YouTube Channels Every Stoner Should Check Out

Want some fresh content for your late-night, weed-induced YouTube binges? We’ve put together a list of some great stoner YouTube channels to keep you entertained no matter what strain you’re puffing on.

YouTube Channels Every Stoner Should Check Out

August 27, 2020

420 lifestyle channels 

If you like anything 420, you will probably enjoy these stoner YouTube channels. Many are educational but with an emphasis on the weed lifestyle. 


This Seattle-based YouTube channel is a great one-stop-shop for everything weed lifestyle and education. He doesn’t post as often these days, but there is plenty of past content to keep you entertained for a while. 

His videos are fun, down to earth, and educational. It’s the perfect mix of content for someone who wants to have a lighthearted, fun experience on YouTube while also learning. He’s got a knack for turning educational content into something engaging and captivating for viewers. 

Plus, his topics are just interesting. Take “MAKING A BONG OUT OF POPSICLE STICKS?” or “Smoking Weed With a Handheld Vacuum” for example. Beyond the weed-centric videos, he’s also got some personal content that is interesting and worth watching as well, such as “10 Things I Wish I Knew at 16.” 


Another great weed lifestyle channel, SilencedHippie, exists to share experiences and good vibes. 

Sasha’s content is great for people who like the company of vloggers. You can watch her content, puff along, and even feel like you’re hanging out with a smoke buddy. 

She posts lots of different content from “RAINY DAY CAR SESH! (soothing rain sounds)” and “OLD SCHOOL AUTUMN NATURE SESH” to “Tie-Dying and Gardening” and “6AM WAKE AND BAKE.” 

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If you like to just hang out with a cool lady, follow adventures through nature, holidays, and life in general, you might like SilencedHippie. She posts regularly and generally keeps it lighthearted and easy to watch. 

That High Couple  

Alice and Clark are the two components of ThatHighCouple, an awesome everything-stoner channel worth checking out. 

They’re a fun couple and they love to get high and do basically anything. Their videos are interesting, educational, and most of all, entertaining. 

There are educational videos like “How to Grow Weed at Home” and “Tour Inside a Legal Weed Testing Lab” mixed in with more entertaining pieces like “SMOKING EVERY HOUR FOR 24 HOURS.”

This channel is updated often, so you won’t run out of content to binge for a long time. 

Kimmy Tan 

With a “Makeup, Music & Marijuana” motto, there’s no question Kimmy Tan would find an audience for her YouTube videos. She’s a fun, down-to-earth girl from California who makes primarily weed-related content. However, you’ll find some other videos on her channel as well. 

Most of her videos are just fun and entertaining, like “I TRIED TO SMOKE LIKE SNOOP DOGG FOR A DAY” or “Stoner Makeup Hacks.” She also shares honest storytimes, including her experience getting pulled over for smoking weed. 

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If you want to load up a bowl and smoke in the company of someone who will make you laugh out loud, try Kimmy Tan. 

420 education channels 

It’s fun to sit back and watch stoners get stoned but if you’re in the mood for strictly educational content, there’s plenty to go around. 

Royal Queen Seeds

This European cannabis seed company is made up of a team of experienced breeders. Beyond their selection of seeds, they also produce a great deal of educational content both on their website and on YouTube. 

If you want to dig deeper into the world of growing cannabis, give their channel a shot. Most of their content revolves around the ins and outs of growing cannabis, including how to measure pH and control humidity. 

Bong Appétit

You can also watch some of Viceland’s Bong Appétit, a sophisticated cannabis cooking show, on YouTube. 

If you want to learn some new tricks for cannabis recipes, this is the channel for you. Multicourse meals with tons of different ingredients make for an interesting and creative show that never disappoints. 

It’s fun, entertaining, and wildly fascinating to learn about the different ways you can cook with cannabis. 

Green Flower 

Want thorough, reliable, and interesting information about cannabis? Then check out Green Flower. Not only do they have a huge database of videos providing great information, but they also present it in an engaging manner. 

They have an interesting show called High Rollers where the host speaks with various cann-oisseurs about different topics. It’s great to hear from a number of people rather than just one or two experts. 

There are lectures, High Roller episodes, and regular videos with valuable information about cannabis all over this channel. Check it out if you’re interested in diving deeper into the world of cannabis. 

Other YouTube channels stoners will love 

You don’t have to watch weed-related videos to enjoy being high and spending time on YouTube. Here are some other stoner favorites:

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

These videos make complicated topics easy to digest and accessible. The channel comes from a German animation studio that puts a focus on minimalist animation and emphasis on education. 

Topics include science, technology, politics, philosophy, psychology, and more. Just spend a few minutes browsing their videos and we bet you will find a topic worth a visit. 

Life Noggin 

Similar to Kurzgesagt, Life Noggin is an awesome channel that takes complicated topics and makes them easy to understand. 

They answer a lot of hypothetical “what would happen if…” questions as well as break down confusing topics. Even if you don’t know what you want to learn about, your bound to find a topic you want to click on after looking through their catalog. 


This Seattle-based company makes tons of videos on a huge range of topics. Trust us, they’ll keep you entertained for hours, if not days. 

From teachers guessing who is high out of a lineup to people guessing the ethnicities of lined up people, the boundaries are constantly being pushed with Cut. Tastefully. 

Spend some time looking through their videos and see just how wild some of the topics can get. 


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Final thoughts on YouTube channels for stoners 

YouTube is a wonderful place to be endlessly entertained. Unfortunately for a lot of cannabis YouTubers, it’s not always a safe place to build a brand. YouTube has a tendency to remove cannabis-related channels without any warning.

The channels on this list are currently available, but that could change in the future. It’s best to keep track of your favorite channels so you can follow them on other social platforms or even look for them on The WeedTube. 

What channels did we forget? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to stop by one of our Washington dispensary locations to pick up some green for your YouTube viewing pleasure. 

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