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Last-Minute Cannabis Gift Guide for Bellingham

If you forgot to pick up a Christmas gift for a friend, be sure to stop by Piece of Mind after the holiday for a quick f...

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The Best Strains for a Christmas Feast

Few things are better than sitting down at a table filled with loved ones and huge portions of food. Whether you’re di...

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Is Cannabis Kosher? We Find Out

time to do some investigation. Is cannabis kosher? Do Jewish practices allow for cannabis use? Let’s take a closer loo...

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How to Make a Weed Hot Toddy

Hot toddies are cold-weather classics, delivering comfort and soothing spices in each sip. A typical hot toddy is made o...

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Strains to Survive the Finals Frenzy

Finals are right around the corner and you’re in the home stretch. All you have to do is push through these last few d...

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What Does a Male Weed Plant Look Like?

First, let’s talk about why it’s important.  The difference between male and female cannabis plants  Many grow...

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Top Cannabis Products to Combat Stress During the Holidays

Whether you love your family to pieces or you simply tolerate the holidays around the table with them, you’re bound to...

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How to Make a Thanksgiving Cannabis Gravy (Vegan Version, Too!)

We all know that a huge part of Thanksgiving is food. We also know that food is often enhanced with the help of marijuan...

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Wondering What to Do With AVB (Already Vaped Bud)?

When you smoke weed, you’re left with ash and unusable remnants. When you vape weed, however, you are left with a brow...

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Six Fun Bellingham Date Night Ideas

Let’s take a look at some Bellingham Date Night ideas! Chuckanut Drive and oyster dinner  Chuckanut Drive is Wash...

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Here’s How to Make a Firecracker, the Easiest Edible Ever

Firecrackers are the perfect option to get high off of flower without smoking or following a tedious recipe. Similar to ...

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Halloween Spirit Week at POM Cannabis Bellingham!

We know its been another rough year with Covid restrictions around and we wanted to help folks unwind with a little bit ...

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Bellingham Fall Festivities: Visit a Whatcom County Pumpkin Patch

Hot apple cider, crisp crunchy leaves, and an abundance of fall colors are waiting for you at these awesome pumpkin patc...

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Are Alaska Cannabis Lounges Open?

Few mental images are more exciting than kicking back with some friends at a marijuana lounge. Surrounded by smoke, good...

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What Are the Most Famous Cannabis Strains?

Legendary cannabis strains  Now, deciding which strains are the “most” famous is a little subjective. Depending...

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