk, and consider starting with a small amount instead of adding CBD or cannabis to a full bottle of lotion. 

Our recommendation: Double Delicious Infusionz

These handy infusionz are made from cannabis oil and intended for topical use only. You can add them directly to your skin and hair or stir some into your favorite skincare products. They can also be stirred into a comforting bath. 

Double Delicious Infusionz come in a variety of potencies to match every need. They’re handy, discreet, and have provided great results for many customers. 

Always consult with a professional first 

While CBD and cannabis have massive potential for many skin conditions and irritations, it’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before utilizing these products to prevent any negative reactions. Your team will have a better idea of your specific needs and be able to guide you to a skincare routine that works best for your body. 

Stock up with Piece of Mind Cannabis 

Ready to try cannabis and CBD for dry skin this winter? Or maybe you just want to stock up on some weed to get through the fluctuating weather. Whatever the case, Piece of Mind Cannabis has your back. 

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