Stoned Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day (And Solo Date Ideas, too!) 

It’s the season of love! And singles awareness. Regardless of your relationship or situationship status, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to share the love for yourself and your loved ones. Whether that’s eating delicious food, giving gifts, or sharing an experience with a special someone, there’s a way to celebrate for everyone. Single or not, there’s one thing that can take any Valentine’s Day to the next level: weed. After all, many of us would take some quality flower over a bouquet of roses any day. Regardless of whether you’re leaning into the love with your sweetheart or treating yourself on this day, here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day, cannabis style. 

Stoned Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day (And Solo Date Ideas, too!) 

February 12, 2024

Date Ideas for Stoners In Love 

If you’re looking to take your Valentine’s day higher with your sweetheart, here are some ideas to spread the love:

Stoned Mini Golf

Mini golf is the kind of activity you can never go wrong with when it comes to a romantic date. Friendly competition adds a fun and flirty element to the experience, as well as cheering each other on when someone is victorious. Stoned or not, mini golf is a top Valentine’s Day date activity. Of course, if you’re going out with your weed-loving sweetheart, there’s no doubt that cannabis can take it to the next level. Just make sure you have a ride to and from the activity center if you’re going to get stoned. 

Cook a Meal Together (Or Cook for Your Loved One) 

You can really take this in any direction you want, but we have two top ideas in mind: One, cook an infused meal with or for your hunny and follow it up with a movie just as the weed starts to hit. Or two, cook a romantic dinner and then smoke some weed before digging in. Either way, you’ll be taking the romance to new levels and bonding over the shared experience of enjoying good food. 

Need some inspiration for cooking an infused meal? Try this list of easy cannabis-infused lunch recipes, treats to make with cannabis honey, cannabis-infused Valentine’s mocktail recipes, or this recipe for weed-infused pancakes (breakfast in bed, anyone?)  

Do Crafts Together, Stoned 

Making art together is a romantic option no matter what. But did you know that cannabis can help spark creativity and help you look at your art from new perspectives. 

Think about what you and your sweetheart would have the most fun doing together while stoned. Is it a painting party? Maybe you paint portraits of each other? Or perhaps you’re more inclined toward a collage night, where you cut out a bunch of different pictures from magazines and make a new piece of art. Whatever you end up choosing to make, getting creative together is a fantastic way to bond and make new memories with that special person. 

See Some Live Music 

Music and weed are the perfect match. Take your special someone out for a night on the town to see any of the many local artists performing near our Bellingham pot shop and Spokane dispensaries. From large acts to small cover shows and jazz nights, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Of course, you’ll need a ride to and from the venue if it’s not within walking distance and you decide to get stoned before the show. Play it safe and have this sorted out beforehand so you can enjoy the full experience of a stoned night on the town without any worries. 

Valentine’s Day Solo Date Ideas for Singles

You don’t have to be boo’d up to enjoy a good Valentine’s Day celebration. Here are some ideas for those looking for fun on the day of love:

Spa-Day at Home 

Never underestimate the power of self-care, single or not. Treating yourself to an at-home spa day is a perfect way to celebrate your single Valentine’s Day this year. Get stoned and feel your pores open up and your skin rejuvenate as you steam yourself in the bath (don’t forget the cannabis bath bomb) or wear a soothing face mask. 

Another great idea that feels amazing stoned or not is to soak your feet in a hot bowl of water and bath salts. If you’re not the type of person to relax in the bathtub, or you don’t have a tub to pamper yourself with, this is the perfect option. Regardless of whether you work on your feet all day or live a sedentary lifestyle, everyone could use a good foot soak every once in a while. 

Light a candle, smoke some weed, and set an intention to pamper yourself. 

See A Movie Alone 

This may feel intimidating to some, but seeing a movie alone can be a truly special experience. You don’t have to worry about if the other person enjoys the film or if they’re having a good time. And you get to select the movie solely based on your interests, which can be liberating. 

Make sure you have transportation to and from the movie theater if you plan to watch the movie stoned. And avoid any strains that might make you too sleepy, because as comfy as it might be to fall asleep in the movie theater chair, you’ll probably wake up wishing you didn’t spend money to sleep in public. 

Check out a Museum 

There are tons of museums near our Bellingham dispensary and Spokane pot shops. And there’s a good chance you haven’t checked them all out yet. 

Visit a museum on a solo date and get curious. For some, diving into a museum that covers topics they know nothing about can be a total blast. Others may want to lean into their interests, such as a local history or art museum. Wherever you decide to go, getting high and checking out a museum can be a perfect solo date idea for Valentine’s Day. Just make sure you don’t have to drive. 

Stock Up For Valentine’s Day with Piece of Mind 

Whether you’re single or spending the day with your special someone, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to spend some quality time doing something fun. And doing it high can take the experience to the next level. Need to stock up? Let us help. 

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