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Snuggle Up for the Winter With These Relaxing Cannabis Products 

Thinking about cozying up by the fire or going on a winter wonderland walk? Try these cannabis products for winter.

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5 Cannabis Myths Debunked

Do you know all there is to know about weed? Here are 5 cannabis myths, debunked. 

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The Difference Between Low-Cost and High-Cost Grams of Concentrate

Why are some concentrates so expensive while others are significantly cheaper? What’s the difference between a $30 gra...

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So You Want to Discreetly Get High for Thanksgiving Dinner 

If you’re an adult over the age of 21 who wants to make Thanksgiving dinner a little more fun, you might consider gett...

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Cannabis Brands to Support this Native American Heritage Month (and year-round!)

We've rounded up some notable Native-owned cannabis businesses to support not just this month, but year round.

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What are the Proven Potential Medical Benefits of Cannabis?

It's National Medical Cannabis Week! Here are some conditions cannabis may help.

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Feeling Festive? Halloween Events to Pair with Spooky Strains

It's the spooky season! We’ve put together a list of Halloween events in Washington to pair with spooky strains. 

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How to Make Pumpkin Spice Cannabis Cookies

Feeling festive? We’ll show you how to make pumpkin spice cannabis cookies to elevate your celebrations.

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Celebrate the Season with Terpenes That Have a Fall Smell

If you’re looking for a festive way to celebrate autumn, try strains with these fall smelling terpenes.

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Our Guide to Your First Dispensary Visit 

First time shopper? We've put together this guide for your first dispensary visit so you can make the most out of it.

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Cannabis Topicals and Sleep Aids for College Athletes

What are the best cannabis topicals and sleep aids for college athletes? We've rounded up some of our top picks.

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Can I Bring Weed Into Idaho?

If you have a trip to the Gem State coming up, you may be wondering: Can I bring weed into Idaho?

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Will Hempfest Return to Seattle?

Will Seattle's iconic cannabis event return?

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5 Benefits of Smoking High CBD Weed 

When deciding what strains are best for you, don’t overlook high CBD weed. Here are some of the top benefits.

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Can I Bring Weed On a Plane?

Want to bring your favorite weed on your travels this summer? Read this first.

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