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10 interesting weed facts you probably never heard

Think you know all the facts about weed? We’ll put your knowledge to the test with this list of 10 interesting weed fa...

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Bellingham 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Other Celebrations

Can you believe it’s already been two years? Let’s celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with some extra green this year. The ...

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How Many of These Rare Cannabis Strains Do You Know?

We’ll take you on an adventure through some of the rarest, most exciting cannabis strains out there.  The most ra...

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Our Guide to Exploring Scenic Chuckanut Drive

You won’t have any trouble finding great scenery along the drive. No matter the season, if the road is clear and safe ...

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10 Black entrepreneurs, advocates, and other cannabis-related industry players

We’ve talked about the War on Drugs, Black history, and the future of racial equity in cannabis before. And if you hav...

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Can Cannabis Help You Quit Tobacco in the New Year?

It’s an interesting concept. Given many users smoke cannabis as their main method of consumption, it may be silly to c...

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It’s Not Too Late To Celebrate Veganuary With These Vegan Edibles!

From vegan gummies to rich, vegan chocolates, the world of vegan edibles is vast. We’ll show you some of our favorite ...

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New Year, New You? Working Out High May Help Your Fitness Goals

Looking to get in shape for the New Year? You’re not alone. It’s the most common New Year’s resolution and the cul...

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Ring in the New Year with These Bellingham Events

almost behind us. There’s snow on the ground and a sense of quiet in the air, but that won’t last forever. Soon the...

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Last-Minute Cannabis Gift Guide for Bellingham

If you forgot to pick up a Christmas gift for a friend, be sure to stop by Piece of Mind after the holiday for a quick f...

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The Best Strains for a Christmas Feast

Few things are better than sitting down at a table filled with loved ones and huge portions of food. Whether you’re di...

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Is Cannabis Kosher? We Find Out

time to do some investigation. Is cannabis kosher? Do Jewish practices allow for cannabis use? Let’s take a closer loo...

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How to Make a Weed Hot Toddy

Hot toddies are cold-weather classics, delivering comfort and soothing spices in each sip. A typical hot toddy is made o...

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Strains to Survive the Finals Frenzy

Finals are right around the corner and you’re in the home stretch. All you have to do is push through these last few d...

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What Does a Male Weed Plant Look Like?

First, let’s talk about why it’s important.  The difference between male and female cannabis plants  Many grow...

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